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Jeremy Renner's Baby Mama Steps Out To Feed The Bump!

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jeremy renner baby mama sonni pacheco

Jeremy Renner's future baby must be hungry!

The Hansel And Gretel star's baby mama, model Sonni Pacheco was spotted grabbing some grub at Freshii last week.

Do we spy a little baby bump? She does seem to be covering up…

So what's their deal anyway? Are they even dating?

Well, the couple reportedly broke up, but Jeremy invited her to live with him anyway when he found out she was pregnant! A friend says:

"Jeremy is delighted he’s going to become a dad. He realizes it’s unconventional to have his baby mama, an ex-girlfriend, living with him and his roommate, but he just doesn’t care."

Well, we hope this is all true! Because it sounds like the Avengers star is a good ex- not to mention a good baby daddy!

Our hero!

[Image via AKM-GSI.]

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32 comments to “Jeremy Renner's Baby Mama Steps Out To Feed The Bump!”

  1. bonnieparrish says – reply to this


    i dont believe hes the father of her baby shes just using him because he has money and maybe she can put some pressure on him to marry him i think shes a liar and a whore jermey dont be stupid get a paterniy test as soonas that kids born or youll be regretting it for the rest of your life

  2. ggggg says – reply to this


    They can do paternity test while the baby's still in the womb. If issues about paternity was part of it they could have already gotten that out the way. So it's probably his. I'm just a little disappointed in his choice of woman. She's pretty from angles (and even then I'm being generous) and looks like a tranny straight on. Plus she's an "inspiring actress and model.

  3. ggggg says – reply to this


    Re: ggggg – I submitted before I was finished. Any woo, back to my rant. she's an "aspiring" model & model. REALLY RENNER! I don't see what she has to offer him.He has worked with and has rumored to had date many beautiful, classy,talented woman (Scarlette, Charlize, Rachel, Gabrielle, Jessica just to name a few). Then he accidentally knock this chick up! She the kinda girl you meet at a bar, make her a regular booty call, and try hard as hell NOT to knock up.

  4. Marie says – reply to this


    I'm really happy that Jeremy is going to be a father because I know he wanted kids for a long time. But now he's tied to this 20 something model/actress wannabe for the rest of his life. I just hope he doesn't go down the Hugh Grant road and make her his designated baby maker so he can have more kids and maintain his single life.

  5. Y says – reply to this


    I was hoping this wan't true but I don't know. She doesn't look pregnant in that pic. I am also dissapointed in his choice. I would also like to know what the real story is.

  6. Kaya says – reply to this


    If he was using protection and if she was (honestly) on birth control. I don't see how this could happen. Either he didn't glove it because he thought she was on birth control (but wasn't) or he used a condom when she wasn't on birth control and it broke. Either way he dumb and she trapped him or their both dumb don't know how birth control works. Or the third option is that this was a planned pregnancy (surrogate or otherwise). I agree with you Y I want to know the real story!

  7. Uptowngirl67 says – reply to this


    Re: Marie – : you couldn't have read my mind. Bottom line he's your typical 40 yr old man going through a " midlife crisis" the only difference he's rich & famous. I'm a single 45yr ( yeah a little older but hey. lol) , attractive ( not model material) hard working self sufficient ICU nurse, I have more to offer, @ least I wouldn't depend on him. I'm EXTREMELY disappointed in his judgement. Thought he had a better head on his shoulders.

  8. Uptowngirl67 says – reply to this



  9. Uptowngril says – reply to this


    Re: ggggg – : at the end of the day, it all boils down to : occasional booty calls & oops! He was in a 5yr relationship & he didn't get his girlfriend @ the time pregnant. So a couple of things happened. A~She did it to " trap" him, B~he wanted to have a baby C~ condom broke. Obviously it wasn't serious if they're broken up now. What does a 42yr old man have in common with a 22-25 yr old female besides sex? You need more than "sex" and beauty to make a relationship work. Beauty faids

  10. Uptowngirl says – reply to this


    LOL DAMN AUTOCORRECT : BEAUTY FADES!!!!! Yes I know how to spell

  11. Uptowngirl says – reply to this


    So forget all this "private" nonsense. He's embarrased also cuz, all along he's stated " how lonely" he is, he works too much "to date" but the on the other hand he's also stated any girl would take a number 2 seat to his career, that he'd make a terrible boyfriend/husband. But then, LOL recently stated before all this baby news got out, he's able to balance work & basically a love life (not in those exact words but you know what he means) I just wished he found someone closer to his age & @ least a girl with some education, self respect & dignity. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED FAN NOW. ( rants over. LOL)

  12. Uptowngirl says – reply to this


    LOL, by the way uptowngirl67 and uptowngirl are the same person. If anyone cares. It's 4:00 in the morning and I'm half asleep writing this. 💤😁

  13. mandy askew says – reply to this


    i really wish people would print the correct information.jeremy isn't living with her and never has.he moved out of the guesthouse that he shared with kristopher winters last summer.

  14. AmandaZ says – reply to this


    I think you should all just leave her alone. Jeremy is known for keeping his private life just that and I respect him for that. Now, if you all knew him personally then you would probably know the situation but in this case you all don't and neither do I. He has told the whole world on various shows he appeared on that he is excited about being a father and I believe it to be true. At least they chose life instead of aborting the child. I also heard that it is this month she is due for the baby but in that pic it doesnt really show that she is real big though. But in the mean time, congrats to them both.

