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Jeremy Renner's New Daughter Has A NAME! And It Is…

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jeremy renner daughter

Ava Berlin Renner!

That's right, Jeremy Renner and his lady friend, Sonni Pacheco, welcomed their first child together on Thursday after the surprise announcement that they were expecting, and while we knew the bundle of joy was a little girl, the actor's representative has issued a statement with much more detail than previously reported!

They revealed:

"Jeremy Renner and girlfriend Sonni Pacheco have confirmed that they are the parents of a 7 lb. daughter Ava Berlin Renner. They are beyond thrilled. Mother and daughter are doing great."

OH! We are just SO GLAD to hear it!

Especially since details have been so few and far between!

But hey! We can certainly understand why they'd value their privacy right now!

Lots of big changes and responsibilities happening all at once! Takes getting used to!

Congratulations, again, you guys!

All the best during such a joyous time!

[Image via FameFlynet Pictures.]

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25 comments to “Jeremy Renner's New Daughter Has A NAME! And It Is…”

  1. 1

    Ava after Hitler's mistress and Berlin, the capitol of Nazi Germany?

  2. blink says – reply to this


    @The Eric
    How about shutting your uneducated mouth? It's embarrassing.

  3. 3

    Re: blink – no. I'm not wrong on either of my points.

  4. blink says – reply to this


    @The Eric
    It's EVA Braun. Not Ava. *facepalm*
    And Berlin was not only the capitol of Nazi Germany, it's also the capital of Germany TODAY. Aside from that, it's also the name of many other cities/towns around the world.

    Just keep your comments that imply that someone is a Nazi sympathizer - when they aren't - to yourself.

  5. 5

    I still think this is a surrogate situation. That's the reason for this over the top secrecy. If he doesn't take her to public events after this it's a clear case of PR cover up. His rep called her his girlfriend, not ex. So marry your teen model, Jeremy! The fangurls need the proof.

  6. hobochic1009 says – reply to this


    OMG!!!!!YOU PEOPLE HE live's with his BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY WILL RAISE THE BABY!!!!!!! JUST COME OUT ALREADY!!!!!!! IT:S GET"S BETTER!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Karen says – reply to this


    Re: hobochic1009 – If he hasn't come out, then don't speculate. I heard alot of people say Bryan Adams was gay & now he's spending his old age making babies w/ his girlfriend. Let's just say congrats on the baby, hope it doesn't look like Eva Braun & move on.

  8. 8

    Ava is a pretty name, nice to see a celeb not saddle their child with a strange name for a change. Please future celeb parents, think of how your child will be treated in school with some strange name just to satisfy your ego.

  9. 9

    I've never heard speculation that Jeremy was gay…not that it would matter if he is…..prob another lie Perez cooked up…we all know how accurate he is in reporting things…just another actor he wishes was gay…like how he is obsessed with Zach Efron…even in Zach was gay….he wouldn't touch slimy and greasy old Perez with a ten foot pole

  10. 10

    BASTARD REENER,….Things actors will do to hide their gay life

  11. ozmed says – reply to this


    She is hot, she'd turn any gay man straight.

  12. ozmed says – reply to this


    Re: TheLookingGlass – I've never heard he was either.

  13. 13

    when it was announced that she was pregnant on the radio it said that she was his ex. what's going on here?

  14. jamie says – reply to this


    I am happy for Jeremy in the birth of his daughter but am a bit confused by him now. I think he’s relatively new to fame and he’s learning as he goes. But the age thing and the whole way he dealt with the situation really creeps me out. I hate to think of him as the “old guy” hitting on girls that young. I know people do this in Hollywood but it’s still gross. Also he states he wants his private life private but everything I know about his private life I learned from him. He picks and chooses what he shares which is his right but he can’t be surprised by our or the media’s interest in this story. Also I think people have treated sonni unfairly. She’s a young girl interested in this industry and meets this handsome, dapper, sophisticated worldly man like Jeremy. I bet she was in love with him by date #2. I wonder how her family feels about this situation.He has a great mother who I’m sure is there right now to give him guidance, support and valuable advice on this.

