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Two Women Fight In Between Robotic Mascot At Chuck E. Cheese! WTF?!?

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Shiz is getting REAL at Chuck E. Cheese!

It's not surprising to hear that people fight at the family fun center anymore, so when we heard that two women got into a brawl at a Calgary Chuck E. Cheese in the middle of two arcade machines and a robotic mascot on Saturday, we just didn't think much of it. LOLz

According to reports, the fight sparked out of nowhere between two women who were yelling at each other, but ended disastrous as police were called, hair extensions became airborne and another altercation, which included alcohol and flying tokens broke out.

Deets on what happened to the people involved in the fights have not been released, but we're hoping that they got charged with something because causing a rumble at CEC is just unnecessary.

Guess a kid is better off being a kid at home!!

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4 comments to “Two Women Fight In Between Robotic Mascot At Chuck E. Cheese! WTF?!?”

  1. 1

    Perez, did you have some kind of traumatic experience at a Chuck E Cheese once upon a time, seems like you are always posting negative stories about them. I have never been to one, and hope to avoid, which is probable since my nephew is 23 and my granddaughter is 11.

  2. Karma Bites says – reply to this


    Seriously… why does Perez always report negative stories about Chuck E Cheese? Crazy stuff like this happens at other restaurant chains too. Perez seems to really go out of his way against them (as only a notourious a bully could). I think it is time for Perez to fess up and say why he constantly reports about them. The general public doesn't care, so why does he keep shoving this "NEW$" down our throats? Let's see how brave and honest the new "Daddy" is by answering these simple questions.

  3. Gemma says – reply to this


    Fuck Perez. Chuck E Cheese rocks!

  4. Killjoy says – reply to this


    Perez Hilton was kicked out of Chuck E Cheese in 2001 for reportedly exposing himself to a group of small children. Although no charges were pressed due to lack of evidence, Perez has had it out for the company ever since.