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Parents Upset Teacher Said "Vagina" In Class

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Parents in Idaho are upset that a teacher of 10th graders said the v word during a biology class.

If you're unsure what the v word is - it's vagina.

Among the parents' other FORMAL complaints - the teacher explained the biology of an orgasm, discussed STD's and birth control, and showed a clip from Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth.

Here's what the teacher said:

"I teach straight out of the textbook, I don't include anything that the textbook doesn't mention. But I give every student the option not attend this class when I teach on the reproductive system if they don't feel comfortable with the material."

The teacher says that no student has ever opted out.

Which doesn't surprise us at all!

Sounds like a much interesting class!

We're not sure if the parents are just uptight, but unless they want to home school their kids - we're not sure they have much of a case here!

[Image via Wikimedia Commons.]

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4 comments to “Parents Upset Teacher Said "Vagina" In Class”

  1. Alexis Tarantino says – reply to this


    Just… WHY?! You know your kid is going to learn this! Why get all uptight about it?

  2. 2

    10th grade???? Seriously??? Do the parents not understand that their kids are roughly 16 and have quite possibly already had sex???

  3. Bobel says – reply to this


    Really? This is 10th grade (15-16 year olds). I was learning about vaginas in school when I was 10 and saw a woman actually give birth when I was 12 (an in class video). Parents can be so stupid.

  4. Alexis says – reply to this


    Yea really though…I was given sex education in 5th grade…