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Jim Carrey’s Daughter Got Special Treatment On American Idol

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Earlier this week we saw Jim Carrey's daughter audition for American Idol! (If you missed it you can watch it above.)

In her interview for the show Jane Carrey claimed she doesn't want anyone to think her celeb pop helped her win anything. In her Idol interview she says:

"The last name definitely helps and hurts, I feel like there's kind of this pressure to maybe be better, because if I make it somewhere, I run the risk of people saying 'Oh you only got there because of this."

Maybe Jane's talent got her past the first round — but it was last name that got her into the audition!

A source with the show has revealed that,

American Idol always says they don’t give everyone favors, but this time they did for Jane. She didn’t have to sleep outside and wait for hours hoping to audition like everyone else. She basically had an appointment and showed up!

“Her audition was pre-arranged with the producers. She did not wait and line up for hours or days outside – she had a time, she showed up and went in."

That's not fair!

Oh, well! Jane knows that nepotism got her on the show and she has to deal with that.

Only her talent can pull her the rest of the way, unless… they decided to change the rules for her again!

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