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Justin Bieber Sleeps Shirtless With Sibs! So Cute!

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justin bieber sleeping with his sibs

Aww! Poor Justin Bieber is homesick!

The Biebs shared this totes adorable pic of himself and his siblings getting snuggly in a shared bed on Instagram. He said:

"I miss my Lil bro N sis"

That is the sweetest thing we've ever seen! We bet Jazmyn and Jaxon miss u too!

Without all that hotness, how are the little Biebses supposed to keep warm in the Great White North, eh?

[Image via Instagram.]

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20 comments to “Justin Bieber Sleeps Shirtless With Sibs! So Cute!”

  1. 1

    great now hes not only gay but a pedo also….

  2. 2

    this is unbelievably disturbing

  3. dolerl says – reply to this


    What a sick fuck he is!

  4. Ali says – reply to this


    Geeze, next thing we know, he'll be serving up the Jesus-Juice to the kids. Always thought that kid was weird, now I know it's true.

  5. you wish says – reply to this


    Re: Kalenen – really? don't be a douche. He LOVES his siblings. Don't tell me you never shared a bed with your siblings. This is the cutest damn picture I have ever seen.

  6. 6

    Hum… Perez mking it look as if Justin was abusing his siblings.
    He should be sued.

  7. Andreasardinha says – reply to this



  8. Jason says – reply to this


    Please, it's not Justin that's disturbing, it's your creepy innuendos you sick perverted fuck!

  9. 9

    Well they all appear to be naked…if ones a girl that does disturb me. Guess non on them own pajamas…I think after this investing in some might be wise.

  10. Just Saying says – reply to this


    This photo just jumps out wrong. Creepy.

  11. 11

    So due to a false perspective camera illusion it looked like Beiber had grabbed a fans boob and you went apeshit about it. Here he is naked, at least from the waist up, with two pre-teens, one of which you could sa it looks like he has his hand on their crotch area, and it's cute?? Hey, they're siblings and Canada is not the US and perhaps not as screwed up as we are about three in a bed actually sleeping. But your treatment of the aforementioned image versus this image perhaps is more telling about you than Beiber.

  12. Mike says – reply to this


    Re: lastonestanding – exactly

  13. 13

    Cute picture. I wish I had a sibling like him, me and my sister fight like cats an dogs.
    I hate people that say mean thing, he host misses his sibling . I shared a bed with my sister and nothing is wrong, get you nasty minds of the gutter. Leave the boy alone

  14. Brad says – reply to this


    lol, you people are crazy! I'm sure he's not naked under there, their his bro and sis after all. And you can clearly see the brothers legs bent and Justins hand is under them, so there's no crotch grabbing going on you sickos!

  15. JustSaying says – reply to this


    Okay for the Biebs, noy okay for MJ, just saying……

  16. Nancy B says – reply to this


    OMG to freakin cute (ya im Canadian) first off I feel for the lil peanut on the side with no Blanket she is rolled up in a ball poor lil thing…..cute as hell pic tho….Justin…for the haters out there …at least you are a teenager who adores and loves his siblings…kudos kid

  17. Brittany says – reply to this


    Re: Kalenen – You should really shut up! Those are his little brother and sister. You are a pedo just thinking about something like that…

  18. Kylie says – reply to this


    Its you all that are disturbing? Get your heads out of the gutter and see the real picture, he loves his siblings. Jeez.. You all are grown and saying this? Nice example your setting for our youth. Sick people.

  19. Steph says – reply to this


    This isn't disturbing at all. I used to share a bed with my sister all the time. Big deal.

    Also, I'm fucking tired of the stereotypes that Canadians say "eh" all the time. No one I know has ever said "eh" in a conversation.

  20. Selenafan says – reply to this