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18-Year-Old Girl Sentenced To Jail After Posing As A Boy To Have Sex With 16-Year-Old Girl!

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justine mcnally


An 18-year-old girl named Justine McNally posed as a boy for three and a half years just to have sex with another girl, but after the the 16-year-old girl's mother found out that Justine was using a strap-on dildo, she immediately contacted police.

Justine met the girl in March 2011 in an online chat room, and as soon as they became friendly, she told her that she wanted to marry her and have children, but FAILED to inform her that she was really a girl. Instead, McNally told the victim that she was a boy named Scott.

After their initial contact, the girls tried to have sex three different times, but Justine never wanted to remove her clothes until she finally got her in a dark bedroom, and then made her think that she had lost her virginity to her.

McNally was sentenced to three years in prison today by Judge James Patrick after she admitted to six counts of sexual assault.

Disgusted by what Justine did, the judge noted:

"It was selfish and callous behavior - a grave abuse of trust of her, her family and friends through your behavior over a period of years."

And what's even worse is the fact that prosecutor David Markham revealed that the girls had "spoke about what they wanted to do to each other" for THREE years, and homegirl still lied.

The good news is that everything is out in the open now, but we just don't understand why McNally would do something so disgusting and then try to smooth things over by saying that she wanted to get a sex change so she can continue her relationship with the 16-year-old.

Welp, apparently she must've really liked her, but that just doesn't cut it! A relationship definitely can't be built on lies — especially not a big LIE like this one.

Have fun in jail Justine!!

[Image courtesy of Central News.]

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30 comments to “18-Year-Old Girl Sentenced To Jail After Posing As A Boy To Have Sex With 16-Year-Old Girl!”

  1. 1

    I can somewhat relate but my story is not not as bad or dramatic. It just sucked LOL I know the feeling a little. I am gay. You just want someone to be honest. I met a "BOY" at a bar once( really was a girl). He bought me drinks and was adorable. I went home with him and Something felt weird. I knew it was a "Dildo" LOL I didn't freak out, but was upset and stopped her. She said if she had told me I would've never gone home with her. I felt bad for her, but I was upset for being lied to, mislead and manipulated. I see him/her from time to time. No hard feelings but I know his secret LOL

  2. JT says – reply to this


    Perez, the whole tone of the article is pretty transphobic. sounds to me like Justine wasn't lying, just that their body didn't match their parts.

  3. cafe says – reply to this


    I don't understand why there's 3 year jail sentence for this. I don't believe the girl did not know "Scott" was not really a boy. This was not a case of rape or violence. So, why is there a THREE year jail sentence????

  4. Soyouknow says – reply to this


    I really have to agree to the already posted comments! When you are confused about your own body and your sexuality, you so crazy things. Not that I want to say that this girl didn't do wrong, because lieing is never good. But going to jail for trieing to live your sexuality in a society that judges people living in bodies that don't apply to their sexuality? Come on, that's ridiculous and sad and mean. People tell us who we are supposed to like. TV Shows tell me to be in love with crazy goodlooking people that are mean to me, movies tell me to fall in love with best friends, commercial tells me to love my body but if I like being the make lead while intercourse and too insecure to be honest, I am a liar, a predator, sentenced like a rapist? That's homophobic. With all due to respect, many people have been there, it is the lack of acceptance that is what's wrong with society. People have always been insecure, liars, self-defenced creatures. That's not the big surpise. Of course it wasn't right to lie all the time, but jail? Seriously? This girl will never be looking at life the same way again. She will never try to be honest again. Where's future now?

  5. NMJ says – reply to this


    So this girl that didnt rape and had relationship with this sixteen girl gets a three years jail and those football players from ohio that rape Savannah Dietrich and took pictures of her and spread them online only got one year!??? Explain to me why!!? this is so fuck up really

  6. 6

    That would have had to have been some crazy state of the art strap-on for someone to not know the difference, young or not. Just one person's opinion, but this sounds like the other girl got really embarrassed when her mother found out she was sleeping with a girl/ gender curious person and freaked out…not to say that Justine should obviously not have lied, but 3 years seems incredibly excessive seeing as both parties engaged in consensual sex. Especially since it sounds like Justine effectively "courted" the girl for 3 years.
    With all the athletic team rape and day to day body trespassing done by men to women, this seems like a judge trying to make an example out of the potentially gender queer girl…

  7. Ratzassss says – reply to this


    So the mom called the police only AFTER realizing it was a GIRL fucking her 16 year old instead of a boy? Mom needs to be arrested to for contributing to the delinquency of her 16 year old daughter.

  8. Spence says – reply to this


    Re: Jack – You're a complete idiot. Too bad you weren't aborted to save the world from your stupidity.

  9. WillowWynde says – reply to this


    Re: NMJ – Savannah Dietrich is not the victim of the Steubenville Ohio “rape crew”. She is another unfortunate victim of a similar sexual assault in Louisville Kentucky that was ordered not to talk about what had happened to her. Complete and utter BS for the judge to gag her. Regardless, if by some chance you do find the name of the girl victimized by Steubenville, don’t be an ass and post it. Respect her wishes to remain anonymous.

