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Duggar Family Expecting Another Child!

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duggars new grandchild announcement today show

The Duggar family is getting bigger!

The stars of 19 Kids And Counting stopped by The Today Show to make the big announcement that Josh and Anna are having another baby!

Josh said:

"No. 3 due on June 7. We’re very excited."

The entire fam was on hand, including Jim Bob and Michelle, daughter-in-law Anna, and grandkids Mackynzie and Michael!

One more grandkid, added to the 19, carry the one… is a lot of Duggars! Anna thinks so too! She says:

"I'm from a small family of eight and I’m so glad that my parents had each of the children that they had. Children are a blessing."

A small family of eight?? What are they, salmon?

Since when is eight small? Where we come from, Eight Is Enough! LOLz!

[Image via Today.]

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13 comments to “Duggar Family Expecting Another Child!”

  1. 1

    Holy shit, a family of 8 is small? How do these people give these kids the attention they need? It just seems ridiculous to breed for the sake of breeding.

  2. 2

    I personally love the duggars. People make fun of them, but for what? because they are decent? so what they have lots of kids. At least all their kids are well-behaved people who will become productive to our society. Many people have only one or two kids and they are trash who add generations of other trash to society that multiply at the speed of light. I am not religious but we need decency like this.

  3. 3

    Oh but they need to stop eating tater tot casseroles.

    STFU sick girl. OBVIOUSLY those kids are all well-adjusted and happy you dumbass. You see families with only 2 kids whose children act so fucking tortured because they don't think they are getting all the attention they deserve so they start doing drugs, fucking anyone who will let them. Just please, stfu.

  4. jeneice TOWNSEND says – reply to this


    Blah blah blah………Who cares…………

  5. 5

    these people sicken me. bunch of psychos

  6. 6

    Re: pollopicu – Geez Tater Tot casserole sounds good, they used to serve those in the cafeteria at work for breakfast. Haven't had those in 3 years.

  7. shanghai says – reply to this


    What these people are crazy!!!! Sorry but you cannot have good quality time with that many kids! I

  8. 8

    Re: shanghai – People like you just parrot what everyone says. Such idiots you are. Think for yourself. Better yet, just think.

  9. 9

    So using their excessive reproductive habits to produce more children, who they then use to make money on a reality television show. They exploit their children as much as Octomom.

  10. 10

    Can't wait for baby number 30

  11. ayyd says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu – duggar family…. is that you guys?

  12. Valentina says – reply to this


    Small family of 8 lol…This family is ridiculous. I mean, it's ok to have a lot of kids if you're in a position to do so and give them all the attention they deserve, but I highly doubt that is the case with the "1st" generation of this family, and I sincerely hope the younger ones don't end up having nearly as many. You don't know if they're decent Re: pollopicu – you're just assuming they are because of what you see on TV. In my experience, really big families tend to be really crabby and weird. You're also assuming their kids are all going to be perfect angels when they are all grown up and all become teachers and doctors and everyone will be sunny and perfect. If there is not 1 single train-wreck out of all these kids I would be extremely surprised. There comes a point where it's just gross, and they've crossed that point a looong time ago.

  13. Valentina says – reply to this


    And when I mean they, I mean the older generation. Hopefully their kids don't have nearly as many.