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Beyonce Reveals The Saddest Song She's Ever Written In Life Is But A Dream!

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Beyonce has officially made us cry.

Queen Bey's HBO documentary, Life Is But A Dream just debuted over the weekend, and while she revealed pretty much everything about her life in the flick… she also broadcasted the saddest song she's ever written.

In the clip (above), the diva sings about her tragic miscarriage that she had before becoming preggers with Blue Ivy, and we must say, it is pretty freakin' sad.

Ch-ch-check out the tune, but if the waterworks start pouring down, don't say we didn't warn you!!

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14 comments to “Beyonce Reveals The Saddest Song She's Ever Written In Life Is But A Dream!”

  1. 1

    You keep saying how revealing and candid she is in this film, but she is only showing what she wants people to see. And what I see is a scripted piece designed to promote an image. Sure a miscarriage is sad, but it is now being used for self promotion.

  2. mlington says – reply to this


    too boring. she doesnt excites at all

  3. 3

    Re: rosebud99 – Couldn't have said it better. Beyonce said on Oprah that she chose to publicly disclose the miscarriage to help other couples who went through the same thing. Women have been having miscarriages since the beginning of time and they'll continue to have them. This is nothing new and people certainly don't need Beyonce's public disclosure of her own miscarriage to get through their own situation. It's a very narcissistic viewpoint on Beyonce's part and very self-serving to use it as a promotional tool for her documentary.

  4. Nicole says – reply to this


    Why do people always have to assume the worst of others? Beyonce chose to show her private life for her fans since she is such a private person and we know so little. It is not self serving or used for self promotion, Beyonce doesn't need promotion, she's simply letting the public know she also is human and has emotions and struggles too. Of course she chose what was to be seen, you don't need the world to see you crying or sharing your most private thoughts, that is not something she owes us. She said this was therapeutic and I believe her, it must be hard to be going through tough times and have the world watching and not knowing a thing!

  5. MizzBooBoo says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – SHUT THE FUCK UP! ur never satisfied, ur just a hater pont blank.. ur opinion is invalid. she revealed alot about herself that she didnt have to, shes not gonna show the worlds something she doesnt want the world to see.. DUH! what kind of a moron are you? ITS HER LIFE! she didnt have to do this documetery at all, but she wanted us to get more of a sense of who she really was.. she didnt say she was gonna put all her business and her whole life in the doc.. U IDIOT! self-promotion for a self-documentary.. uhm yea that kinda goes hand in hand.. oh and btw the prgram is FREE! if it was for self promotions he wouldve released it as a feature film like katy perry or jb.. stop being a hater, u are on every beyonce article in .5 seconds, have a seat!

  6. MizzBooBoo says – reply to this


    Re: Kittens With Mittens – u need to shutup too, ur still tuned in! even reading articles about it! beyonce isnt saying shes the first woman to go thru it.. shes allowing herself to be open becasue it happened to her! shes allowed to talk abhout it if she wants, all the woman i knew who went thru it, have talked about it.. why cant beyonce? if it was a promo for her doc she wouldve put her misscarriage in the trailer to draw in views, but she didnt! u have no idea what ur talking about and u and all the other wasps needs to be buzz away!

  7. 7

    Re: MizzBooBoo – I am not a hater. I am just a skeptic. Here is what I think of Beyonce. I think she is beautiful, a very hard worker, a talented performer, and a good singer. I also think she is over-rated. And I, like a lot of people, simply don't buy into her publicity machine.

  8. 8

    Re: rosebud99 – Very well said. And no doubt the irony of MizzBooBoo calling those who disagree with her opinion a "hater" while she screams at those who do to "SHUT THE FUCK UP" will certainly be lost on her. She'll grow out of her tantrums eventually.

  9. 9

    Re: MizzBooBoo
    Re your quote: "ITS HER LIFE! she didnt have to do this documetery at all, but she wanted us to get more of a sense of who she really was.."
    Yep, she didn't have to do it at all. She put the documentary out because she's been catching flak lately; questions about her pregnancy, questions about her ethics, (Pepsi) and questions about her relationship with JayZ.
    If she was such a secure woman, happy with her home life… why make it public? Why such a strong need to prove everyone wrong? Bitching about having no privacy, and then splattering your face, name & "image" everywhere, is hypocritical.