  15. AmandaZ says – reply to this


    Ok. So in reading all of your comments I would have to agree with most of you saying that yes, it is hard to see what Jeremy really wants out of life. One point he did say that he would have a girl friend as second in his life and his career as an actor as first…or something like that. But then I realized something…life changes for us all especially if something great happens. Maybe Jeremy is trying to balance everything out to make time for something on the side besides acting….it could be him wanting to find time to date or be with family and friends a little more. Whatever the case may be, he is doing the best he can at the moment…well at least we do not hear about him being arrested for something though and lets hope he keeps that drive going for him.

  16. Y says – reply to this


    Re: AmandaZ
    Amanda…no he has not told anyone anything on any talk show so I have no idea where you got that from. I have watched most of them and have not heard a single thing.

    As for Sonni hey all fair in love and war and I also think she trapped him.What else does she have going of as of work?

  17. kitti says – reply to this


    i call bullshit

  18. ggggg says – reply to this


    Re: AmandaZ – Where did you hear him say he was excite about being a dad? I know in the past he has commented on the desire to be a father, but he has yet to comment on this pregnancy at all. So all for we know it could be some outlandish situation in which he helps out a pregnant ex, but the baby's not his. Or it could be his baby and he just want to keep everything private. Honestly until he talks about it or we see a baby, everything so far is rumors and speculations.

  19. sab says – reply to this


    According to sources, she is expecting this month! So….either the sources are mistaken, she is severely underfed or she already had the baby. You do NOT look like THAT at full term! No matter who you are!

  20. LaLopez says – reply to this


    hRe: sab – ttp://

    In those pictures she looks only be in her 2nd trimester. Getting there and not ready to pop. According to other sources she's due in April. Idk, but your right she does not look pregnant here.

  21. LaLopez says – reply to this

  22. Y says – reply to this


    Re: sab – She doesn't look like she gained anything at all. i mean there are skinnny people who don't gain much weight bit dam she doesn't look pregnant at all.
    I hope this rumour is just what it is ..a rumour. We need another photo showing her all around.

  23. burt says – reply to this


    Re: Y
    I call "anchor baby". I bet she is in love with him. Was depressed when he dumped her after their Bourne shoot fling, and she somehow got a booty call while he was promoting in Vancouver. I think she is hoping he will marry her. In the meantime, she gets and anchor baby and sugar daddy in one clever move. Who get accidentally pregnant these days anyway?

  24. ugh says – reply to this


    Re: burt – Sonni Pacheco is a skank….we all know what her agenda was to this situation and it seems to have worked in her favor.. she got her meal ticket for life now..I hope Jeremy isn't stupid enough to be with this user…regardless he's stuck with her for life now with this baby…idiot..

  25. burt says – reply to this


    Re: ugh – Looks like Edward Norton just out classed Jeremy Renner.

  26. Emma says – reply to this


    So he let this woman move in with his room mate and himself? Renner is gay and this is his surrogate. Grow up and open your eyes people.

  27. yaRight says – reply to this


    not sure why I feel compelled to point out, having been pregnant three times myself, that a button down shirt and a pregnant belly??? the shirt/buttons should curve <i>outward and over</i> said pregnant belly. NOT lay flat down. Isn't she supposed to be about 7 months along here? Nope. definitely no hint of that tell tale bump starting just under the breasts. Buttons don't lie people.
    If the dates are correct, and the baby has not already arrived….that is not the midsection of a 7 month pregnant woman.
    Paging Kim, Paging Kim! Let's get a side by side belly comparison, shall we?

  28. Y says – reply to this


    I agree on the way she looks in that pic. alot of people are starting to realize this might be a joke. Maybe she is the one who started this 'rumor' and was pissed he broke up with her?
    Other than that…we have a week to go to see if anything has changed since she is 'supposedly' due on april 4.
    She has not been seen since this pic, where is she?

  29. yaRight says – reply to this


    Exactly — where is she?
    Um…. I thought they already reported her big Move In to Renner's house??
    so why nothing more concrete? This pic is supposed to convince us of "Baby on Board"??
    US magazine originally quoted those oh-so convenient and reliable "multiple sources" as saying baby due "next month". That would have meant February due date. Soooo….it's end of March. What - are mom and baby locked up in the house? you know, the house paps are supposed to Know she is living in? why no better pics then?
    Who decided this April 4th date? The baby registry the private Mr. Renner completed? *sigh*
    think people. US mag is already busted as relaying false info. "next month" has come and long gone with no sightings and no confirmation from Renner's people. The jig is up.
    Someone cue that old video of Jeremy playing the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz… "If I only had a brain" seems most appropriate right now.

  30. Y says – reply to this


    Well reports are now saying she had her baby, a girl named Ava, yesterday. Wow that proved us wrong but still she is set for life.

  31. Y says – reply to this


    Don't know if my comment posted or not but she had a baby girl AVA yesterday. Kinda shocked but congrats you idiot.

  32. yaRight says – reply to this


    Well colour me speechless.
    that could not have been a recent picture.

    well, no matter the personal circumstances - I do wish them both well. hopefully they can raise their little girl without too much interference and being hounded by paps.
    This changes nothing for me — still a big Jeremy Renner fan.