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Kendra Wilkinson Is In Tears After Swapping Lives With Kate Gosselin On Celebrity Wife Swap!

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kendra wilkinson is in tears after swapping lives with kate gosselin

The grass is NOT always greener on the other side!

Kendra Wilkinson and Kate Gosselin recently swapped lives to star in the reality series, Celebrity Wife Swap, and after the former Playboy model took charge of Gosselin's home — she couldn't believe how hard looking after eight children would be.

Considering that Kendra has a nanny and her hubby, Hank Baskett that help her out a lot, it was quite a struggle for her to keep up with her daily duties in Kate's Pennsylvania home.

Not only did she have to look after the reality star's children, but Miz Wilkinson had to tend to chores and even watch after chickens.

Kendra was in so much distress that she even admitted that she needed a drink, she said:

"I'm in Kate Gosselin's house with her eight kids! Oh my God, Can I open a bottle of wine please. Just because I'm a mom, doesn't mean I'm a dead."

And while she had to do everything and anything for Kate's children, which even included making bread at 5:30 am, she admitted that when she's chilling in her El Lay mansion, her nanny does all the work and she just sits in it. LOLz

Dang, maybe it's time for Kendra to brush up on her domestic skills because what would happen if for some reason she couldn't afford help anymore?!?

One thing's for sure, she wouldn't be able to function correctly — especially after coming clean and saying that her time at Gosselin's crib was "the longest day of her entire life."

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]

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13 comments to “Kendra Wilkinson Is In Tears After Swapping Lives With Kate Gosselin On Celebrity Wife Swap!”

  1. 1

    Should we actually care about a lazy porn star? There isn't any distinction made as to WHY people are famous any longer. People like Kendra used to do porn, then go away. Wish she would.

  2. 2

    Yeah everyone thinks your can't have fun after you have a baby

  3. 3

    Say what you will about Kate Gosselin's personality but she runs her household well, with little help. And I like that she doesn't cave to public opinion of her parenting skills.

  4. 4

    Re: movedtocomment – I am afraid that you are sadly mistaken. She has help. part time laundry pt housekeeper pt this and that. She sent them away when kendra came. kate uses her 8 children as mules and slaves as soon as they walk in the door of the house from school, they are just at at dead run. can you imagine having to do your chores FIRST, then right before bed do your homework. You are suppose to do your homework then chores! She lied about not having me time. She has hired help, no kids all day long and she does nothing but tweet, tan and mani pedi. Kendra cried because she saw how horrible kate forces them to work like dogs. 3 little 7 year old boys take care of feeding 50 yes 50 chickens. The boys have to scoop up chicken S, dog S and anything else S. She hates those boys. There is a book coming out Kate Gosselin, How She Fooled the World. Robert Hoffman has passed lie detector test administered by a huge media giant, can't remember the name. But kate in a rage kicked Jon out of the garage apt. and had her STAFF throw out into the garbage every thing out of the apt. That included hard drives of her journals that she typed in her own words. She beat the children when they were potty training with a big wooden spoon. She demanded that potty training for 6 babies be done with in 5 FREAKING DAYS!

  5. 5

    One of the boys had an accident and she picked him up by his hair of his head at 2 yrs old and threw him into his crib and beat him with the wooden spoon into his crib! She wrote in her journal, if I was going to severely injure one of the kids, TODAY WOULD OF BEEN THE DAY! She is BIPOLAR and refuses to take her meds. SOMEONE RESCUE THE KIDS! Go to abc.com and pull up the manual of their schedule. Heartbreaking!

  6. madiecat says – reply to this


    they are both a joke

  7. 7

    Some people aren't meant to have lots of children, Kate Gosselin is one of them. She can't handle stress, that's why John left, she was always screaming at him!

  8. PM2901 says – reply to this


    I watched that wife-swapping episode. Kendra is self-absorbed and needed this wake-up call. I doubt that she'll take heed though. She likes having a cute kid, but she doesn't want to be a real mother. Kate shed a light on Kendra's cushy life with her enabler husband. Kate had a point of WHY is a 2 1/2 year old spending time away from home at "school" when mom is home laying by the pool, tanning, and drinking wine? Like Kate said, she's missing all of those moments in a toddler's life, and why wouldn't she want to be with her son? Well, it's because she just doesn't get it! Her son is a prop. Hank, Sr. is a single parent. Kendra takes her charmed life for granted.

  9. 9

    Kendra don't cry over that bitch. she had all those kids to make money, thats been well documented. ask those kids if they would rather have a loving mom or a drill sargent. never could stand kate gosselin and its no wonder even Jon left her. Bet her kids leave the MINUTE they can.

  10. Deb says – reply to this


    Re: lukebanditchip – you're mental…… she busts her ass. And she is in charge of the house, not the children. It's pathetic how most kids these days are in charge and whine and moan and get everything they're little hearts' desire

  11. deb says – reply to this


    Re: shaygirl1309 – Really? She said hey… I'm gonna have 8 kids and then after they're born, I'm going to have a TV and be rich and famous. LOL…. you're mental

  12. rain says – reply to this


    Re: PM2901 – well said!

  13. Kasey says – reply to this


    I would rather have a drill sargent than a high priced hooker for a mother any day. Atleast I would not be ashamed to be associated with her. Can you imagine growing up and someone asking you if it was true that your mom used to live with a old f***** because he had money?