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32 comments to “Carly Rae Jepsen Pulls Out Of Boy Scouts Concert Because They Don't Support Gay Rights!!”

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  2. thebigboot says – reply to this


    So much for equality for all. You preach it, but when any one disagrees with you, have no problem bullying them for their beliefs. Carly Rae Jepsen is a bully too, punishing them because they have a belief.

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    Re: thebigboot – Refusing to support an organization with discriminatory policies is hardly bullying - it is the opposite!

  4. thebigboot says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – How so? They're being punished for what they believe in. It's bullying to keep gays out of boy scouts but it's ok to punish them for it?

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    I agree with "thebigboot" it is funny how it is ok to have beliefs that same sex relationships is ok, but don't you dare believe otherwise. And if you do, then you are the devil! It is just rediculous! The organization should be able to believe whatever they want and their beliefs be respected. the appropriate thing to do would be for the gay community to say, "We disagree with your beliefs but respect your decision"! Start up another type of "scouts" organization if you want to join. Allow anbody to join, but don't bash a respected organization like the Boy Scouts.

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    Re: rosebud99 – How so? It is similar to artists who refused to perform in South Africa during their apartheid years. Apartheid was something the South African government believed it - were people who disagreed with them and refused to go there because of that bullies? I don't think so. I realize that is an extreme comparison, but it is the same premise. The Boy Scouts are entitled to their beliefs, but they cannot expect people who disagree with them to support them.

  7. Tolly_tee says – reply to this


    Boy Scouts are most likely going to change their policy and allow openly gay people to join in the next few months. This is probably going to be the final push that gets them there. So it's not really about them having morals or beliefs, it's just politics and whoever they are pandering to for support.

  8. Kathleen says – reply to this


    Discriminating against something that has a biological basis which causes no harm to others is hardly respectable. I wouldn't call homophobia a belief which is to be respected. This is why racial discrimination and homophobia are considered to be the same idea.

  9. dude says – reply to this


    Re: thebigboot – So stars should cave in for their beliefs because it's wrong to deny the boy scouts "Call Me Maybe"? For an organization that's so anti-gay it's funny they chose a performer who's target demo is gays and girls. I'd hardly saying not performing is "punishing" or "bullying" them. If you want to bully gays, don't expect to find much support from the entertainment world. That industry was built by gays.

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    Good for her for taking a stand.

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    another pop asshole jumping on the "lets make noise" bandwagon only to get her fucking worthless name in the media. talentless piece of shit.

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    Re: Snowbird1964 – taking a stand MY ASS. She was happy to contract to take their money for a crappy performance. If she " pulled out" , that means at some time she agreed to be there and did not have a problem with their program. She is a fucking hypocrit. It was OK on friday, but it's not OK on tuesday, give me a fucking break.,

  13. Tolly_tee says – reply to this


    Re: raypearson
    Yeah, I somewhat agree with you here. It's not like their stance on the issue is any different from when she agreed to do it. If it's a problem for her why not say no in the first place? Oh right, because that wouldn't make a news story.

  14. irvinegirl says – reply to this


    If gays are going to act like a girl, then they're going to be treated like a girl. It's the BOY Scouts and thus should only include boys. Gays should join the girl scouts and lesbians should join the boys scouts. There, problem solved.

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    A famous lesbian once wrote an interesting article about tolerance. More or less she stated that she didn't really expect that gays would be totally accepted by all walks of life, ever. Then she followed this by the observation that acceptance wasn't what she was looking for. She doesn't care if others don't approve of her relationships, and felt that people were entitled to their opinions. They would more than likely always hold true to those opinions anyway. What she felt was important was the lesson of tolerance. As a society, it is not uncommon to be among people we disagree with, or for some reason or another dislike. That however does not give you the right to mistreat them without due cause, or have your opinions render them 2nd class citizens, who suffer because of your ill feelings. In civilized culture people don't make it their ambition to mistreat others for spite or just to feel superior to them. Personally I believe Ms. Jepsen has the right to do as she wishes. My only issue with her is that her decision is effecting children. Standing up for what you believe in is great, but I don't like kids being disappointed as a result.

  16. Jeffrey Hansen says – reply to this


    I think bailing on boy scouts was lame. The boy scouts have been through a beating over the years. you should know your history before forcing your hand. the boy scouts have been in the past protected from pedifiles with there gay rights protection laws. do you want your child molested by an adult? that is why their rules are so strict to protect the inosent. you should correct your actions and perform more from them, but I know you will not. open mind open heart and protect our youths inosence! Rgards, Jeffrey HAnsen

  17. 17

    Re: Jeffrey Hansen – Mr. Hansen you seem to be under the illusion that all gay men are pedophiles. While there are certain to be some in the gay community, the ratio of pedophile gay me to non pedophile gay men is about the same as pedophile straight men to non pedophile straight men. By your logic of protecting the boys from pedophiles, would make it seem also true that little girls should not be allowed anywhere near straight men.

