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How To Raise Gifted Children

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Someone once said that intelligence is 49 percent genetic and 51 percent stimulation.

So if you're a parent that means there's a large chunk of prodding and needling for you to encourage your child with that might just nudge him/her closer to the level of a genius.

How, you ask?

"Talk, talk, talk Ask your kid open-ended questions, like “What would happen if we stopped for ice cream on the way to the beach?” Such questions help a child reflect on what he knows and tell him his opinion matters. Don't worry if he's too young to understand. Likewise, don't be afraid to use relatively sophisticated words, notes Brenneman. He may not understand them, but he will figure it out if the words are used multiple times in context. John Shotter, a dad in Seaford, NY, makes it a top priority to talk to his son, Jack, 2, through daily activities. “We talk tools! I show him how the T-square, drill, measuring tape, and hammer work.” The results are pretty impressive, reports Jack's mom, Melissa. “He honestly knows the name of every tool, as well as materials like Sheetrock, S packle, and drop cloth. He's also learning measuring, right and left from turning a screwdriver, and colors from paint."

Read, read, read Research has repeatedly shown that access to books and one-on-one reading time is a predictor of school success. Reading stimulates the brain to make connections and builds background knowledge about the world. Reading is the foundation of all learning and will enable a child to absorb and apply content from all areas, including math and science. Modeling good reading habits may give him an edge. Seeing his parents reading for enjoyment will be contagious. Invite your child to cozy up on the couch with you to read. Keep books out—in baskets, on shelves, and on coffee tables. And share what you're reading with your child, and ask him to do the same. This will not only spark conversation but build his vocabulary and comprehension."

Check out the rest of this genius article at the blog befittingly titled–parenting!

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