  10. Danielle says – reply to this


    I am utterly shocked and disappointed in Mr. Perez! As someone from the LGBT to take this stance on what is obviously a complicated gener identity issue. A 18 year dosent simply "pretend" to be the opposite gender to mess with another teenagers life for fun. There has been no crime what so ever in this case other than the blatant transphobic small minds and the legal system!

  11. Matthew J says – reply to this


    Okay, obviously this girl has some mental health issues, but three years? Honestly? We can't just punish the poor girl, she needs help. Although the law may deem her as being 'selfish', you can't overlook the social inequalities that might drive her to this kind of behavior. She's young and confused.

    Also, are we believing that her girlfriend didn't realise she was using a strap on? Sounds like she was worried that her mother wouldn't approve of her knowingly having sex with another women so she claimed ignorance. Poor Justine :(

  12. that girl says – reply to this


    Well as someone who is a history buff I can say that these kid of things have been happening since the 13th century at least she wasn't sentenced to death. I have no idea what was going through this young persons head when they decided to do this so I can't say for sure if this person is trans or not. I will say though that I'm sure they could have found a more willing participant, that's the part that confuses me. Also really mom? It okay for your teenage daughter to have sex but as soon as you find out it's a girl all hell breaks loose? your priorities seem to be out of whack here.

  13. justme says – reply to this


    What the hell are u ppl talking about??? Morons!!! This woman was eighteen years old! and the girl is sixteen she's underage u idiots that's whay it's wrong. And you can't go around trying to fuck underage ppl transgender or not. This girl according to the article was a virgin how the hell was she supposed to know! She was being manipulated by an older person point blank period! This woman should have sought out another adult to have sex with. She's disgusting!!

  14. againstunderagesex says – reply to this


    Re: cafeRe: cafe – Transphobic!?? Are u fking kidding! This person is eighteen and in the eyes of the law should not be having sex with a sixteen year old. Has not a damn thing to do with her gender or that "her body didn't match her parts" LMFAO……..if it's illegal don't do it….go find someone ur own age!

  15. MacJackAss says – reply to this


    All right I see that some people here understood my comment but NOT ALL SO I'LL MAKE MY POINT CLEAR:







    Ok so there you have it. Hope you understand now.

  16. Leona says – reply to this


    I agree with Perez on this one. Justine lied and posed as someone else to have sex with the other girl. Not only is it illegal to posed as someone else just to get sex from someone, especially if it's degrading to the other person. I don't believe that the judge should have sentenced Justine for 3 years, considering that other people have done more heinous crimes and only got 1 year…so the issue with that one is with the judge. And yes, that girl who Justine had "sex" with is really stupid as well..Come on, she must have known it was a dildo and not a real one, she was just really embarrass.

  17. Bayn says – reply to this


    You're a moron Perrez.
    Wtff guys drug, gang bang rape and piss all over a girl and get practically nothing while this poor confused misguided girl get's 3 years? FOR WHAT? big fucking deal it's not like she strapped the bitch down and FORCED her to have sex with her. Come on after 3 years dumb girl must have caught on that there was something fishy about 'Scott'. If she felt scared or weirded out in any way she could have easily ended their relationship.
    Of course Justine should never have lied, but the sentence attributed to her is beyond unfair. INJUST.

  18. Jane says – reply to this


    Given that someone was given only 3 and a half years for KILLING an autistic young gay man by setting fire to his genitals-this sentence is beyond ridiculous. As I understand it consensual sex between adults, even if young, is not a crime. It seems the crime here is one of fraud-so why not then start jailing all the liars and frauds we come across in our romantic/sexual lives…most of the population would be in jail-utter nonsense!
    The more I have thought about this, it is obvious that this is homophobia and sexism. Since when did teenage boys ever get incarcerated for lying e.g saying they loved or would marry a girl to get her to have sex. NEVER~but since it's a girl telling a lie-she gets 3 years and is on the sex offenders register for life. It is clear how this travesty of justice came about. There is very little support for LGBT teenagers-little wonder they feel shame and confusion and seek to hide their sexuality in the way this young girl did. She needs support not incarceration. HOMOPHOBIA from the so called victims family and the legal system have brought this travesty about. Makes me angry.

  19. jane says – reply to this


    Re: justme – 16 is the legal age of consent in the UK-try again

  20. morgan says – reply to this


    Re: Jack
    you have no right jack to say that about homosexuals.
    Who gives a f** about sexuality. your opinion cant change who people are attracted to. Homosexuals are people to and they deserve to be treated like everyone else. If anyone derserves to go to jail for life it would be you. I understand if it said all this shit load in the bible but that doesnt give you any rights to be a horrible person towards others who arent straight. you are a disgusting. If you are religious, arent you suppose to be good but then why you acting like an ass. get a life.

  21. Lily says – reply to this


    Re: Leona – how was she supposed to know if she had no sexual experience before exactly..

