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Heartbreaking! Bullied Girl's Suicide Letter Read By Mother To Congress

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This is so sad!

A girl from Indiana was bullied so relentlessly by her peers that she eventually ended up taking her own life.

The girl's mother Danielle Green read her letter to the Senate Education Committee where she hoped Congress would pass a bill that made harsher rules about bullying.

Green's daughter Angel wrote a letter specifically for her bullies.

Here's what she wrote:

“To all the bullies that have called me names, [you] are the reason why I am feeling the way I am now. I didn’t want to die. I just wanted to be saved from the pain."

In a separate letter to her mother, Angel wrote:

“I’m really sorry that I did this … don’t you EVER think it was your fault. Because it’s not. I love you so much and I couldn’t ask for a better mom … but my heart can’t take this pain. It’s bullying that killed me. Please get justice.”


That is just. Heart wrenching. Our deepest condolences to her mother.

Angel killed herself on March 5th, from a rope on a tree. The tree was passed by her school bus every day, and her body was seen by all of her tormentors.

Here's what the mother said:

“She did this before the bus was going to be there. so her bullies would see her.”

We sincerely hope something is done to battle bullying.

A little girl was lost way too early because of its devastating effects.

RIP Angel.

[Image via IndyChannel.]

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22 comments to “Heartbreaking! Bullied Girl's Suicide Letter Read By Mother To Congress”

  1. 1

    It is so sad that kids don't understand their brains aren't even fully formed yet. I am sure her bullies lives are changed forever. How can you possibly legislate bullying? The bullies are usually hurting too. ) =

  2. hayley says – reply to this


    I agree with this is false below..this is just too much…Ive learned as an adult that nobody can make me feel anything I dont want to feel..this girl is blaming her bullies for her committing suicide, but at the end of the day, she made that decision, not her bullies, her bullies did not kill her, she killed herself. I know thats tough of me to say, but its true. I was bullied as a kid too, absolutely humiliated, picked up and thrown onto the field in the middle of gym class and called "fat chunky" by the kid I had a massive crush on, I went through it for years, but I never ever did something like try to kill myself. I definitely suffered with insecurity and anger- anger at people who treated me badly, but I also reacted by speaking up for other kids who got bullied, long after I stopped being bullied, and to this day, Ive always stood up for other people who I feel at the moment have no voice,…but to say my bullies caused me to consider suicide, is immature and delusional and her mother should know the difference. at the end of the day, bullying is terrible, but it shouldnt lead to suicide, unless these kids are not hearing a message in their own families about strength, standing up for yourself, and that IT GETS BETTER, that we dont have to stoop to tehse kids levels, and that clearly these children who bully are hurting too…

  3. anaV says – reply to this


    Extremely sad, but also for those kids who saw from the bus. What about the ones who didn't torment her? They had to see a child's body hang from the tree. That in itself is absolutely disturbing and will likely scar all of the people on the bus. I feel like the mother should try to resolve the bullying at her school and anywhere where she can, but that girl seems very crooked to follow through with the act in that way.

  4. 4

    wow that made me cry. but suicide isn't the answer! it will get better! I was tormented at school and hated my life. and yes. my life got better. shit does happen and it sucks. I guess some people aren't just strong enough to handle it. Or even get help!

  5. W says – reply to this


    What is being done differently now that is making so many kids feel that this is their only option?

    It just seems more and more kids are taking their own lives and i just don't get it.

    I think that zero tolerance policies are part of the blame in these cases. They do not teach kids to deal with the emotions or to work things out.

    When i was a kid if you were bullied you were usually left to work it out, and i don't remember so many kids killing themselves over it.

    I was bullied A LOT as a child, wore a back brace had lots of reasons for kids to pick on me. My parents taught me to laugh it off and realize it wasn't me who had the problem but the other kids.

    Maybe schools should focus more on how to deal with the emotions of being bullied rather than sweep it under the rug and say it isn't tolerated or doesn't happen.

