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Teens Who Want Better Grades Should Go To Bed Early

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It's the night before a huge test.

You want to do really well on it and make your parents proud, but it's already time to go to bed.

What should you do? Stay up and study, or go to bed early and get a good night's rest before the big test.

The answer isn't always that simple, but new research has demonstrated that teenagers who choose to go to bed early will see better results grade-wise than their peers who stay up late and cram their studies in.

A high school in Los Angeles had their students record how much time they spent studying and how much sleep they got.

Students who slept early got better grades, and students who crammed their studies into the wee hours of the day got not-as-good grades.

Here's what one researcher said:

“If you’re really sacrificing your sleep for that cramming, it’s not going to be as effective as you think, and it may actually be counterproductive. This wasn’t a whopping effect, it wasn’t a huge effect, but it was a consistent pattern that when kids crammed, they had problems the next day. That surprised us until we saw that when they crammed, they got significantly less sleep and when that happens, it’s more difficult to learn what you’re studying.”

A study showed that teens function best when they sleep between 8 and 9 hours of sleep, yet they rarely ever get that much.

The author of the study makes it explicitly known that he isn't suggesting teens sleep rather than study. Better overall time management is a way to combat any effects of less sleep and less studying.

But the conclusive answer for teens whom desire better grades is definitely that they should try and start getting more of those zzzzzz's ASAP!!!!

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