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Jessica Simpson: I Love Being Pregnant

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Jessica Simpson: I Love Being Pregnant

No joke, she loves being pregnant!

Jessica Simpson is so in love with the way pregnancy makes her feel that she can't wait to have another. The future Mrs. Eric Johnson claims that,

"Pregnancy was meant for me – it really was. I can't wait to have more kids. I love being pregnant. I have such an incredible connection with myself and with my body that I've never had before. Just knowing that you're creating a life is such a spiritual thing. Everything is growing, but you're making a life. It's pretty cool."

Though Jessica is enjoying pregnancy more most than any other woman in the world's history, she's got a since of humor about the down sides for being preggo. She's tweeting about her farts and claims that pregnancy "glow" is actually sweat.

"People always say that pregnant women have a glow. And I say it's because you're sweating to death. I think they just tell pregnant women they're glowing to make them feel good about themselves, because everything makes them a little bit emotional."

When Jess gets a little emo she has a shoulder to cry on. The singer says her fiance has held her hand (and her belly) through the pregnancy. Simpson admits,

"When I'm tired, I make Eric rub me. Eric is very, very supportive. We're both extremely excited. He's been to every doctor's appointment with me. We just love it. We can't believe we get to do this, and we get to do it together. We're going to be a rock star family!"

Wooh! That's awesome. We are so excited to see Jess and Eric surrounded by mini football players and singers!

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