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Hilary Duff: When Insomnia Attacks!

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Hilary Duff is one hot mommy!

Girl seems to have it all and then some.

But she says it hasn't been all peaches and cream raising her baby, Luca Cruz.

And the biggest shock by far, she says, has been the lack of sleep!

Here's what Duff actually said:

"The first week I was like, 'I'm doing this, I'm good. I can not sleep, I can do this.' I don't know where you get that energy from, then it hits you - the fatigue."

But Duff soon got hip on how to deal, thanks to some helpful advice from her family and friends.

The new mama said:

“So many people were like, ‘Take naps when your baby naps,So I tried and it really helped a lot. I thought when he was napping that was the time I could do all the things I needed to do. It’s a fine balance.”

Lately, the baby mama claims she has totally adjusted her sleep schedule and is now rocking the trials and tribulations of parenthood.

Duff is one tuff cookie!

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