  18. Steff says – reply to this


    Re: irvinegirl – This is the type of close-minded thinking that makes me sick to my stomach. Because all gay people act like the opposite sex, right? I know plenty of gay men that are more masculine than most of my straight male friends. I also know plenty of lesbians that are feminine. Not to mention straight men that are feminine and straight women that are tomboys or even just masculine. People are people, and how they act, dress, look, and love should not be a factor of their acceptance into our society or any organization. Organizations based on or in favor of promoting hatred and discrimination should not exist.

  19. 19

    NO, I don't agree, you stupid homo. The BSA has the RIGHT to reject homosexuality. I support the organization's right to protect boys from butt-dart loving, moral failures like YOU. Jepsen is an asshole, and the pheggs from Train can fuck off; I'll support the BSA by not buying their shit music. You say you don't approve of bullying, but then you do it and back those who do if it's one of your glitter causes, you hypocritical ass clown.
    Re: rosebud99 – Wrong, you dumb whore. It's retards like you who are too stupid to see that you're more guilty of the hate you accuse others of. You need to have your fucking mouth punched several times a day until you learn to shut the fuck up. Liberals like you have fucked this country up to no end; people like you should never have been born. Stupid whore.

  20. 20

    Re: Steff – You need the same treatment that rosebud99 asshole should have. Mindless liberal sheep like you make ME sick to MY stomach. If you're so fucking tolerant, you dumb bitch, why are you so intolerant of those who don't agree with you? You're a low-minded dumbass. Please eliminate yourself from humanity pronto. Hypocrite.

  21. Mrs_Bathscum says – reply to this


    Re: thebigboot – but it's ok for the boy scouts to push a belief that damages hurts and isolates other children?? You say no to the aggressor.. the aggressor is the BSA.. if they want her they respect her beliefs and that's no to discrimination. You can't have it all your own warped way.

  22. 22

    Re: Pansy Hunter – There's an awful lot of hatred in your remarks. Spewing vile insults and barbs, does your argument a big injustice. I'm not saying you are a fool, but you are using the language of one. Arguments are won with reason, not by insults. If you can't use reasoning and better language to communicate better than that, it reflects poorly on you. If you want to defend the Boy Scouts, be my guest, just talk intelligently.

  23. Samuel says – reply to this


    Who cares? I applaud the Boy Scouts for sticking to what they believe in and not letting one-hit-wonders tell them what to do. Besides, shouldn't scouts be, oh I don't know, CAMPING instead of seeing D-list pop stars perform?!

  24. Samuel says – reply to this


    Could you be any more biased? Being rude to people who have different beliefs than you is called INTOLERANCE. There is NO physical proof that gay people are "born that way." Plain and simple: homosexuals choose to be gay. Not all, but many only do it for attention.

  25. MAry says – reply to this


    oh my gosh, you all throw around that Bully word like crazy. Its almost lost it's meaning.

  26. 26

    That unamerican bitch!

  27. Bill says – reply to this


    Re: raypearson – Not everyone knows all of the policies of every organization they might peform for. She is a young. Seems when she found out they have such bigoted policies, she decided not to support the event. Good for her. Incidentally, the way you present yourself, it is probably a compliment to her that you think she is a piece of shit.

  28. Terry says – reply to this


    "In Jakarta lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgendered, and transsexual are legally labeled as "cacat" or mentally handicapped and are therefore not protected under the law. In fact Carly Rae as a concert scheduled for Jakarta on May 27, 2013."

    Think she will cancel that one?

    BTW, Train also pulled out of the BSA concert. They have performed in the UAE, Singapore, and Indonesia. Check out their record on "gay rights" and tell me how Train justified performing there if they are following their conscience.

  29. Gary Hall says – reply to this


    The Sad History of the boy Scouts is all the Pedophiles they let in years ago ,,and tried to hide the abuses ..Being Gay is not a Pedophile the boy scouts of America and Canada have to learn to separate the 2 ….Way to go Carly ,..!!!!

  30. Terry says – reply to this


    Re: Gary Hall – Pedophiles weren't "let in" the Boy Scouts any more than a robber is "let in" a house. I personally think BSA should leave it up to the units but I don't fault them for taking a moral stand. I also won't fault Carly Rae for her stand as long as she cancels her upcoming concert in Jakarta because of gay rights violations that occur there. If she does not cancel, she is just another hypocrite.

  31. 31

    Re: Terry – I think you probably have best plan. The BSA gets bashed a lot for the stand on gays, buy you have to understand they can't just change the policy across the board since a significant number of troops are sponsored by churches. Say what you will about the church's beliefs, but they do have a right to them and they have a right to not have a policy pushed on them. The best solution to me is to just let each troop create their own charter on the issue and if you want to join you know that's part of the deal. It's not going to be perfect because there are going to be events like the National Jamboree that are going to have to do some work to accommodate all beliefs. In the end they are a private organization, and they can make whatever rules they want and suffer the consequences either way.

  32. terry says – reply to this


    Re: Krychek67 – I agree. The churches that are involved in Scouts are a big consideration. Units should decide.