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Khloe Kardashian Is Reaching Out To Lamar Odom's Daughter After She Revealed That She's Cutting Herself!

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khloe kardashian is reaching out to destiny odom after tweets surfaced that shes cutting herself

Aww man, this is SERIOUS.

Lamar Odom's daughter, Destiny recently tweeted that she was feeling emotionally distressed, which has unfortunately led to cutting.

But after Khloe Kardashian caught wind of Destiny's harmful acts, she's doing everything she can to help her stop hurting herself.

The El Lay Clippers star's daughter tweet read:

“I feel as If I am drowning in my own emotions, and I have no home to save me."

And right after she noted how depressed she feels, someone asked Destiny how often she had been cutting herself, and she answered: “Tonight and I don’t count.”


Apparently Lamar's 14-year-old has been performing self mutilation on herself because she hasn't been able to spend time with her mom, Liza Morales, who is busy with her reality show, Starter Wives Confidential. And on top of that, she's also in agony because she doesn't see her dad or Khloe that much either.

A source close to Destiny revealed:

“Her dad wasn’t around much when she was growing up. But Khloe has made a real effort to develop a strong relationship with Destiny.”

Hopefully Miz Kardashian keeps her promise to stay close to Destiny because abusing herself is NOT the way to go!

Guess Liza can sit down now and stop thinking the reality starlet is a bad mother. After all, where has Miz Morales been through all of this?!?

[Image via WENN.]

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13 comments to “Khloe Kardashian Is Reaching Out To Lamar Odom's Daughter After She Revealed That She's Cutting Herself!”

  1. kY says – reply to this


    Sad news. However, Perez, you don't have to be biased when reporting news like this. Obviously, the Kardashians are paying you but check the facts first. Granted, on "Starter Wives Confidential," Liza Morales is an emotional wreck who's still not over Lamar abandoning his family. Bitch hasn't had sex w/ anyone other than Lamar. WTF?! No wonder Destiny cuts: Destiny has lost her baby brother/sister, her dad is now too busy w/ his other famous family, and now she's gonna be completely thrown into the spotlight whether she likes it or not. In addition, knowing Perez, her mom is going to be bashed in the media in the worst possible way for the sake of the Kardashians. Sad sad sad…

  2. 2

    Wow! Lamar has really destroyed Khloe's camel toe!

  3. Elle says – reply to this


    You're such a low life Perez. Cutting is a very serious issue, and this should be kept private. Shame on you for showcasing a 14 year olds pain and very serious issues all for some page hits. You truly are a pathetic person and you're definitely still the same bully you were in the past; now you are just more hypocritical about it. You may have lost weight, but you're still ugly as hell inside. I wish you'd get your head out of your/zac efrons ass and realize no one likes you and you're kept around simply as a laughing stock. On that note, I hope YOU cut yourself, hit a major artery in the process, and die.

  4. Sophie says – reply to this


    Read more about Lamar Odom's daughter, Destiny, here:

  5. Sophie says – reply to this


    Read more about Lamar Odom's daughter, Destiny, and her depression issues here:

  6. 6

    Read more about Lamar Odom's daughter, Destiny, and her depression issues here:

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    How to make it worse for her. Khloe doesn't need the brownie points so badly that this girl's whole world now has a spotlight on her angst. Minors should be OFF LIMITS, imo.

  8. 8

    Telling the whole world that she is cutting herself is sure to make that poor girl feel better! You disgust me. Give these kids a chance.

  9. 9

    I feel for her. Being a teenager is rough (many people think it's a breeze… it's NOT! These kids have unprecedented pressure on them in high school). I'm happy to hear that Khloe is making every effort to be there for her. Khloe is one of those people that should get more recognition for the good things she does rather than judging her based on her family ties.

  10. Ellie says – reply to this


    that is soo sad ): at least Khloe has made the effort with her; thats gotta count for something

  11. 11

    I feel bad for Lamar's daughter. But I wish Kloe would start cutting.

  12. AL says – reply to this


    Not to be mean or anything but a cutter only cuts to get attention. I know first hand that when someone really wants to hurt themselves they'll do it without craving all of the attention. It's not okay of course to be doing so but this little girl obviously only wants attention. You all need to keep it shut and at least koko is there to give this girl.

  13. RL says – reply to this


    Re: AL – You are really dispicable. Cutters don't cut for attention. We cut because people are oftn giving us too much attention on things we dont want brought up. People make us feel worse about ourselves and then we cut.