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Brad Pitt On Balancing His Career And Family

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Brad Pitt, super ahmayzing actor, sat down for an interview with Guy Ritchie, super ahmayzing director (who has a bun in his GF's oven), in the October/November issue of Interview.

They covered lots of topics but most interestingly, Brad's balance of work and family.

Ritchie said:

"There are always creative issues, but those practical issues are also significant: who you're going to be with, where you're going to be together, how everyone's schedules line up, how long it's going to take you away from your family."

Pitt, father to SIX kids, knows all too well the struggle of having a booming career but also wanting to spend time with your family.

Pitt said:

"I want it to be worthy enough of a story to leave the family, you know? They're everything. The family is first … I also don't want to embarrass them."


Way to think of your kids before you accidentally make Mr. & Mrs. Smith 2.

Ritchie asked him mostly about the film world but he couldn't resist always going back to asking about his life in the spotlight, saying:

"All of the sudden, I'm playing the pushy interviewer! 'We'd love to hear a little bit about Brad's feelings on marriage and fatherhood …'"

At the joke, Brad laughed, saying:

"Yeah, I bet you would."

What a great/handsome/talented/hunky/handsome/talented/handsome guy!

We bet he's such a great dad too.

We'd call him "daddy." LOLz!

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