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Thanksgiving Recipe For Kids Is Tasty AND Educational!

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Fruit Gobbler Recipe

Maybe you've noticed, but the three things we love best here at Perezitos are kids, holidays, and education!

Our friends at Aristotle Circle, specifically Janet Roberts (Director of Education), have combined all three with this one amazingly fun recipe!

Ch-ch-check out the directions for The Fruit Gobbler:

Cooking can help your child build math and literacy skills in a fun, engaging and delicious way!

This Thanksgiving recipe along with Aristotle Circle’s expert skill-building activities will help boost your child’s brain activity, palate and confidence.

Fruit Gobbler Parts

-Bosc Pear for Fruit Gobbler head
-Melon for Fruit Gobbler body
-Cantaloupe Cubes for Fruit Gobbler beak & feathers
-Red Bell Pepper Strips for Fruit Gobbler snood, feet and side feathers
-Raisins for Fruit Gobbler eyes
-Grapes for Fruit Gobbler tail feathers
-Bamboo skewers

Making your Fruit Gobbler

1. Make a flat side for the melon body by cutting off the rind on the base.

2. Take a bamboo skewer to attach the Bosc pear to the melon to make the head.

3. Cut a piece of cantaloupe into a triangle to make a beak and red bell pepper snood. Using the toothpicks, attach both the beak and snood with the raisin eyes.

4. Cut red bell pepper feet and place them on bottom of melon with toothpicks.

5. Skewer cantaloupe cubes and red grapes to make the tail feathers. Then insert them into
the back of the melon.

6. Skewer red bell pepper strips into melon body on the sides. Pin then side feathers back
with toothpicks to hold in place.

Using this festive and healthy recipe, I will walk you through academic Skill-Building activities
you can do with your child that will help prepare your child for commonly tested Questions Types
on school entrance and performance exams such as the OLSAT, WPPSI, WISC, NNAT and

Fruit Gobbler Skill-building Activities:


Counting Questions

Say: How many grapes do I need for this feather? How many grapes do I need in all? How many types of fruit do I need to make this Fruit Gobbler?

Arithmetic and Arithmetic Reasoning Questions

Say: Look at the feathers. Which one has four grapes? Look at this pair of feathers. Which one has fewer grapes?


Vocabulary Concept Grouping & Verbal Reasoning

Ask your child to indentify the fruit and vegetables in the Fruit Gobbler. Practice concept grouping questions such as: What other types of fruits can you name? What other types of fruit are purple? What makes something a fruit?

Following Directions

As you put together the Fruit Gobbler, ask your child: What comes first, second, and third?

Aural Reasoning

Say: Look at this feather. Show me: which piece of fruit is square? Look at this feather. Show me: which piece of fruit is round?


Pattern Completion

Show your child the completed Fruit Gobbler. Then take individual pieces away and ask: Which piece is missing? Your child should show you what part of the Fruit Gobbler is needed to complete it.

Serial by Analogy and Matrix Reasoning

These questions involve finding patterns in a sequence. Using grapes and cubed cantaloupe, start a simple pattern of grape, cantaloupe, grape, cantaloupe, etc.

Then, ask your child: What comes next? You can say the pieces of fruit aloud in a rhythm to help your child. Once your child picks up on this, then you can make the patterns more challenging.

Spatial Visualization

These questions involve rotation and reflection. Have your child start by adorning the Fruit Gobbler one side by putting in the feather skewers into the Fruit Gobbler body.

Tell your child that you will copy the movement like a mirror. Whatever your child does on their side, do on your side. Then switch with you going first and asking your child to mirror your movements.

For more great ways to help your kids learn, make sure to follow Aristotle Circle on Twitter for all the latest articles!

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