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Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham Tells Her Side Of The DUI Scandal! And It's CRAZZZY!

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farrah abraham tells her side of the dui scandal

Finally! Farrah Abraham is admitting to the DUI arrest she previously denied!

But the former Teen Mom is simultaneously explaining why she's not responsible for any wrongdoing!

Here it is, Farrah's side of the story:

"So the Night of St.Patricks like everyone else who is 21 years of age or older I was out and actually with family…

…when I was put in the position to be the driver and make sure we get home safe that evening I totally was only worried about my one family member…

I know myself and I had not drank to the extent to be negligent…

By grabbing my car and simply going around a corner to park, as well while stopping on the corner and driving slow and not exceeding a speed limit of over 15mph I was by no way or shape deserving of a cop walking over to my Parked car,

and then When I told him what I was worried about which was “Finding my family member and now I can’t see her” he immediately demanded all the regular documentation, and wanted to just put me in the back of the cop car…

(hint NO SOBRIETY TEST, and No care of what I’m worried about , he does not let my friend just take me home in my friends car… and by this point I’m pissed)

..So I just say fine take me to the station for no reason! When I’m at the station this cop just kept pressing my buttons.

…he then hands me a type of breathalyzer, does not state how this one works, (also I’m sick from a virus going around major sinus and alot of coughing and congestion) so hard to breathe, so because I don't know how long to breathe, etc. this cop tells me I’m purposely refusing to take this breathalyzer test correctly (another way to continue to piss someone off)

so I quit talking to this cop because he clearly has no idea what the f–k he’s doing and now probably can’t wait to release a asswhole cop report to the media (WHICH HE DID, so stellar specially about a reality star)

then I have a second cop give me a normal real breathalyzer test, he stats how to hold your breathe and handle the breathalyzer (THANK GOD 1 normal person all night)

when the alcohol content is shown, which I did not see personally it was .145 that is a number of legal intoxication, no doubt but like I mentioned I know how to handle myself and I was concerned about safety.

So I was released and the asswhole cop who kept trying to make everything worse for myself was shouting loudly” I’m shocked she only blew that, she should be in jail”- ya what a dumbass…so the point is, that’s practically the story and the rest is unneeded history."

Well, that was.. lengthy. Suffice to say, Farrah is not denying she blew a .145 (almost twice the legal limit), but wants us to know that she knows how to handle herself.

If you've ever had to take the keys away from your drunk friend, some of this might have sounded familiar.

If you're wondering whether you've had too much, you've had too much. You don't have some special insight the rest of us lack.

Just DON'T drink and drive. Period.

[Image via SULIA.]

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10 comments to “Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham Tells Her Side Of The DUI Scandal! And It's CRAZZZY!”

  1. 1

    ugly loser!!! lol!!!

  2. 2

    I love how she has talked about her high intelligence before. It's pretty obvious this chick is dumb. "Asswhole." Ha!

  3. lala says – reply to this


    Wall of text makes her sound totally legit and everythings.

  4. 4

    Re: sick_girl – haha im glad someone else caught the "ASSWHOLE" thing… thats hilarious. Not once but twice!!! i wonder if she is getting teased about that. HAHAHA

  5. Ambs says – reply to this


    glad it bugged someone else that she spelled "Asswhole" wrong ..

  6. YOURMOM says – reply to this


    Wow, what an idiot! *asswhole* lol

  7. janie t says – reply to this


    I love how the cop should have been worried about what she was upset about. She talks about her missing sister like there should be an Amber Alert. Help officer, my 25 year old drunk sister wandered away from me. This girl is crazy. Cops record everything these days, I'd be real careful accusing them of anything. Unless shed welcome the dashcam footage of her arrest being released, she should just apologize and be quiet. If she wasted that much time before the test, her blood alcohol was much higher while actually driving. Glad she pointed that out.

  8. Stokanator says – reply to this


    This b1tch is dumb as all hell. Sorry Farrah although you mommy let you get away with treating adults like absolute sh1t, in the real world if you speak to cops like that they tend to also turn into assholes! Is that the excuse for why you didn't use a condom before you had your daughter? "Don't worry I know how to handle myself in a way where I don't get prego"! Unfortunately I can say she is the worst human being on the show because Janel obviously holds that title, but Farrah is a close 2nd. I've never seen someone disrespect their parent to the degree she has and it was typically right after her mother got done babysitting, feeding, and parenting HER daughter while she's out being a kid. If her mom just woke up and took back the control in the relationship she would cut Farrah off for a month or two and stop the free babysitting and make this b1tch watch her own kid for a while her mom would see Farrah come back on hand and knee with a whole new attitude!

  9. Stokanator says – reply to this


    I'm sure if you asked Farrah we all spell *asswhole* wrong and she's the only one who has it right. I've never seen a bigger bitch who feels the world is entitled to bow to her beckon call!

  10. Uggs says – reply to this


    Another ignorant drunk ahole on the road, I'm thrilled she got caught. Her sense of entitlement is astounding considering she is a freaking loser moron. It seems like she will never take responsibility for drinking and driving, so here is my PSA to her "If you drink ANY ALCOHOL (even a drop), do not drive (even an inch with your car) and grow up and take responsibility for yoir actions.