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Rachel Crow: 'I Feel Sorry For All The Mean Girls And The Bullies'

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Rachel Crow is one of the most talented teenage singers in the world, and the fact that she's wise beyond her years is a huge BONUS.

She's already smarter at fourteen years old than some people ever are.

Check out an interview she had recently where she talks about bullies and how her hurt feelings were able to transform her into who she is today.

Here's what she said:

"It was the looks and the being called "weirdo" and "freak." Me and my one friend would stick together and just brush it off, but of course there were times when I would come home crying to my mom and saying, 'They called me this!' And she would just say, 'Oh they're just jealous!' But I was different in every possible way in school. I grew up in a very small, very conservative farm town and I walked in with this bright personality. I was loud and outgoing and had curly hair and they were just kind of like, "What is going on right now? What is this creature?" I was just being myself and my parents taught me to always be myself and never think you have to be different than who you are. That was what made me confident to try out for "X Factor." Honestly, looking back at it, I feel sorry for all the mean girls and the bullies. I think there are two sides to everything, and one of the lines I wrote [in Mean Girls] is "Maybe somebody was cold to you/ so you think that's what you're suppose to do." That's one of my favorite lines, because it's true."

No freakin' way! That was OUR favorite line!!!

We guess great minds think alike.

What an inspiring story this talented young lady has and her legend has nowhere to go but up, Up, UP!

[Image via Twitter/Rachel Crow.]

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