  6. 6

    Re: hayley – dont be so ignorant, in the moment it feels like nothing will get better, its INSANELY easy to say it if you are out the other side but when you are in that deep there is no light to be seen no matter what people say or who says it.
    you said it in your first sentence you learned AS AN ADULT, she was a child, dont taint her death with more bullying online. shame on you, especially since you are an adult.

  7. captain tightpants says – reply to this


    Re: W – what's different? the answer is social media. Once upon a time most of us could go home to escape the bullies but now they continue bullying 24/7 with texts, tweets etc. I wouldn't want to trade places with any teen today.

  8. wellthen says – reply to this


    If I couldn't spell "funeral" and had a sad face emoticon on a suicide note I'd kill myself too.

  9. ignorant people says – reply to this


    Re: anaV

    People hurt differently, some can deal with it and move one while others are swept into an inescapable depression and feeling of hopelessness. How dare you call this child immature and delusional!

  10. 10

    Re: W – Social media plays a big part in this. Younger people get the idea that this is a way to handle it because of all the attention it receives. If you're feeling scorned and want your bullies to pay like this girl obviously did, killing yourself is the most effective way to do it. The bullies feel like crap and have to carry their guilt with them for the rest of their lives, everyone knows who the bullies are and think they're horrible, and thousands mourn and suddenly care about the poor lost soul. They (at least subconsciously) like the added attention it gets them because they know if they commit suicide, they'll end up on the news with millions sympathizing. They finally feel like people care. It's really messed up, I know, but I think it's the best explanation.

  11. 11

    How horrible! However, as bad as bullying is, and I fully believe there has to be tougher policies in place to deal with it, that can't be the only part of the conversation. When a child is turning to suicide, no matter what drove them there, mental health issues are at play and an entire system that failed them. Clearly in a case like this, the depression was caused by the bullying, but that depression still needs to be dealt with and telling a kid "it gets better" isn't enough to fix it. To me it seems like so many parents and authority figures don't want to face that, its easier to blame the bully than to question underlying causes or talk about mental health so they go that route…while it really isn't the only problem. And something needs to be done on that level, to teach kids that if they're having these thoughts, regardless of why, they can get help and talk to someone and be taken seriously so they aren't killing themselves just to end the pain.

  12. Faybabyxoxo says – reply to this


    absolutely heartbreaking.

    Parent's need to talk to their kids more about topics like bullying, there is no communication anymore. My 13 year old brother is constantly being bullied at school because he chooses to stay a kid, because he would rather play outside and be with family rather than have sex and talk about how hot girls are and etc…he was bullied because he told his friends he didn't want to have sex at 13. Since when has that became a bad thing? If it weren't for my parents and I sitting him down and telling him that everything will be okay, my little brother would be lost. Talk to your children, even when they act like they are not listening, they are. This poor girl took her young life because of bullying, WHERE WERE THE TEACHERS? WHY DIDN'T HER FAMILY NOTICE? when a child that young is hiding something so strong, you can tell. It's time to wake up people.

  13. shelby says – reply to this


    Kids who are being bullied need the support to kick some ass. GET MAD~~~!!!!

  14. Eizza says – reply to this




  15. why it become normal says – reply to this


    I think media attention made killing yourself the only way. Kids taking their lives because they read online other kids are doing it.

  16. cb says – reply to this


    my mother is the biggest bully of all.

  17. ONEDIRECTIONFAN says – reply to this


    The fact that a girl that young committed suicide because of all those heartless people sickens me. I hope the bullies are happy.P.S CONGRATULATIONS PEREZ HILTON FOR HAVING A BABY. I have no idea how you squeezed it out(if you know what I mean)

  18. Reader says – reply to this


    This is sad and extremely scary. I personally have never suffered from bullying but my younger sibling currently is and it's extremely painful to be on the other end and not be able to do anything about it. Of course we're reported it to the principal and teachers, some of shrugged it off as "oh its just a game of boys" NO. it's not. We even went down to the Board of Education and finally something was done..but to us it only felt like a slap on the hand to these kids and then it didn't stop my brother from now having new kids picking on him for taking a stand.

