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When Russian Spies Attack!!!

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A couple of years ago a ring of Russian secret agents were rounded up in the United States and shipped back to their motherland. Many scoffed at their attempts to infiltrate and gather information from powerful social circles, and thought their whole plan was ludicrous and plain ineffectual.

Now reports are saying that the secret agents' real plan was to turn their children into spy kids.

Say what?!?!

The thinking of the spies was that if they could convince their children to turn to the life of an espionage agent then they'd be more likely to pass any U.S. government background checks.

According to one source, a Tim Foley had already agreed to join the ranks of their spy squad, which would follow the route his parents, two of the spies apprehended, were in.

Here's what one source said they witnessed during a survelliance recording of the college sophomore's meeting where his parents revealed their true profession:

"At the end of the discussion with his parents…the young man stood up and saluted ‘Mother Russia.' He also agreed to travel to Russia to begin formal espionage training."

The lawyer for Tim Foley says those speculations are, excuse his french, "crap" since it would be entirely too risky for his parents to reveal their secret operations.

Whether or not any of this is actually true is something no one will probably ever know since the case is deemed classified by the U.S. government.

The fact that they classified it makes us think this is true, though. Or maybe not.

Or maybe it is true. But probably not.

Or maybe

[Image via AP Images.]

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