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Kate Middleton's Pregnant Bikini Pics Were PUBLISHED!

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kate middleton bikini baby bump pics2
kate middleton bikini baby bump pics1


It was just yesterday that we announced that Kate Middleton's pregnant bikini pics from her vaycay with Prince William on the private island of Mustique were getting ready to circulate the wonderful world of media, and just like that, the pics appeared everywhere!!

At first, it was broadcasted that the Italian magazine, Chi, had dibs on the pics, but as soon as they ran the photos, Star got their hands on the pregnant snap shots and also let the world see the Duchess' bump.

However, even though everyone is enjoying the heck out of Miz Middleton's four month preggers belly, the St. James’s Palace is calling the pictures a “breach of privacy.”

DAYUM! We're just wondering what the palace is gonna do. Hopefully they don't do anything too wild 'cuz there's really no need for a whole mess of DRAMz.

After all, Kate's little bump is as cute as a button!

Don't U agree?!?

[Images courtesy of Star & Chi.]

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37 comments to “Kate Middleton's Pregnant Bikini Pics Were PUBLISHED!”

  1. 1

    Isn't that nice? She looks like a lot of women who aren't pregnant and people are remarking at her "bump." No wonder everyone keeps asking me if I'm pregnant after I have a heavy lunch.

    This whole BUMP thing is just gross, imho. Who the fuck cares?

  2. wow says – reply to this


    I wish I looked like that… and I'm not pregnant

  3. Barbara says – reply to this


    Leave her alone…her belly is none of my business, or yours.

  4. 4

    I wonder how the Wicked Witch of Buckingham Palace is going to DO HER IN after the baby is born….we'll see…

  5. roxani says – reply to this


    You guys really suck! She is a pregnant woman and it should be her decision to show off her belly and not yours or ours!

  6. whogivsafxk says – reply to this


    who gives a fxck she doesnt live here

  7. Banana86 says – reply to this


    Re: wow – TOTALLY took the words out of my mouth JngianQueen lol 110%

  8. TheFajitaQueen says – reply to this


    Why is every one obsessing over the Baby Bumb? There is NO need coz we all know she is pregnant already? I will tell u why because people/Paparazzi do it for the money thats all they want!

  9. Thunderkitten says – reply to this


    If she wants photos of her body to stop being published she can do one of two things. First, she can get into a time machine and go back and not marry the most eligible bachelor in the world and future king of England who lives off the public dole. Her second choice is to stop taking her clothes off. Um, Kate, there are other swimsuits out there that wouldn't show your bump if you are so interested in your privacy. Otherwise, get over it.

  10. Jenn says – reply to this


    I am still confused why we in the US care so much about these people? They are nobodies to us. That "bump" is barely there so once again what is there to be excited about? Hey at least she doesn't look like a whale like Kim K.

  11. jamesarbuckle says – reply to this


    Link to all pictures: (press SKIP after 5 sec.)

  12. Invasion of privacy says – reply to this


    First of all, I think baby bump is an obnoxious term. It makes me want to vomit. Second, she isn't showing anything off. Shes on vacation on a PRIVATE island and these pictures were taken with a high profile, long range, whatever the hell they call it lens. It is a breach of privacy. Its not as if she was out walking around London in a bikini. Leave these people alone. When they are ready they will be seen at official functions and in the public eye. Then they can take all the pictures that they want. I think its disgusting that these private moments of any star are made public. Yes, some of them choose to make their lives very public, ie Kim and Kanye posing on a balcony to expose her stomach. That's fair game as far as I am concerned but for God's sake let the private stuff stay private.

  13. Invasion of privacy says – reply to this


    Re: Jenn – Or go to a private island where the paparazzi should leave you alone instead of a public beach.

  14. water says – reply to this


    I think she looks great and she should be left alone to enjoy this special time.

