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Rihanna Reveals That She 'Will Have A Child' In Elle UK!

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rihanna covers elle uk

OMG!! Are little Rih Rihs coming soon?!?

Rihanna scored THREE fronts with Elle UK's April issue, and while we cannot stop staring at her AH-MAYZING outfits… there was one more thing that caught our eyes — her interest in having a baybay!!!!

The diva's caption on one of her covers read:

"I will have a child."

There's really no other explanation for that quote aside from that she's probably getting ready to make a baby with her on and off again boyfriend, Chris Brown.

Hmm, if that is true, then we cannot wait to see the Barbadian goddess with a bump!

Plus, Rih's and Breezy's child would be so friggin' beautiful!!!

Don't U agree?!?

[Image courtesy of Elle UK.]

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18 comments to “Rihanna Reveals That She 'Will Have A Child' In Elle UK!”

  1. 1

    she has a lot of growing up to do first.

  2. Zoe says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – I completely agree.

  3. Nope says – reply to this


    Nope, a guy who beats women shouldn't be allowed to breed let alone raise a kid. Not a safe enviroment to grow up in.

  4. Nope says – reply to this


    not only he beats women, he has no cualms in beating everyone. He has anger issues. I'm sorry, that guy should be in prison not "taking care" of a kid.

  5. 5

    Poor thing is so delusional….Chris is going to KILL HER and then himself….NO BABY!

  6. a-dwg says – reply to this


    The unhealthiest way of "keeping a relationship together." That child's life will be doomed, as beautiful as Rihanna would look preggers.

  7. Deb says – reply to this


    If she plans to have a child with Chris. She should think again. He beat on her before she was pregnant. What would he do when she's pregnant. And is he allowed in the UK?

  8. 8

    I can't imagine she would have a kid now! She seems to be having too much fun-wait until you are at least 30!

  9. uni says – reply to this


    a child would calm both of these attention whores down.

  10. meg says – reply to this


    It's been years since that indecent has he beat another woman since?? No? So let's move on

  11. 11

    I really hope he gets her pregnant, she'll be stuck to him for life and that's what she apparently wants…..typically when abusive men become fathers, they tend to become far more aggressive as they feel that they really "OWN" their partner since they had their child. Riri, you're gonna look back one day and regret the hell out of the decisions you're making now, i just hope you are at least ALIVE to be able to have those regrets.

  12. 12

    Re: Nope – I agree…I used to live upstairs from an ape that beat his pregnant girlfriend no matter how many times we called the cops on him. She would deny everything to protect him and it continued even after she had her baby. We could hear him yelling at her to shut the baby up and then the sounds of her bouncing off every wall. It was only when social services was called that the cops arrested him. It looks like Ri's in for the same treatment.

  13. Eugene Kingston says – reply to this


    U guys r friggin unbelievable…don't u make mistakes? Just get over the abuse shit coz its done and he's sorry about it. Gawwwd!

  14. SuzyQ says – reply to this


    Re: megRe: Eugene Kingston – Wauw you are absolutly right, and we should extend that attitude to rapists to. As lng as they are sorry, everything is forgiven, good point babe!

  15. SuzyQ says – reply to this


    Re: meg – Because we all know, that woman that get beaten, publicise it to the world, therefore if it isn't in the papers, then Chris Brown didn't beat anyone else. Of cause one could point out, that the attack on Rihanna was so violent, that not just anybody would have done it to that extend, and that only a a person used to beating up people, would use that kind of violence. Wich is proven by that fact, that that wasn't the first time he had hit Rihanna.

  16. 16

    Re: Nope – …I totally agree. He fights at the drop of a hat, even when he is totally in the wrong! Look how he acted to frank ocean, and then at the grammy's the whole audience gave Frank Ocean a standing ovation on his win, and Chris stayed seated sulking! OMG! Grow the hell up, already! Definitely NOT father material, he needs to grow up a lot first! He needs to come a man.

  17. al says – reply to this


    Let it go guys! Not your life…. they seem happy & that's all that matters.

  18. Just Saying says – reply to this


    Re: anunsolvedpuzzle4life – Chris did applaud even though he did not stand, he was not the only one who didn't stand Miguel did not stand either, I don't hear anybody bashing him. I am not a fan but would you stand if FO lied and said CB had jump him, the studio video tape proved that CB did not start the fight nor did he jump FO, reason why charges were not pressed. FO entourage were the ones who started the fight.