  22. 22

    No crime was committed. There was no rape. Both were of the legal age of consent. It was a commonplace deception - like a married man on a one-night-stand pretending to be single to get what he wants. He wouldn't get sent to jail for that.

    Justine McNally was just unlucky in that the girl truned out to be a bit pathetic and socially inadequate (otherwise she wouldn't have over-reacted so much to this). Whoops, sorry, but ultimately that's not JM's problem.

    And yet she's been sent to jail, put on the Sex Offenders Register and (absurdly, given the ages involved) is being branded a paedophile elsewhere on the web.

    This is just an example of the right-wing, sex-hating, youth-fearing media turning the UK into a nation of crazy puritans. An absurd and terrifying stroke of in-justice - to rank with the "cartoon laws" and nebulous offense of possessing "extreme pornography" (i.e S&M, rape-scene and suchlike) which are both contained in the current Criminal Justice & Public Order Act.

    First thing that's needed is a massive vociferous social-media campaign For sexual libertarianism (and Against allowing weaklings to dictate to the rest of us what we can and can't do).

  23. 23

    Re: justme – Sixteen is the age of consent in the UK. And anyone with any clear memories of being a teenager knows sixteen is a good three years too high!

  24. anon says – reply to this


    She was Scottish, the age of consent in the UK is 16 so it wasn't underage sex. This girl is one of my close friends and it's saddened me how negative everyone's being towards her. Justine did a stupid thing but I can't imagine what she was going through, she literally went to any length to be with the girl out of love, so before you call her a monster or a "lezbo" think about what she's going through too, she's ruined her life and that girls life out of a stupid teenage mistake that she didn't even know was criminal at the time.

  25. hannah says – reply to this


    Re: justme – just so people know this is in the UK!
    the legal age of consent here is 16. I believe the girl that was sentenced was 17 at the time and the other girl 16. whatever happened this did not happen to people who were under age according to the law here!
    I do feel that this girl needs help she has trans issues that she needs to deal with and get support, not a prison sentence. Im confused by the law at the moment because it seems at the time it was consensual sex between 2 adults (UK LAW REMEMBER!) Of course she was wrong for lying but how can you not no your having sex with someone using a sex toy? I dont know I just dont quite get this. And I really hope this girl has not been given a 3 year sentence and put on the sex offenders register because a young girl was too scared or embarrassed to admit to other people that she was sleeping with a girl/trans boy. If the victim honestly did not know then I really dont know what to say other than what Justine McNally did was wrong but maybe she needs support?

  26. an angel from god! says – reply to this


    You know you really pushed me far too much with this topic! You all know that you have no clue who I am. Yeah, act like I am crazy and can't control your fate! You all fail and have been tested! How dare I read hateful responses from puppets who will never get inside the gates to heaven. To wish any negative comments that talk about transgender people or even lost souls going off on puppets that are going to turn into shit for talking shit! God is love! You are all going to be thrown through the ringer! The internet is a trap! All you suckers are going to pay the price of evil for contributing to phony stories such as this one. If you know truth, you would not even been trapped in my web. Now your nightmare comes to life! Look up avenged sevenfold, nightmare lyrics. Yep! I will pay a visit to you all in hell for supporting corruption! You are all going to eat shit when you wake up and see what you created! You are all guilty of this, because don't forget you live in a multi universe where no matter what, you are everyone and anything! Thoughts create actions! Perverts! You are all hiding behind a beautiful powerful being, who fucking knows your mind better than you know. You can't handle the truth! You bunch of demented ageless clowns!

  27. the price of evil says – reply to this


    Re: an angel from god!Re: Jack – today is your lucky day! Shit talker! Rot in your own shit!Re: Jack

  28. 28

    Re: MacJackAss
    You have *serious* issues! You need to find a psychiatrist, STAT!

  29. 29

    For goodness sake! This girl was devious. She went to London from Glasgow, lying to her family and then went on to decieve the poor victim. She had already done this to one girl near to where she lived if you read all of the facts. What judge would put a kid on the sex offenders register for life if it wasnt warranted? Why the harsh sentence? Is it harsh? What if she had done this to you or yours? The simple fact is that all we can see are newspaper reports. There clearly is more to this case than they can report on. It is unforgiveable that the other judge passed such a pathetic sentence to that scum that did that to the autistic boy, but 3 years for this lying, manipulating little piece of trailer trash is justified. And if you look at her on that pathetic campaign they've set up her supporters look like extras from Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and Guys and Their Dolls! Rot in your cell, and I cant wait til the really hard criminals in there get to know what you did!

  30. JA says – reply to this



    You once gave an interview on the Ellen show that you were going to be kinder and more understanding toward people. The tone of your article here suggests the exact opposite. The fact that this girl is 18 years old and gets a three year prison sentence for ANYTHING, let alone having sex with a 16 year old (not by force, mind you) speaks more to the unjust sentence than anything else this girl did.

    The fact that you cash in on gossip and lies and live vicariously through other people's misery is the real "disgusting" thing. You should know better than this.