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The Linzer Family Creates A Bucket List For Dying 9-Month-Old Baby

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family creates bucket list for dying 9 month old baby

This is so sadsies.

9-month-old Quinn Linzer suffers from Neimann-Pick Disease Type A, which affects metabolism and causes the brain and body to regress. While the Linzers can't do anything about the disease, Quinn's doctor told them to go home and love their baby because she may not even make it past her first birthday.

With that unfortunate news hanging over their head, the Long Island family decided to create a bucket list for their baby girl, so she can enjoy some fun activities while she's still with them.

So far, the Linzers want to take baby Quinn to to the New York Plaza Hotel to have tea, FAO Schwarz and take a trip to Disney.

The gorgeous family has put together multiple fundraisers in hopes to raise some quick cash to be able to complete their list before it's too late.

Mother to the baby girl, Eileen Linzer even has a blog that illustrates everything that she and her family have done with Quinn.

Ch-ch-check out the clip (below) for more deets on Quinn's unfortunate disease!

[Image courtesy of Eileen Linzer's Blog.]

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28 comments to “The Linzer Family Creates A Bucket List For Dying 9-Month-Old Baby”

  1. smcc says – reply to this


    Sadsies? Real appropriate, jerks.

  2. 2

    These people are pathetic opportunists. This is about the money they can generate, it's not about a baby who won't know what's going on around her. This is about getting cash so THEY can do fun things. WTF does a BABY know about Disney? These two should be beaten almost to death for running a selfish con like this. Assholes.

  3. uni says – reply to this


    sadsies? perez(or writers) grow up and have respect. this is heartbreaking :(

  4. dddff says – reply to this


    Sadsies? Please stop with the stupid made up words. These people are so selfish. This is all about them.

  5. fu says – reply to this


    Re: Pansy Hunter


  6. Allison H. says – reply to this


    Re: Pansy Hunter – You have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what you are talking about. This feature is incorrect- they had nothing to do with any of the fundraisers, everything was done by their family and friends who love them very, very much. They are the furthest thing from 'pathetic opportunists' and it turns my stomach that they will read such filth. Read their blog for the full story at teamlinzer.com.

  7. WOWJUSTSIMPLY WOW says – reply to this


    I cant believe that people have so many negative things to say about a family facing the death of a child.

    How dare you!

    What a miserable bunch of human beings you all are. Yet it's the Linzers who must experience the pain of loosing their child. They dont deserve that! You all do!

  8. Denise says – reply to this


    This is not the whole story. Please go read their blog & you will understand better. They are a wonderful family trying to raise awareness for NPA. The would also like to give Quinn a lifetime of experiences in a short time (pending her health, which comes first), including special things that their young boys will also remember doing with their sister and as a WHOLE family. The list includes LOVE, a sleepover, being kissed by a butterfly, jump in leaves, watch a sunrise… I believe the list was suggested by family & friends. They do not ask for anything. People out of the goodness of their hearts have donated to them, but not by their request. Please think before you judge this family. They are going through enough, they do not need any negativity. Many prayers for the Linzer family!

  9. angela says – reply to this


    I would spend more time with my baby just family and friends. I wouldn't bother with disney because the baby don't know whats going on and certainly it would distract away from the baby. It seems to benefit more for their other children than the actual baby. I'm sorry but I would not do that if my baby were dying.

  10. holly says – reply to this


    Obviously I feel for the family, and it's heartbreaking to lose a child but a 9 month old is too young understand where she is and what they are doing. Instead of spending time traveling all over doing these things, they should just let enjoy the time with family and friends and let her have fun in less hectic environments.

  11. BigBadBeth says – reply to this


    Eileen and Brett Linzer are amazing people. They made Quinn's list so that Quinn could lead a wonderFULL life as never asked anyone for anything. They were planning to do things on Quinn's list themselves Any money has been donated because people love and care about them and their family. Anyone who thinks they have the right to say ANYTHING negative about them should really mind their business. It's easy to make comments from behind a computer screen. I never realized how heartless some people could be. The Linzer Family deserves support not scrutiny during this hard time.

  12. Jen says – reply to this


    Re: Pansy Hunter – Pansy Hunter, what a hateful, nasty troll you are! Have you lost a child the way they will lose theirs? If not, shut up! This mother wrote on her blog about how hurtful people like you are and it makes me sick that she may read your comments and feel more pain because of your IGNORANCE of the situation. God bless this family and that sweet baby. I can't imagine.

  13. susanne vanzijl says – reply to this


    wow. sadsies? are you serious? this is your thoughtful response to child having 9 months to live?

  14. maggs says – reply to this


    i think what they're trying to do is honorable (making memories as a family). coming from a family with a special needs child - this is great! & hard to accomplish. when we recvd the news that our baby wasn't "perfect" it's hard to take - i wanted to lay down & die a little bit because you feel like all of your hopes & dreams for the child are gone.. eventually you pull yourself together & go on. at least they're trying to make the best of the short time they'll have with her.

