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Kim Kardashian Offers Khloe Sisterly Advice: Don't Get Pregnant!!!!

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Khloe Kardashian told Ryan Seacrest that her sisters are always trying to give her advice. Like, ALL THE TIME.

Kim Kardashian's advice to Khloe is literally three words.

Don't. Get. Pregnant.

Kim says her pregnancy has just been extremely painful, and if Khloe can have a baby some other way - it's best to avoid the trials and tribulations of the baby bump. Kim even thinks Khloe is lucky not to be pregnant!!!

Check out the video (above) around the 5:15 mark and see it for yourself!!!

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23 comments to “Kim Kardashian Offers Khloe Sisterly Advice: Don't Get Pregnant!!!!”

  1. Jones19 says – reply to this


    That's so insensitive. I'm sure Khloe would suffer a 100 difficult pregnancies and/or deliveries to have the baby she's wanted for so long.

  2. 2

    Is it even possible for her to be more selfish and vain? Don't get pregnant because it's hard? Really? It's as if she doesn't realize that she's not the only women in history to be pregnant.

  3. 3

    Must make Khloe enraged that her sister is having a baby she doesn't even seem to want when she herself has been wanting a baby for a long time.

  4. Kerry says – reply to this


    Kim is so unreal,selfish and inconsiderate! She should not be a mother! That title is for caring,kind and considerate person. A real women that becomes a mother is not concerned with her body and her image, it is with the health and safety of her child! More and more I hate her! Khloe my hope is that you do become a mother and see how wonderfully natural it is, because you are more of a women and totally more beautiul than Kim will ever be! Sincerely, signed by a real mother of 3!

  5. RainbowBrite says – reply to this


    What a bitchy thing to say. She had options if she didn't want to be pregnant, thats so messed up to say to a sister who has been desperately trying.

  6. kikikiwi says – reply to this


    WOW, What an effing bee. She KNOWS how badly her sister wants a child. That's effed up.

  7. drebae87 says – reply to this


    Someone Shut this realty tv whore up! Such an idiot

  8. 8

    yeah, khloe if you can just buy one its far easier.

  9. 9

    Never in my life have I ever heard of the pains and complaints that this phony ass bitch has about her pregnancy. I fume inside when I hear things that she has said. She is just an awful person. That poor, poor child is going to have a life of living hell with the mother from hell.

  10. 10

    really? oh yeah, lets tell the one sister who actually WANTS a baby and is having difficulty having one with her husband, to not get pregnant. i never really had an opinion on Kim, she is what she is, but wow. what an insensitive bitch.

  11. monica says – reply to this


    I agree princess pop. I wonder will she blame this comment on pregnancy brain.

  12. 12

    I really hope a Dingo eats her baby.

  13. Misspd says – reply to this


    WOW!!! I didn't realise how horrible it was to have a child. Well obviously it is when you're as spoiled as little miss Kim Kardashian. Boohoo, it hurts having a baby, boohoo my body will never be the same :'( WAHHHH STFU. this is a gift and an amazing opportunity in a womans life. be happy that you can actually conceive because there are some women who will never have this amazing gift. Selfish woman

  14. Trying and trying says – reply to this


    Ok seriously … I have been trying for over 3 years now to have a baby and this comment … oh this comment … She is such a fake bitch! I feel SO sorry for Khloe!

    And … first off, be THANKFUL you can get knocked up by your disgusting boyfriend! Fertility treatments are HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE. Second … if your feet and back hurt, TRY WEARING FLATS. You can't complain about all these aches and pains and then parade your fat ass around town in heals when you're almost 7 months pregnant! Seriously … shut your ugly, over injected, fake mouth!!!

  15. 15

    Can Kim be any more of an EVIL CVNT?

  16. mehmeh says – reply to this


    did kim shoot botox in her eyeballs? fat trashbag such an unappreciative waste of space

  17. 17

    The only reason Kimmypoo is having a horrible pregnancy is she wears nothing but freaking heels and when you're carrying that much extra weight in the front it offsets your back without heels, let alone 5 inch stilletos every day. Stupid moron is having problems and it's her own damned fault.

  18. 18

    Wow, what an insensitive bitch. She knows that her sister has been desperately trying to get pregnant and it's possible that she can't. Why would she say that? I'm sure Khloe doesn't think she is lucky to not be pregnant. I'm sure it bothers her everyday.
    It's moments like this that I think life is unfair. Someone who is married and wants a baby can't have one, and someone who didn't want a child can. And isn't even grateful about it.

  19. Kendra says – reply to this


    Pooor kim,yahh pregnant,doing what no woman has ever done.insesitive bitch_and the surrogate is not human or does it mean anything painful is for lesser humans?This shows no matter how much they try to hide this lady's character in their show her true selfish,spoilt,wicked nature will surely surface

  20. sue says – reply to this


    What a self centered vain bitch! I hope Khloe gets pregnant soon. She would be an awesome Momma. Then again, I am sure Kim's nanny's will be awesome Mom's too!

  21. 21

    kim is a disgrace.

  22. @v@ says – reply to this


    …and now my ears and head hurt listening to the complaints and whining. Thanks a lot.

  23. Solange says – reply to this


    Re: Trying and trying – She doesn't even attempt to dress in actual maternity clothing. No wonder she's so uncomfortable! Anything remotely tight (pants, bra, underwear…) on my body was so uncomfortable, and forget wearing heels. I was rocking comfortable maternity jeans or leggings, loose-fitting tops and cushy flats and was still feeling horribly uncomfortable.

    Pregnancy is hard and it's not a fun process, but no one will tell you it wasn't worth it. As miserable as I became, I thought about my little girl I was carrying and it made everything okay.

    Kim is a selfish b**** for saying these things. Her sister desperately wants a child and Kim so easily getting knocked up during an extra-marital affair (let's call it what it technically was) probably breaks her heart. Kim should be ashamed.