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What Terrifies Your Kids?!!

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Bloody Mary Ghost

Times change, and so do children. Video games, iPads, indoor plumbing- kids today have very different lives than children of old.

But there's one thing that never changes- fear. What horrors have been terrorizing children throughout the years? Here are a few to keep you up at night:

Old House

Haunted Houses
The most frightening thing about haunted houses is that, really, the potential for horror is limitless: Ghosts could live there. The house itself could serve as a portal to hell. Serial killers could be squatting in the closets. The closets could eat you. Young or old, you don't want to be involved with a haunted house in any way.

Antique dolls

Possessed Toys
The notion of your toys coming to life when you leave the room is only charming if Pixar is involved. In reality, this fear hits kids where they live. Shaved Barbies, armless dolls … anything antique or eyeless better not come to life in my house or I will seriously freak out and possibly go insane.

Vampire Children

Before they were sexy, they were soul-sucking, cold blooded demons. Not exactly my type, friend. I was so scared of vampires as a kid but I took comfort knowing I could beat them with holy water, garlic, or wooden stakes. Kids don't have access to any of those things though, which is troubling.

For more of the 15 Things That Have Terrified Kids Through The Ages, visit our friends at Babble.com- if you can handle it!

[Image via Creepy Pasta & Gili82/T. Voekler/Shawn Allen/Wikimedia Commons.]

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