  15. anuk says – reply to this


    I have liked him since he appeared on Angel. Congrats to him and it's nice to see two people get along with having a baby and not be together AND come up with a normal name.

  16. compass rose says – reply to this


    Re: jamie – I've always suspected her motives were love… or a green card. There is no excuse for a millenial to get pregnant, birth control has actually worked since the gulf war. Now they have Norplant, Depo, the IUD, Plan B and la dozen more. If this is not a surrogate, get a DNA test!!! Then do a PSA for other middle aged actors (Cooper) that think objectifying a dis-empowered young woman is OK.

  17. Raedon Adair says – reply to this


    This news makes me sad… Happy for him that he's a dad, but the sad news for me is that his rep confirmed she's his "girlfriend". There goes my dreams and fantasies about him :/

  18. yaRight says – reply to this


    Re: hauntedmansion

    pretty sure the surrogate golden rule is to never, ever name your surrogate - let alone get papped with her. that would be very costly.

    and how do you explain Sonni's disappearance from child's life since the surrogate is supposed to go AWAY after birth? And why make a birth annoucement then?

    …..oh, um, wait…. Never mind.

    Public birth records. totally searchable.

    I mean, its not like there is some questionable past to hide or something…
    … ah sh&t.
    imma stop now.

  19. holdup says – reply to this


    this girl has a lot of skeletons in her closet!! Don't be fooled by her! she has a past and it is NOT a GOOD one! Lots of hard evidence on this..you just have to be a really good detective to find it all..but trust me, its there…she is a dirty girl who is now getting what she wants and it is all to benefit her non-existing "career"…yah, good luck with that sonni. You will never be taken seriously…I will never look at Jeremy the same if he is still infact with this skank!

  20. 20

    Give Your Opinion On Jeremy Renner Becoming a Dad For The 1st Time

  21. 21

    I've noticed a few of you are a bit bothered by the "Jeremy Renner baby and mommy" thing. So here's is mine and in extension my Jeremy Renner Lovers Group International 2 cents on the matter.
    I can understand why you would be upset and concerned. This may not be the most ideal of situations and we all want the best for Jeremy. Please keep in mind that Jeremy is 42yr old. He is old enough and wise enough to go this long without getting anyone pregnant. Remember it does take 2 people to get pregnant. It has happened because he wanted it to happen. We don't know what kind of person Sonni is, so I would rather not speculate on her charter and please refrain from calling the poor woman names. He and Sonni could have been living together for years and we didn't know. Yes she is young but that's his choose and we can't do anything about it so why get upset? Jeremy is a dad. We should be rejoicing instead of trying to pick it apart. Think of how happy he is right now? So be happy for him and his family for the addition of this little blessing.
    On behalf of myself and my Jeremy Renner Lovers Group International
    I wish Mr. Jeremy Renner, his new baby girl, her mother Sonni Pacheco and their families congratulation and all the best.

  22. Alexandra89 says – reply to this


    Ava is a cute name, but Berlin ??!!! WTF
    And why is the baby named Renner? If I had a child he/she would get my last name unless I'm married to the father of the child.
    Or is that the normal thing to do in the US?

  23. lala says – reply to this


    "he and girlfriend"
    not "he and his girlfriend" haha…..

  24. Sara P. says – reply to this


    What 22yr old would date a 43yr old?NONE. Gross,A Stripper ,who is now Posting her Private Pics&Story under Renner's Baby on Tumblr,Private Pics she's leaking,Opps.

  25. femmemuscle says – reply to this


    i just find the whole thing strange. they "broke up".. no problem. Then he REALLY starts making "bank".. specifically after the Avengers movie.. Oh jeremy.. i'm pregnant with your kid…

    at 22 years of age, this chick would have quite an armamentarium regarding birth control. amazing how that happened. And he "fell for it?"

    It's another Idris Elba story. stripper gets pregnant..Idris fell for it.. then later finds out that it wasn't his kid in the first place..

    why are they so quick to believe these chicks.. but what's even worse? why are these chicks so damn quick to trap them??