    Re: "shes not gonna show the worlds something she doesnt want the world to see.."
    Beyonce and her publicist made papers & magazines REMOVE various pictures of her performance at the Super Bowl because she found them "unflattering." She is extremely VAIN, only concerned with promoting an IMAGE of herself, and not her real self. This documentary is a weak attempt to make her appear like a "regular chick."
    (I'm guessing even the shots without makeup were "approved" by her first.)

    Re: "…ur just a hater pont blank.. ur opinion is invalid."
    People are ALLOWED to dislike other people, and comment on their actions.
    You cannot decree someone else's OPINION as invalid simply because you DISAGREE WITH THEM.

  10. sabra says – reply to this


    i have no complaints, it was a good documentary, i just wanted to ask all of the reveals regarding her views on woman-hood and sisterhood how she appreciates women and how she loves her family i saw no PDA with her own Sister Solange i thought i missed it because i left to get water or something, but during her family gatherings, her photos and videos of family i never saw her Sister? is it just me?

  11. sabra says – reply to this


    Hi Perez i wanted to say Beyonce's documentary was nice i enjoyed watching a hard working entertainer whether she did alot of staging or pre-canned comments is not the point to me. It was a glimpse into what she does which alot of us don't have the talent or energy to do. I was really kinda suspicious about one thing and one thing only she never mentioned Latoya Luckett former DC member which i expected because there was a falling out amongst the women. However, She had alot of home pictures, home video, and not alot of conversation or PDA moments with her own sister. I mean she shows you she hobb knobbs, with the entertainment elite, how she loves her Dad whom she is possibly not so estranged from, she gives honor to her Mom on stage, she talks endlessly about how the devotion and loyalty to women is paramount but she is not seen in any scenes with her own sibling. I JUST DON'T GET IT. Hey PH i have had some serious fights with my Sister Jan where we didn't speak for eons, but we grew up forgave and kept it moving. How can you talk about women loving each other and being equal in the music or any profession when she forgets to mention how much she loves her own Sister? just saying.

  12. GetaLife says – reply to this


    This is funny - she opens up and it's not enough or it's just for publicity. Who in the public eye that has not been caught doing something illegal opens up for "no reason"? Who are these people who just open up because they cannot keep from sharing? Please don't mention any reality celebs, politicians, athletes, etc. Once you eliminate all of those people who is left that you would actually tune in to hear or read about? I think "it's just for publicity" is an invalid reason for critique - so what if it is? What if she is sharing just for the reason she stated. Are some people (her fans, miscellaneous women who do feel isolated in their situation) going to be positively impacted by having someone whose life appears to be perfect come out and say that they have experienced the same pain? I think so. Who does it hurt? No one. Being cynical does not make your ascertions correct. Sometimes it is what it appears to be. Given the fact that you don't know her or any of the people close to her it's really just your guess or "wish" that everything that she does is for personal gain. Beyonce does control what others see - who doesn't? I do because my private life is my business unless I choose to tell someone else. Why would Beyonce or any celebrity be any different. That was the point of the doc. They are not different. They are basically the same with cooler jobs and higher pay and in some cases less freedom because of it.

  13. Exhausted says – reply to this


    People will never be satisfied. If she stays private, people complain that she's too private and the rumors must be true. If she speaks out, then she's self-promoting and insecure. She has some of the strongest work ethic in the industry. Any idiot can see that. We all learned in school that if you work hard and stick with it, you can get anything you want. She continuously works hard, so she's getting what she deserves. Those who aren't happy about it should perhaps focus on themselves a bit more, work hard, and stick with it. Then when their dreams come true, anonymous haters can blog about them. Take a chair and a muzzle, and sit the eff down and shut it.

  14. Melissa Sanders says – reply to this


    I just had a miscarriage and told a couple of close friends. It seems like a taboo subject. I had no idea my friends had miscarriages. It is just not talked about and I wonder why. I think it is great that Beyonce wrote a song. She is an artist and it was probably her way of coping. Quit judging people because they didnt handle their loss the way you handled yours. People have been dying since the beginning of time. Should people not write songs or poems??