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Miley Cyrus & Emma Roberts Carve A Path To BFF Status During A Hollywood Night Out!

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miley cyrus hanging with emma roberts

Ooooh, new Hollywood besties???

We sure hope so because Miley Cyrus and Emma Roberts would make some inneresting BFFs!

And the ladies sure look to be on the road to friends forever after being spotted out together in Hollywood. The hardworking hotties were caught in a car being driven during their ladies' night.

We're not sure what kind of trouble they were getting into, but maybe Miley was helping Emma plan her wedding???

Perhaps she was suggesting Emma have a giant teddybear walk her down the aisle or that Emma and Evan Peters' first dance be a twerk-off!

Whatever they were doing, we just hope it involved Emma asking Miley to be a bridesmaid!!!

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

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Holy Crap, Fox Made Joe Millionaire Again, But This Time Convinced 12 Women This Guy Was Prince Harry!

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prince harry look a like reality hoax dating show cray

Is this another Lie Witness News prank from Jimmy Kimmel? How could you not know what Prince Harry looks like?

Not all gingers are created equally!

Remember the days of Joe Millionaire when women would unknowingly fawn over a man who was no more than a construction worker made to be believed he was a millionaire?

Well, those days are back, but this time, there's a regal twist to it!

The masterminds at Fox secretly created the new reality TV show, set to air this summer, titled I Wanna Marry "Harry" where 12 American women are flown over to England to try and win the heart of this Prince Harry impostor!

We will admit Matthew Hicks, the average English man who was given a royal makeover, does kind of resemble Prince Harry (key word: KIND OF), minus the hair color!

But seriously, it blows our mind these 12 women couldn't see the difference between the two? Harry and his brother should be one of the most recognized faces on the planet!

Or maybe they knew and they just wanted an English man. Those England hotties are all the rage now!

[Image via WENN/Fox.]

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Britney Spears Shows Off Her Bangin Bikini Body In Hawaii! Get A Glimpse HERE!

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britney spears wears pink bikini hawaiian vacation

Oh baby, baby! This is H-O-T!!!

Britney Spears has been making the most of her time off before she returns to Las Vegas next month and decided to take a little family vacation to Hawaii!

Brit Brit was joined by her sons Sean and Jayden as well as her boyfriend David Lucado, and they all got some

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19 Best Guy-On-Guy Movie Kisses EVER!

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james franco sean penn kiss

It was once too taboo to show two dudes locking lips up on the big screen!

Thankfully, Hollywood has come to their senses in recent years and has given us SO many man-on-man make out sessions!

Like James Franco and Sean Penn in Milk!

Those two had a few on-camera kisses in their Oscar-winning film, each one more romantic than the next!

Last week, we gave you our list of the best girl-girl smooches in movies and now, it’s time to the very best guy-on-guy action to ever pucker up on film!

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, the 19 Best Guy-On-Guy Movie Kisses EVER!

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, the 19 Best Guy-On-Guy Movie Kisses EVER!

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, the 19 Best Guy-On-Guy Movie Kisses EVER!

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, the 19 Best Guy-On-Guy Movie Kisses EVER!

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, the 19 Best Guy-On-Guy Movie Kisses EVER!

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Perez Reviews: Jasper In Deadland

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12689502204 5bdb308c1a o

A theater in a church? Yup!

Currently playing the West End Theater in the Church of St. Paul & St. Andrew in NYC, new musical Jasper In Deadland could not ask for a more appropriate space. The show deals with issues of death and the afterlife.

Unfortunately, the musical doesn't quite live up to the venue's grandeur.

However, like life, much beauty can still be found in imperfection and Jasper In Deadland is definitely worth seeing - for three reasons.

1) The ever-likeable Matt Doyle gets to shine and show off his many talents in the title role

2) The direction of Brandon Ivie is INSPIRED! It is thrilling to see all his inventiveness and everything he and his team were able to do with that space and budget


3) Bonnie Milligan, whose voice is as big as her comedic ability. We saw her in a crappy Fifty Shades musical last year, so it was WONDERFUL to see her in a much better show. We can see the future and we expect this girl to be a big Broadway star - soon!

The show itself is enjoyable, although very flawed.

The majority of the musical is set in "Deadland", which is - you guessed it - a land dead people go to.

This fantastical element detaches the audience from the characters, who have to go through some outlandish and surreal scenarios in the show.

Setting Jasper in high school and creating a show withing a show construct, where they are performing "Deadland", may have been more effective. It would have been easier to come back to reality and ground the show in relatability.

There are some VERY funny moments, and we applaud Hunter Foster, for the book. But, overall, the story needs a lot of work. As does the music.

There are a few great songs, most of which are backloaded in the second act, but the majority of the tunes could be scrapped and replaced with… better ones. Ryan Scott Oliver wrote the music and lyrics all by himself, which is a bit unusual in theater. It's often very helpful to have a collaborator to bounce ideas off and make your work better. There are so many great teams in musical theater, and that's definitely something we'd encourage Oliver to explore.

Theater takes A LONG time to develop shows. Jasper has been worked on for years. And, sadly, this may and probably should be the end.

But there are some great moments in this production and a lot of promise from all parties involved!

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