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EXCLUSIVE: Cool New Toy For Older Kids! It'll Rock Their Socks Off!

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Rock Out!

Perezitos' parenting experts, The Baby Planners, have a GREAT toy suggestion that will help kids get the Led out.

They recommend:

"We here at The Baby Planners HQ make it our business to know what's going to be hot in 2012 and starting off the list is a new gizmo for the big kids in your life who really want to rock.

The same company that brought the world "Etch-a-Sketch" now brings us, Air-Picks - electronic guitar picks that with the flick of your wrist, play notes to some classic and rebel rock guitar riffs. While Air-Picks aren't for baby, these stocking stuffers were a big hit this past Holiday Season with air guitar aficionados everywhere -and especially with those who want follow in their rock star parents footsteps (Bronx, Kingston, Sparrow, anyone?). Look out Slash, there's a new axeman in town!"

Wanna see Air-Picks in action? Check out the vid above!

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