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Kate Gosselin Abuse Book Profits Going To Jon Gosselin?!

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jon and kate gosselin abuse book

Robert Hoffman was open in his book about his friendship with Jon Gosselin. But are they also in business together??

Anti-bullying activist James McGibney claims that he can provide proof that the two are partners in creating a libelous book about Kate Gosselin!

The book, which includes detailed accusations of child abuse and neglect, has just gone back online after being banned by Amazon back in September.

So what is this proof? McGibney won't say yet, but he is promising to release it online. He tells author Hoffman:

"You had your chance to come clean about all the lies and deceit you based the book off of but you are such a narcissist you and Jon decided to just go ahead."

Well, we can't wait to see it!

If Jon and Robert are splitting the profits of the book, it goes a long way towards discrediting the allegations.

But Hoffman isn't scared. He says:

"The entire text of the book KATE GOSSELIN: HOW SHE FOOLED THE WORLD, including all supporting documents, digital files and photo libraries for verification, is now available for viewing by any legitimate news-gathering organization interested in this story."

Hmm. Sounds pretty confident to us! But if he says bring it on, we say let's do this thing! And let the honest man win!

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18 comments to “Kate Gosselin Abuse Book Profits Going To Jon Gosselin?!”

  1. 1

    "Anti-bullying activist James McGibney claims that he can provide proof that the two are partners in creating a libelous book about Kate Gosselin1"

    How can you declare the book libelous? Have you read it? Did you know that Amazon pulled it because of ownership rights and not for libel? This McGibney guy is a latecomer to the scene and knows very little about the background. He's in it for the fame. Another person exploiting Kate's infamy and she's too dumb to recognize it.

  2. KreiderLimpdickville says – reply to this


    Kreider and Limpdickville (aka BV) are both famewhores and probably setting up this 'bullying' scenario so Kreider can cry 'victim' again like she always does. The only victims in this sad story are her 8 ATMs and ex husband who has had to deal with her mentally deranged self. Limpdick is the biggest bully out there and hides behind the term bully and anonymous for his own use. He is exploiting Kreider for the fame but doesn't realize how pathetic and desperate he comes off. Like everyone that comes in contact with Kreider he will soon realize he is scraping the bottom of the barrel.

  3. 3

    Well, Perez. Are you a member of the legitimate news-gathering organization? Go to Robert Hoffman and publish the truth. Come on, get your name in lights.

  4. 4

    Where does it say that Jon is getting one cent from the book?

  5. Katie says – reply to this


    Those are some grandiose ideas by Bullyville owner aren't they? I believe Robert will win this battle. He has the truth on his side and he can prove it. Jon getting anything out of it? I don't believe that for one minute. Kate can't stand the fact that her ex has moved on and she is still portrayed as the media whore.

  6. stef says – reply to this


    Hoffman's book is brilliant, I got it before it was yanked (the original) by Amazon. The monster otherwise known as Kate Gosselin lives in my town and believe you me, the stories we could tell you people would make your heads spin. One thing I'd REALLY like to know though…this McGibney guy…'Mr. Anti-Bullying'…the man who claims he HATES bullies…where was he when Kate was punching/screaming at Jon during their TV show? Where was he when she freaked on the nanny for eating Stevie Boy's pizza? Where was he when she got Aunt Jodi fired from the TV show? Where was he when she was beating her kids with a wooden spoon or smacking them around? (photos of her smacking kids ARE online) Where was he when she forced her sons to potty train in the driveway? Where was he when 2 of her kids were EXPELLED for bullying? What a pathetic anti-bullying activist he is! Shame on him. Amazing how he doesn't have a problem with the biggest bully of them all, Kate Gosselin.

  7. 7

    Re: stef – Hey Stef, I tweeted a video clip to bullyville showing her abuse. Maybe several hundred thousand more people should do the same. Looks like somebody didn't do their homework before jumping on the bandwagon.
    Perez, where are you? Here's your chance.

  8. MC says – reply to this


    This Bullyville dude should help real bullied victims and stay out of it. Looks like this is more of an issue between ex-husband and ex-wife. Typical divorce stuff, not a big deal. At the end of the day they'll be okay but Bullyville dude will lose credibility and look like an asshole to the world.

