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Virginia School District Wants To 'Protect' Students By Banning ‘Cross-Gender Dressing’

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Virginia School District Wants 'Protect' Students By Banning ‘Cross-Gender Dressing’

A Virginia school district is considering banning freedom of expression cross-gender dressing.

Why? Cause cross-dressing leads to bullying and/or murder. Seriously, that is their reasoning!

They say a dress code that prohibits students from wearing clothing "not in keeping with a student's gender" will benefit the students because it:

"causes a disruption and/or distracts others from the education process or poses a health or safety concern."

We see how clothes (or anything) not considered normal could be a distraction — but how can an outfit effect one's "health and safety"?

School board members say this ban will help protect the kids from "killings and suicides tied to bullying in other parts of the country." The Board's self-righteous Vice Chairwoman says she is more concerned about the safety of the district's 14,000 students than civil rights.

Okay! We get it now!

Instead of punishing the students that would bully someone till they committed suicide or a student that might KILL ANOTHER STUDENT because of their clothes, they want to punish the would-be victim. WTF????????

The school shouldn't be trying to protect students from each other — they should be teaching (Gasp!) them that cruelty and hatred is WRONG!

If they are so worried about the way kids dress they should give ALL the students a uniform.

It's not right keep certain students from expressing themselves, while giving others complete freedom.

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