  15. Jamilee says – reply to this


    Re: Thunderkitten – you put it well but you need to add one more…go to a secluded beach you own…lord knows they got enough of dole money to get one

  16. john says – reply to this


    who cares enough with the Brits who cares

  17. people are so touchy says – reply to this


    first of all that's not even a baby bump that my stomach after i had a meal
    second of all calm down your not that important, stop having a hissy fit over every little thing
    third of all you knew what you where getting your self into so get over it
    and finally if you can cover up Diana's death I'm sure you could have covered this up byut secretly you love the attention so get out of our faces your old news!

    PS. a women killed herself because of the guilt she felt… what a life wasted

  18. Meg says – reply to this


    Diana was hounded by the paparazzi. They are scared the same thing will happen to Kate. Will had his mother die due to the paparazzi constantly following her. He witnessed it first hand. Why do you think they get so mad about it? Because they want to protect Kate from the pain Diana went through. The media should leave the poor girl alone. Let her enjoy being pregnant. She has every right to her privacy as us normal people do.

  19. ComprehensiveOverview says – reply to this


    Kate, as proven in these photos is carrying the most of her baby bump around the jaw area. She also managed, without gaining too much weight in the abdomen area, to acquire very noticeable stretchmarks. In the topless chateau photos she was scrawny, she is getting a bit horsier now , they must have force fed her. I can see why she diets herself to skin and bone, she would be a formidable rugby defender if she ate.

  20. kate the Uterus Queen says – reply to this


    I'm sooo tired of them and all their fussing and crying over their stupid privacy - people have been killed off,fired,insulted,threatened, hated over these two idiots. Waity do-nothing is finally doing something ? Popping out baby in a few months ? THen going straight back to pulling stupid stunts like nudity in France, I'm sure.

  21. Monarchy says – reply to this


    Re: Jenn – Exactly…it's for us Canadians to obsess about. Leave our monarchs alone!

  22. 22

    whats the big deal not like shes topless again even thou she looks bigger up there now

  23. ke says – reply to this


    why do you guys say this is a baby bump but when beyonces was bigger than that you said it was only from eating a big dinner. Hypocracy is alive and well. smh

  24. HK says – reply to this


    She looks so happy and pretty :) It's nice.

  25. btaylor says – reply to this


    she should have better sense than showing off in a bikini ….she knows she will be photographed…i think she likes to flaunt knowing the media will find her..she should have some modesty and cover up..disgusting !!!

  26. lulu says – reply to this


    I feel sorry for her and Prince William. All they want is a bit of privacy to be with each other and enjoy the pregnancy of their first baby as well as it beng the future monarch of Britain but they're privacy is getting breached completley! If this is the fuss made now, I feel sorry for her later on when the world will be watching her stomach.
    Though she does look gorgeous and happy, that pregnancy glow is suiting her.

  27. lulu says – reply to this


    Re: kate the Uterus Queen
    It's other countrys making the fuss about OUR future monarchs. And the fuss about the bump, I don't know it could be because THE FUTURE MONARCH OF BRITAIN IS IN THERE!

  28. lulu says – reply to this


    Re: ComprehensiveOverview
    But she does look much healthier now she has a bit of weight on AND she's got what looks like a baby glow about her nowadays

  29. 29

    What's with her hair?

  30. just reading comments says – reply to this


    She doesn't look pregnant and I doubt she is. The royals just want the publicity. She ought to get out of the marriage while the getting good!

  31. emma says – reply to this


    Re: Meg – nah don't worry Kate is not even half as intresting or endearing as the late Princess.

  32. FuckKATE says – reply to this


    She has a big fat face now and stopped straightening her hair. She looks like the fat jew she is supposed to look like now. She is so ugly and stupid. No wonder she starves herself. LOLZ

  33. Suze says – reply to this


    Re: Thunderkitten


  34. fey says – reply to this


    she looks much thinner 4 months pregnant than most women ever look!

  35. Topless Kate says – reply to this


    If she does not want photos like that, then she should not wear things that. It's the all topless thing again….. What a joke { future queen acting like a chave }
    Tbh who really cares about her baby bump anyway? Whoop

  36. sandy says – reply to this


    looks like she is faking her pregnancy, who is her surrogate. she looks exactly the same size beyonce looked at at he stage

  37. 37

    Re: Thunderkitten – Woot! Nicely said!