  9. Shauna says – reply to this


    I don't know why this James McGibney is so worried that the profits of the book will go to Jon. What does it have to do with bullying? If the profits go to Jon, which probably is unlikely, Kate will end up getting the money anyway through the 8 child supports Jon pays her. Duh!

  10. Seppie says – reply to this


    More and more I think this McGinley idiot is being paid by Kate. Like an earlier post said, he wasn't there. He has no proof… and, if Mr Hoffman does choose to share profits with Jon, that is his prerogative and right. So, this idiot McGinley has a money trail, so… now he is accessing bank records? Right. He also is stating the he is going to prove that Jon gave the computer discs to Hoffman..yet, he is also stating the book is all lies and deceit. If the book is all lies and deceit, then why the need to prove Jon gave him the discs? You don't need anyone's diary to make up lies… Yeah, McGinley, this is all going to your head… think your God now?!! Your credibility is going up in flames pretty quick.. It appears that you and Kate would make a "lovely" couple!

  11. T says – reply to this


    Re: stef – Stef said it all…I don't need to repeat.

  12. Zoeys Mommy says – reply to this


    Re: Shauna – Yes but for the fact that Jon does NOT pay any child support to Kate as she "relieved" him of that responsibility. Not at all saying I believe Jon is to receive any profits from this book; if he were, then why would various rag-mag-tabloid web sites continue to publish stories about his inability to pay his electric bill (service shut off allegedly) or make car payments and such on and on and on.

    Plus there ARE NO PROFITS from the book. It was up for sale for TWO DAYS. And subsequently, Robert Hoffman publicly stated all monies going to charity, and currently entire text & research is available to new orgs for FREE. What profits???

  13. 13

    Bullyville has started a class action lawsuit against the 18 women and 2 men who hang out on the internet all day to hate on Kate Gosselin. They're terrified to tweet or blog their hatred now so they're here spewing their bull-crap. Jon Gosselin is a horrible excuse for a human being. Imagine trying to profit from something so harmful to your children? I hope his visiting rights with the kids are totally revoked - if they already haven't been. This brings a whole new meaning to the term "deadbeat dad".

  14. John Nell says – reply to this


    Re: Zoeys Mommy – hey Zoeys Mommy, stop bullying people for their opinion or we'll ask Bullyville to publish your name, address, and contact your employer on national television, LOL. As for this mess, Kate gaves up her SPOUSAL support because otherwise Jon could've asked for spousal support too. But he still has to pay for the children's support. I think Kate still loves Jon, and they might get back together for the sake of the kids. Love is all that matters.

  15. T says – reply to this


    Re: jasminekelly – You're just as bad as Kate and Bullyville. I don't care what anyone says here about Jon…no one should take his kids away from him at any cost. Whether you like him or not…he is the Gosselin 8 father…he will be until the day he dies. If you're a mother you wouldn't of given that comment. You would want their father to be there for them. You're a sorry excuse of why we have so many deadbeats when some are pushed away from their children. I'm not talking about the ones who are actual deadbeats and want nothing to do with their children. I'm talking about the ones who want something to do with their children…and are pushed away from their children and next thing you know their considered deadbeats by everyone's account.

  16. You're an idiot says – reply to this


    Re: jasminekelly – There was no proof offered of any of this. The only thing proven is that Kate Gosselin beat the hell out her kids regularly, in her own words, and you want to take the only sane, gentle, affectionate parent out of their lives.

    You're just a kneejerk man hater.

  17. AMC says – reply to this


    This is not a book that will make money for either of these individuals and only a FOOL(are you listening Mr Bully and Kate) would believe it will. Nobody cares enough any more about Kate Gosselin to buy this book. I seriously doubt if the media is ringing her cell phone for an interview.

  18. Nina says – reply to this


    She is so mean spirited though. :( How she treated those puppies she got for the kids was appalling. How she treated Tony Dovilani from DWTS was appalling. How she berated and yelled at Jon was horrible. She even has hatred in her eyes.