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Mom Charged With Helping Teens Draw Swastikas

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This is well deserved!

Catharine Whelpley is being charged with driving her daughter and two other teens to a former friend's house to pour syrup all over the resident's car and on the front porch where they made swastika symbols and the word "Jew."

As we mentioned before - this was just plain wrong.

The incident drew the ire of comedian Jon Lovitz who started a massive Twitter uproar over the anti-Semitic incident.

The mom will hopefully serve as an example as she has been charged with three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, two counts of vandalism, two counts of trespassing, and two counts of tampering with a vehicle.

We'd charge her with 100 counts if we could!

Just a despicable act by an adult.

[Image via Twitter/JonLovitz.]

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