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Rihanna's Dad: Chris Brown Deserves A Second Chance

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Chris Brown and Rihanna's relationship is NOT cool according to many a man and woman these days.

But the second most important man in Rihanna's life - her father - has told the media that he forgives Brown for attacking his daughter in the past.

Here's what Ronald Fenty said:

"Chris made a mistake… a terrible one. But I'm a great believer that everybody deserves a second chance and Chris is no different. Everybody goes wrong at some point. I certainly have. But it is how you come back and live your life which is important. And as long as she is happy then so am I. Everybody has had their say about her and Chris but it is up to her to find her own way. Chris has always been polite and kind to me and treated me with respect. That's all you can ask from your daughter's boyfriend."


We're pretty certain there's more you can ask from a daughter's boyfriend, but it is true that Rihanna made this decision all on her own.

The father can't fight the inevitable, and it's better to forgive, we guess, than to lose contact with your daughter forever!

[Image via WENN.]

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17 comments to “Rihanna's Dad: Chris Brown Deserves A Second Chance”

  1. NopeNopeNope says – reply to this


    "Chris has always been polite and kind to me and treated me with respect. That's all you can ask from your daughter's boyfriend."

    I dunno. I think it's pretty fair to ask that they not bash your daughter's face.

  2. 2

    it is a sad fact that the more they are seen together the more record sales they have

  3. abrinsley says – reply to this


    Not surprising, since he too is a woman-beater. Rihanna has talked about the abuse in her household multiple times.

  4. 4

    Nope. I don't think i could say that about someone who abused my kid.

  5. 5

    This comes from a man who has 6 kids from 3 women, who beat his wife and who was addicted to crack, alcohol, and marijuana. Pardon me if I don't rush out to take morality, advice or parenting tips from him.

  6. 6

    The man beats his girlfriend, throws a chair through a window and takes off his shirt running down the streets of New York, gets into brawls with Drake and Frank Ocean … and these are the things that we KNOW of. Class act. Sure, give him more chances.

  7. 7

    And HERE is your answer to WHY RIHANNA IS WITH CHRIS BROWN?
    I always thought was something do with her childhood. I bet you she was beaten by her dad too. It always comes back to your relationship with your father.

  8. Bobsyerunkle says – reply to this


    Can't let that gravytrain get away, can we papa?

  9. Amy says – reply to this


    This is the last thing I would have thought would come out of a father's mouth. I'm sorry, but practically killing your daughter is not just a mistake. He deserves a second chance, but not with your daughter! And yes, you can expect much more from your daughter's boyfriend. But here's the honest truth: among certain communities, domestic violence is commonplace and is seen as forgivable. So sad, I hope she sees the light.

  10. Jenn says – reply to this


    So now we know why she thinks it is alright for a man to beat her….her dad thinks it is a-okay.

    I still think that Rihanna is bat shit crazy and messed up in the head, these types of posts just make it even more believable since she came from a father who seems equally as crazy.

  11. RainbowBrite says – reply to this


    The thing that gets me is…there is no way that the "grammy incident" was an isolated incident. He has all the signs of someone who is abusive, controlling, and has a terrible temper. Maybe he should be forgiven for the accident, maybe we should appoint cats leaders of the world. You can forgive an abusive ex, doesn't mean you need to be in a relationship with them. She even made a music video of their toxic relationship. The sad thing is, there are some idiotic people who idolize these two and their whirlwind "romance". People who are giving abusive people second chances instead of stepping aside and letting them fix their issues. Chris Brown has NOT fixed his issues yet. But its obvious Rhianna is into being submissive. That necklace he got her, is no different than a sub collar. It's showing ownership.

  12. 12

    Re: RainbowBrite – That's what I don't get either! The level of violence in the Grammy incident makes it quite clear that wasn't the first time he laid a hand on her. He has clear anger issues he hasn't dealt with and it just means that she's living in wait of another blow up.

  13. 13

    And worst dad of the year award goes to… no really, he might be worst than Papa Lohan.

  14. 14

    It's good to point out that he used to beat up Rihanna's mother in front of her so his opinion may not be the best

  15. Th says – reply to this



  16. whatever says – reply to this


    First of all none of us know what really happen but Chris and Rihanna.'s family and very close friends and none of us r one of them . Second mine your own dam business and take care of your daughters and leave he's to him when this happen they were both young so stop riding on this same bull shit when must of u women and men r getting disrespected in some way that's what really pisses me off u all act like shit don't hit your family. The boy was sentence in the court of law and that's the end this story and hate is getting very old

  17. 17

    there is no way my dad would say that if some guy scarred up my face what kind of shit is that …..