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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Had A Miscarriage Because Of Heroin?!

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teen mom jenelle evans husband reveals rehab record

Fans of Teen Mom Jenelle Evans were devastated when she lost her baby.

And after she pressed charges of physical abuse against husband Courtland Rogers, there was even speculation that the physical trauma might have caused the miscarriage.

But Courtland has another explanation- heroin!

In a new video made by his “friend” Tiffany Knabe, Courtland says he tried in vain to get Jenelle to stop using. He says:

"The whole time I’m telling Jenelle you can’t be doing this s–t. It’s going to kill our baby.

He says he even tried to warn doctors! He says:

"The OBGYN asked her why she had opiates in her system, and I was like, 'Jenelle, you know you gotta tell her the truth.'"

In the video, Courtland says he tried everything to get her to stop- but all the while, he is chopping and snorting a white substance!!

Was he doing heroin himself the whole time?? If so, maybe what he could have tried was being a better example!

[Image via Twitter.]

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10 comments to “Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Had A Miscarriage Because Of Heroin?!”

  1. whatthef says – reply to this


    Divine intervention. Tired of these cockroach types and their teenage immature drama having babies. STOP bringing babies into your f'ed up world. All the while us hard working married and happy stable ADULTS who aren't doing illegal substances LET ALONE drinking caffeine end up having issues when we actaully WANT a PLANNED baby and have the needs to bring it up into a stable environment. UGH!!

  2. 2

    good. I am relieved that she was no longer going to birth yet another child that she cannot take care of. Maybe she should start trying to get her son back rather than continue to support and date low-life douchebags. Its such a shame that these kids are becoming famous for doing nothing.

  3. Kizzy d says – reply to this


    As a former heroin addict, and now drug counselor I can tell you w 99% certainty if he's an addict or ex addict n dating n spending so much time with an addict he is doing whatever she was doing!! That's just how it works unfortunately!! I'm not saying every couple with one addict means both parties are using I've dated wonderful straight edge men during my addiction who wanted nothing to do with drugs!!! It's just the fact that he's still an addict sniffing pills!! Now he's throwing her under the bus ugh he makes my skin crawl!!

  4. 4

    Perez pls for the love of god stop writing about this non celeb. I don't care what she does or happens. So stop wringing about them. Grr

  5. vanessa says – reply to this


    I just seriously hope one of this days her mom beats the living crap out of her for bein so darn disrespectful. The least thi little piece of shit can do is to be thankful to have her mother. If it wasn't for her mother he would of lost her son already. She needs to grow up and stop getting in trouble so she can stay out of jail and take care of her son.

  6. Sandy says – reply to this


    Better the baby be dead than have her for a mother.

  7. 7

    Um wow. If this story is true, I hope they kick her off of the show.

  8. 8

    They won't kick her off the show. They will exploit this train wreck. I'm not a fan of the show, but have seen a couple episodes and would not want my teenage kids watching this crap.

  9. Ugh says – reply to this


    Sick, no words. I had to go off all meds that I really needed, because that's what you do!

    No excuse. She should be spayed. She's ill and demented.

  10. Jacqui says – reply to this


    I must be in a hole or somethin' ’cause I didn't even know she lost the baby. Last I heard, she went to the hospital and tweeted something about how Courtland put their baby in danger…but I never saw anything reported about a miscarriage. The death of a baby is never a good thing, so I can't say this is a good thing, despite the fact that this chick has zero business raising a child. I'd have rather someone have taken the child from her once it was born. What a fuckup Jenelle is.