    The laws need to be harsher against bullying, with the all cases and media bullying has gained over the years, please do not come and tell me a kid doesn't know what they are doing. because they do. I believe there needs to be more workshops not only for the students but for the teachers who only care about collecting a paycheck at the end of the week and no longer care about their students.

    Truly sad, and I hope justice is served.

  19. 19

    This is a very sad story….heart breaking for the girl and devastating for her mother.

    Haley: you said, "I have learned as an ADULT that nobody can make you feel anything but yourself…..key word ADULT, IDIOT. Good for you to stand up and not commit suicide but you are a percentage of people who move and grow from this experience as myself. This is a child, they are not mentally developed to understand or have any control over their emotions. It is completely unacceptable what you put on here maybe you can read a book about human growth and development.

  20. Elevator says – reply to this


    Bullying in high-school can be vicious; as an adult, I've never experienced anything like it in the work-place or anywhere else. Put it this way, if your colleague at work came up to you and called you 'fat and ugly', they would become instantly unpopular - they would then be called into meetings and face possible dismissal. Yet this stuff happens all the time in high school (and much, much worse). Teachers often turn a blind eye and bullied kids often don't seek help for fear of being humiliated further.

    I'm not saying public suicide is the answer. No way. But the kid was obviously depressed. We don't know how long or how severely she had been bullied, whether hurtful comments were made public via social media…there's a number of factors which could have made her school life tormenting.

    Parents need to take a more active role when it comes to teenagers; I had a cousin in high school who I know was a bully - I'd often tell her to stop and would even tell her mother. Her mum would reply 'yeah I know she can be really nasty!' but that was it. No, if you know you child is a bully, do something. If you're a teacher and you see this happening, do something. These are kids, they trust the school system to protect them because they're not at an age where they can fully protect themselves. Parents of victims also need to have open dialogue and assess whether their child would be better off at another school etc.

  21. Manny says – reply to this


    I have to agree 100% with hayley. I've been gay my whole life so was a lot more flamboyant than most, however I was only picked on or "bullied" like twice in my life. The reason? Because my parents taught me to stick up for myself and never let anyone make you feel bad. They would always say that's just how it is and eventually they'll grow up. That's the problem with today's parents. They don't teach their kids that. Its not about putting and end to bullying. Because you just can't. That's just how children are. What needs to stop is kids killing themselves over things like this. Teach your kids to stand up for themselves and to know that this will eventually stop as they get older. For all of you saying that these kids aren't fully developed…true. However, that is just a poor excuse. Basically your saying…its ok for them to commit suicide because they're so young and they don't understand. oh poor them. You know what? Its called teach them to grow a pair and stand up for themselves. Suicide is completely selfish. This is the problem with people today. They're so afraid to talk about anything and any of their feelings with each other, especially their children. Its an unfortunate fact, but bullies will ALWAYS be around. You can't get rid of it. teach your kids to stand up. Yeah, they're only children, but this is the age to teach them lifelong lessons that they too can teach their children. So BE PARENTS. It's all about what your kids learn at home.

  22. lex says – reply to this


    The way it sounds, she killed herself, and did so in such a manner that her bullies would see her dead body, as REVENGE, not to get away from her pain. She herself said "seek justice". I'm sorry, but she was extremely selfish and nobody pushed her into killing herself in a public way. Kids these days are taking suicide as the easy way out because it's getting them attention online and in the news. You know what I did as a kid when I got bullied? Sucked it the fuck up or got back in their faces. We are teaching our kids these days to be so fucking butt hurt over the smallest things and to nit pick over nothing. Teach your children better and this shit won't be happening. My kids know that if someone bullies them, they need to take it with a grain of salt, not fucking kill themselves.