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World’s Most Embarrassing Mom Has Peruvian Government Hunt Down Her Son!

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It is only because she cares!

A mom used her social media powers to have the Peruvian government launch a full scale investigation into her son's whereabouts.

She used her mother powers after her 25-year-old son Garrett Hand and his 25-year-old girlfriend Jamie Neal went on vacation in Peru. When the mother didn't hear from her son - she freaked out.

But Peru realized the mother was worrying for no reason. The government released a statement that said:

"These two young people have fallen in love with Peru. They have visited off-the-beaten-path places and it seems like they're having a blast — so much so that they have forgotten to communicate with their families."

But this was NOT good enough for the mom who wrote on Facebook:

"Let me reiterate, until we have PROOF OF LIFE, we cannot celebrate these rumors and sightings. Proof of life is my son's voice on the phone and a picture of him holding the missing poster."

Wow. Really?

The government finally found the couple and brought them to an army base where they took the picture (above).

That was good enough for mommy who wrote:

"I am so happy today that my son is well. Now our family will have to process all of this, and I think this will take some time. I can't wait to see Garrett and Jamie walking off the plane and into my arms."

Can't knock a mother for worrying.

That's literally their job, ha!

See more pictures of the couple (below) !!!

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[Image via Facebook.]

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16 comments to “World’s Most Embarrassing Mom Has Peruvian Government Hunt Down Her Son!”

  1. Er says – reply to this


    What you didn't report is that the couple didn't contact anyone for a month. If I went on vacation and didn't call or email anyone for four weeks, without even a warning like "I'm going to be in rural areas so don't expect to hear from me for a couple of weeks," you can bet my Mom would contact the US consulate in Peru too. I hope that guy realizes he's lucky to have a Mom who loves him and never does that to her again.

  2. 2

    WTF MAN!!! Contact your mom! And why is she embarrassing? You're a dad now. How would you feel if your son went 'missing' like this with no warning?

  3. tempe says – reply to this


    And you wonder f Perez will make a good parent ?

  4. free says – reply to this


    Re: trinigirl123 – My thoughts exactly!

  5. Stephanie says – reply to this


    'Wow. Really?' That's not embarrassing. She did what any parent who has gotten no word at all from her son in 4 weeks would do. She was worried he was probably dead.

  6. hobochic1009 says – reply to this


    OMG!!! They did it for ATTENTION!!!! Now they will get their OWN show!!!!! JERK"S>>> They just want to be on the TODAY show!!!!! Jerk's………I have NO respect!!!

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    Pretty irresponsible of them not to keep in reasonable contact, considering. A friend's son is in South America with his girlfriend, and they talk to their parents live every day or two using an ipad. I don't blame the mom.

  8. shutupandgetinthecar says – reply to this


    I hope she gets killed by the peruvian government for wasting their fucking time looking for a redneck no one gives a fuck about. Dumbass bitch.

  9. Claudia says – reply to this


    Cudos to the Peruvian government! Te amo Peru.

  10. meth user says – reply to this


    If you were my son and were missing, I would put your face on the side of a homo milk carton.

  11. 11

    Re: Er – I agree with you, I almost always travel unplugged (no cell, wifi, etc.) but have never gone for more than 3 weeks. If my family was still alive (only my sister is left) I would have let them know ahead of time.

  12. elen says – reply to this


    Wow. to you for posting such a dumb caption. I wonder how your mom would handle you not calling her for a month while you are in a diffrent country.

  13. sebastian says – reply to this



    gringos fuckers, don't come to Lima if you gonna speak shit like this woman.

    even the embassy said that some people could be kidnapped. PERU IS NOT COLOMBIA BABES. it's way more flawless.

  14. highfive says – reply to this


    My husband and I are in our 20s and when we go on vacation, we purposely do not communicate with our extended families so we can enjoy our time together and relax. I can see my husband's mother doing this, which is precisely why we never tell her when we're traveling (or anything really) because she's a psycho. Being a parent doesn't mean you have a right to know what your adult child is doing 24/7. I bet there's a reason these two didn't tell crazy mommy where they were.

  15. anon13 says – reply to this


    Re: highfive – Agreed, highfive. If I leave the country, I turn off my phone and do no make contact with the outside world until I come back. He went to Peru. There isn't a Starbucks on every corner that has free Wi-Fi. Let the guy unplug and enjoy his time with his girlfriend.

  16. The Wanderer says – reply to this


    Extremely irresponsible of those kids. That show, Locked Up Abroad should be renamed to
    'How To Be Stupid And Waste Years Of Your Life."
    If these kids want to travel or go abroad, they should research all of the laws and rules. Those idiots will never get those years back and those countries can be really scary.