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Bullied Teen Who Received Free Plastic Surgery Ready To Forgive Bullies, But Not Forget

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For the first time before she can ever remember, Nadia Ilse is looking forward to going to school every day.

The bullied teen, who received free plastic surgery, no longer views her looks as a negative, but as a positive!

Here's what she said:

"I believe in forgiveness, but I will never forget the times that they did that, the times they made fun of me, and the times they hurt me. You have to make them earn it."

Nadia revealed that before her surgery - going to school was a harrowing experience.

Here's what she said:

"They said I have the biggest ears that they've ever seen, they called me Dumbo, elephant ears. I act like I didn't care though I really did. It hurt a lot. I tried to hold it in as much as I could. Usually, when I'm walking home from the bus stop, I usually start to cry, or I usually cry myself to sleep sometimes, too."

That's terrible!

And despite the fact she is more than pleased with her appearance, she isn't going to pretend all of the hurt and suffering she felt before just never happened.

Here's what she said:

"I'm not letting you mess around with someone unless you make them earn their forgiveness because if they like you now just because of your appearance that's idiotic and superficial. You have got to make them see who you are now, so they don't just see your face. They see who you are, and they can look beyond it."

In Russian, the name Nadia is loosely translated into the word 'Hope'.

To us, that is something this Nadia should have plenty of as she moves forward in her life.

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