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Feeding Your Children The Healthy Way!

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We love kids, but they can drive you nuts!

Especially when they don't eat their vegetables.

Thats why Courtney Barber is here to answer all and any of your questions.

Here was Silvia's question:

"Hi Courtney - love your Perezitos posts! I need your help! I am constantly making two dinners at home, as my children refuse to eat what the adults do. They hate vegetables and fruit and just want take-away or pizza every night. I want them to eat something, so I end up making them their own dinner. It's becoming a reoccurring routine and I know its bad! Thanks, Silvia."

And here was Courtney's answer:

"First of all Silvia you are not alone! I have been asked this question by many concerned parents, who want their children to live healthy lifestyles, but realize that they are starting to create unhealthy habits at home.

The problem with allowing your children to eat a different meal each night is that it reinforces their behavior. Every time you cave into their demands, it reinforces the fact that you will eventually give in to them and they will get the unhealthy food that they want. It's not a good cycle and there are ways that this can be broken.

1. Don't buy any junk food - take away this temptation completely. When they realize that you don't have the food that they want in the pantry, then they know you can't make a second dinner for them.

2. Make healthy food "fun" - instead of serving up your meals in the traditional way, get creative in the kitchen. Cut up your veges and bake them into vegetable chips. Put fruit on skewers and serve with a cup of low fat yoghurt as "dipping sauce". There are endless ways that you can put some flair into your meals.

3. Hide your vegetables - sometimes you have to be clever! They don't like their greens? Mash them up into the sweet potato or bake a delicious casserole and fill it with vegetables. This is a lot easier to eat then a plate filled with a bunch of broccoli!

4. Food rules - it is your house, so you have to take charge if you want to be a positive influence. Even though you may find it hard to "law down the law", in the long run everyone will benefit, as you have their health in mind, as well as future eating habits!

I remember as child that my mother prepared a delicious baked dinner, including baked brussel sprouts. I decided that I wasn't going to eat the meal because it wasn't what I wanted. My mother had spent hours baking them so that we would like them, but I refused. So I had to sit at the table until I ate the meal. Well after 1 hour I realised that my mother was not going to "cave in" and I ate the brussel sprouts. By that time they were cold and not inviting, however actually didn't taste that bad. I had learned my lesson and realized that next time I should eat them while they were hot and try not my mothers patience again!

I hope some of these tips help and good luck!"

You bet they did, Courtney!

And remember…

…Courtney Barber is always here to help! Check out her website HERE or Facebook HERE and follow her on twitter @CourtneyBFit! Email the celebrity fitness and lifestyle consultant your questions at Tips@Perezitos.com!

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