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Kendall Jenner STILL Texting And Driving

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Kendall Jenner STILL Texting And Driving

Kendall Jenner needs to learn to say TTYL until she gets off the road!

The little Kardashian was spotted texting and driving AGAIN!

Check out this story from a concerned driver- concerned for their own safety that is! The driver says:

"…the car was dangerously drifting towards my lane. When I glanced through my car window, I saw that Kendall Jenner was driving the other vehicle, but she wasn’t looking at the road, her eyes were fixed on her cell phone!

In fear she would crash into me, I sounded my horn… As I looked across once more, I could see she was still texting!

Again, she was swerving in her lane, from one side to the next, and she wasn’t paying attention to other drivers."

Oh, Kendall! Just two months ago, another eyewitness had a similar story! Gurl has got to learn!

Texting takes your eyes and your mind off the road! Studies suggest it can be even worse than drunk driving!

We just hope she learns her lesson in a way that doesn't involve her- or someone else- getting hurt!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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