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Video Shows Boy Hero Trying To Stop Shopping Cart Attack

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A surveillance video shows 14-year-old Achilles Baskin physically trying to take a shopping cart away from two 12-year-old boys who were planning on throwing it from the third floor of a parking garage at an East Harlem Target.

The boy describes what happened:

"They wanted me to help them throw the cart, but I said no. I was trying to stop them. I was trying to put the cart near me. But they had the advantage because there were two of them against one…I left -I didn’t want to do what they wanted me to do."

Unfortunately, they later did throw the cart, critically injuring 47-year-old Marion Hedges. She has since publicly forgiven the boys, but her condition is not good.

Someone close to her, says:

"She's not the same person. Talking to her is like talking to a 9-year-old or a 90-year-old. She gets emotional and forgets things quickly. There is short-term memory loss."

So, so terrible. Too bad there aren't more heroes like Achilles Baskin. This accident could have been prevented.

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