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10 Ways To Torture Your Teens

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Moms How To Torture Teens

We don't know much about torturing teenagers beyond what we've seen in Friday The 13th movies, but we CAN tell you these tips are spot on!

We'd hate for our moms to do this stuff NOW!

"We try so hard not to turn into that mom. BUT WHY?

Being that mom is fun.

Look, your kids are going to be humiliated by you no matter what you do so why don’t you go for it with some gusto? Have a little flair!

These 10 mom moves are proven to torture your teens and give them plenty to roll their eyes at.

Make them numerous playlists
Then quiz them on the playlists, sing excerpts, and blare the songs while driving with the windows down. You didn't play Mozart for them in the womb for nothing.

Dance for them, with them, in front of them and AT them.

Borrow and wear their clothes
It really messes with their ego when you convey: I like this. I would wear it. I AM wearing it.

Tag them in all your family photos on Facebook
That way their friends can see the pictures and all your cute comments."

For the rest of the 10 Ways To Torture Your Teen or for any other mom needs, make sure to visit our friends at Babble!

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