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Michigan Law Makers Fix Their Anti-Bulling Bill: Now It Protect Victims And Not The Bullies!

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Last week the Michigan State legislature passed an anti-bullying bill named Matt’s Safe School Law or, the bill's unofficial tittle, How to Bully and Get Away With It: A Users Guide to Michigan Public Schools.

You see, this bill said bulling can be completely excused, as long has you are bulling “for religious or moral reasons."

As you can imagine, really irritated the LGBT and Muslim communities. Cause, like the great Steven Colbert pointed out:

"If you're a Michigan Christian Teenager, you can say giving a gay kid a swirly, you can say it's baptism!"

So finally the law — named for Matt Epling, a Michigan teen who took his life in 2002 after being a victim of anti-gay bullying — has been amended! This morning out of Michigan as Senator Rick Jones, the man responsible for the moral and religious exemption in the bill, will drop the exemption and vote on the earlier version of the bill.

It seems Jones has come under a great deal of scrutiny as a result of his tinkering with “Matt’s Safe School Law”.

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