  15. Stacey says – reply to this


    Perez, please correct this, they did no put together the fundraisers for themselves or ask or any handouts. Mom addresses this on her blog…

  16. READER says – reply to this



  17. EC says – reply to this


    Please take this down. they aren't celebrities. This story isn't accurate and the story and comments below are hateful. Do some research.

  18. Shell says – reply to this


    Re: EC – 100% agree

  19. 19

    Re: Pansy Hunter – Beaten almost to death? Really? For wanting to make memories for their FAMILY which includes two little boys? For the record, the family has asked for NOTHING. Generous friends, family and strangers have offered money and time and organized funds for them.

    A "selfish con"? Their baby is going to die. Or maybe you doubt that as well.

    Congratulations. You're managed to write the most pathetic, nasty comment I've read about this family. You're the asshole, not them.

  20. EM says – reply to this


    Some of the comments on here are disgusting. It's sad that some people have nothing better to do than be trolls and attention seekers on the back of a story about a poor baby's suffering.

    "Sadsies"? "Raise some quick cash?" Seriously???? Read the blog. These people never once asked for money from anyone.

  21. 21

    This is an amazing family going through a very difficult time.

    Perez, you are now a father. I can't believe you would put a word "sadsies" at the top of post, now knowing what a parent feels. You should be ashamed. And you should remove this article.

    These people are NOT celebrities, but real people trying to make a little girl happy for the one year she will have on this earth. They are trying to make memories for their boys who can remember their sister after she is gone.

    This article was written WITHOUT the families knowledge. Nor their permission. It was also written in a way that doe not ACTUALLY reflect the REAL story. They have not asked for money. They are not trying to raise "quick cash". It's simply not true. The person who wrote the article should be ashamed.

    And don't forget. Anyone can hide behind a computer and say anything at all. So these hurtful nasty comments should be ignored. Any idiot can say whatever vile offensive thing they can think up. I feel pity for them that they have nothing better to do than to attack a family who doesn't care Bout what anyone has to say.

    The article is misleading. The article is not 100% factual. The reporter did not check the facts, nor did they report the REAL story. They should be ashamed.

    But you Perez. You are a father now. You know. Remove this story and appoligise

    the only good to come out of this Is people will j

  22. KrH says – reply to this


    I would hope people do more research before posting ignorant and negative comments. It saddens me that people are scrutinized for loving their daughter and giving her a full life rather than sitting home each day watching her health decline. Please grow up and educate yourself.

  23. unbelievable says – reply to this


    Why can't everybody leave them alone? There is absolutely nothing they can do to help their child. They didn't ask anybody for money-not sure why everyone is running this story. I can't imagine knowing your child is going to die within a year or two. Even more unimaginable is having to explain that to two other young children. If this bucket list helps the family get through it– let it. Most of the things on the list don't cost anything. The comments here are disgusting.

  24. Deirdre says – reply to this


    The "Bucket List" for their daughter includes Jumping in the leaves, dancing with daddy, and having a sleepover. It was started because they wanted to give their beautiful daughter a full, vibrant life for the brief time she is alive. They asked friends and family to suggest things that every child should experience. . . and the list is full of the simple joys of childhood. They have NEVER asked for money to fund anything. Their friends and families organized a fundraiser to raise money for this devastating disease. These are parents who are going through the worst thing I can imagine. All they want to do is raise awareness and love their daughter. The people.com article is inaccurate and was written without any consent of the Linzers. Go to their blog to read their story. God bless them.

  25. Anon says – reply to this


    Re: Pansy Hunter – YOU are an asshole.

  26. RickOG says – reply to this


    I originally thought that ignoring this was the way to go. I can't sit by and allow some useless miserable bastards to Continue to spread this garbage. My Sister and Brother in law are 2 of the most incredible people I know. There were not "multiple" fundraisers. There was 1 and many things that were done for that 1. Myself and my Brothers and Sister along with other family and friends ran it on our own. The Linzers asked for nothing. We choose not to sit by and do nothing while my 9 month old niece slips away from us. If we can help them have a few moments of happiness during the hell that they are going through, mission accomplished. I will not post anything after this bc I will not get into a cyber war of words with a few Internet trolls, doing so would dishonor my niece. Get a life. One ore thing. To the animal who stated that he would like someone to beat my sister almost to death, I will be turning over every rock that u may be living under, looking for you. As far As I am concerned you have used the Internet to make a threat. I will be doing all possible to ID your IP addressing take appropriate action. Quinn's Uncle.

  27. Mel Ro says – reply to this


    Re: Pansy Hunter

    Pansy Hunter your comments are nothing short of stupid and heartless. Please crawl back under whatever hole you came from. YOU are the PATHETIC ASSHOLE!!

    The Linzer family are going through the unimaginable right now. Their beautiful baby girl is fighting for her LIFE! I have been and will continue to pray for the Linzer family each and every single day, and may God bless ALL of baby Quinn's family, extended family and friends!!

  28. Angel says – reply to this


    This poor baby has passed. She was so lucky to have such loving amazing people in her life. Rest in peace Angel Quinn. You changed the lives of so many without even knowing you. To the Linzer family I am so sorry for your loss. I will continue to pray for you all.