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These Women Didn't Know They Were Pregnant!

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Amanda Burger

… or so they claim!

We're not sure we completely buy it yet, but if in fact these stories are 100% true, they're pretty incredible.

Amanda Burger and Amanda Prentice both went to the hospital for reasons other than thinking they were having a baby, and left the hospital with healthy daughters.

Can you imagine not being prepared for that??

Anyway, Burger went in for terrible cramps (in other words, labor), and Prentice went in after a seizure.

It's more likely among people who are very overweight to begin with, and there are a series of things that have to happen that equate to a perfect storm of not knowing.

Obesity can affect a woman's menstrual cycle and the added weight might not be enough to warn them. Though, who attributes 9 months of no period to obesity-affected menstrual cycle??

Also, if the placenta is on the front part of the uterus, people might not feel a baby's movement that much.

They could attribute it to gas.

In Burger's case, they stopped using birth control because they wouldn't be unhappy if it happened — she even claims to have taken a bunch of pregnancy tests because she felt "weird" for a few months, and they all came back negative.

She had no morning sickness and never felt the baby kicking, and she still experienced bleeding every month (experts say bleeding on a period-like schedule is highly unusual in pregnancy).

And, she only gained 15 pounds and ended up around 170lbs!

Prentice's story, on the other hand, started with them not being able to have children despite trying for years.

She had irregular periods, and thought it was just worse because of stress (Really? WARNING SIGN!) and blamed the 10 pounds she put on on soda.

Her husband came home one day and found her unable to answer questions because of having had a seizure.

Obviously he rushed her to the hospital, where they found that she was 7-8 months pregnant — all while she was unconscious.

They performed a c-section, and she woke up two days later to the news!

Luckily, both babies were okay! And the moms!

While we're still pretty skeptical, we're just glad everything worked out for them in the end.

We LOVE happy endings!

[Image via Amanda Burger.]

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