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35 comments to “Teenager Cameron D'Ambrosio Is Facing Terrorism Charges After Rapping About Boston Marathon”

  1. Brad says – reply to this


    I don't know.. I can kind of see it as just a form of expression, and just being caught up in the moment of this tragedy in a morbid way. There's lots of people who vent in ways that seem off to others and abnormal, but I'd need to be persuaded a little more that this guy is a threat to society in other things he has done. Assign him a psychiatrist at first to assess him before pulling the terrorism card.

  2. maramazingness says – reply to this


    freedom of epression? No. Ok.

  3. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Re: Brad – Sorry Brad, I do not agree, he will have to learn to "vent" properly or face the consequences.

  4. Joy says – reply to this


    When keeping it real goes wrong.

  5. DLA says – reply to this


    perhaps professional help would be better than 20 years, its just a rap should necro go to jail for his sadistic rapping style, people express them selfs in different ways
    I just think its a bit crazy but I'm from New Zealand so not to sure how things work there

  6. 6

    Re: Brad – nope…def not..this kid has serious issues. I understand expression…but to brag about or embellish a tragedy that is still so dress in people's minds…not good at all. This is home state, so close to Boston…he should get the penalty that fits his crime….only way to learn he shouldn't be bringing about more pain to these victims. Hope his parents are proud of their son!!

  7. 7

    Those cuticles could use a little work. I guess he'll have plenty of time, now…

  8. 8

    freedom of speech does not include threats you nimrod

  9. Lis says – reply to this


    What a disrespectful POS.

  10. James Spader says – reply to this


    I'm not threatening him but I wouldn't lose any sleep if Obama gets cancer and dies tomorrow.

  11. jer says – reply to this


    **** you perez this young man did not deserve 20 years for freedom on speech anyone that believes this clearly has something wrong with their head.

  12. luc boden says – reply to this


    alot of mainstream rappers and songwriters could end up in prison and labelled terrorists just for their words. This is horrible precedence and Perez is a hypocritical fool to support such laws.

  13. Anon says – reply to this


    Fuck you people. Seriously.

    Arrest this kid and charge him with terrorism? OK, now arrest every other rapper out there for their lyrics too.

    Supporters of this kind of tyranny are worse than supporters of terrorism.

  14. What? says – reply to this


    Re: Anon – Agreed completely. This is fucking bullshit. The kid clearly has the aspiration of being a rapper, and this is the type of bullshit that rappers talk about. We're really imprisoning a kid for making controversial comments in a rap lyric? This country is on such a fucking slippery slope. The constitution apparently means absolutely nothing anymore.

  15. 15

    FREEDOM OF SPEECH & EXPRESSION are ABSOLUTE RIGHTS given by the Creator & is protected by the US Constitution!

  16. James A. Bretney says – reply to this


    Where are his parents? Giving this kid 20 years even though "he did not make a specific threat?" So what, we are criminalizing dissent? Our jails are political prisons now? Unless this kid has Allah Akbah, tatted on his forehead, a stern warning, a legal hassle, painful probation and a shaming of his parents by the derelict dinosaur media (respect to Perez Hilton) will do. Don't take years of this kid's life and criminalize him.

  17. Tom says – reply to this


    I have one thing to say.. WHERE ARE HIS PARENTS?? He has too much time on his hands and needs a JOBIE JOB! Living at home under his parent's roof for free then his parents needs to keep a closer eye on him and they are just as guilty!!!!

    If he was BUSY with work and school. He will not have any time for this BS!!! Sounds like a thug in the making. I hope this incidents shakes him at the core including his parents and their guilt for NEGLECT!!!!

  18. alan says – reply to this


    I saw his rap video. wow. he should be put away. it was that bad. he makes the american idol flunkies look like pop stars.

  19. Jj says – reply to this


    The USA has been a developing police state since 2001 bitches

  20. Sam says – reply to this


    First amendment, anybody?

  21. robyn says – reply to this


    Um, freedom of speech? Does that still exist?

  22. anon says – reply to this


    Lyrics in a song is not a threat, and you can't use lyrics in a song to convict someone. There are so many court cases were lyrics are inadmissible in court.

    Reason being, lyrics are a form of art and expression of a feeling and embodiment of an image. But rarely does it reflect on who you are, or what you will really do.

    If this kid is found guilty, think of the ramifications. Every rapper in America is going to be convicted of some kind of felony, prostitution, murder, etc. Every aspiring rapper is also going to be stifled about what to say and where to post.

  23. bgcred says – reply to this


    Re: teeter totter – and ho do u properly vent??

  24. bgcred says – reply to this


    Re: TheLookingGlassRe: TheLookingGlass – all he did was use metaphors for his rhymes. stop wearing your feelings on ya sleeve!

  25. bgcred says – reply to this


    Re: charliechaplin@ – Who or what did he threatin ?

  26. seven says – reply to this


    Rap stars talk about killing people all the time in the music they produce. Why aren't all of them being held on bond for this form of expression. But all of a sudden he's a terrorist, he needs psychiatric help, and on trial looking at a 20 year charge. For what? Exercising his first amendment right to free speech? Doing so in bad taste is not a crime.

  27. ninny says – reply to this


    This kid overloaded his mouth

  28. Bias Media says – reply to this


    Oh. MSM. How you mislead the masses into the ongoing state of fear.

    The media printed:

    "(Expletive) a boston bominb wait till u see the (expletive) I do, I’ma be famous"

    The actual line is:

    "(Expletive) a boston bominb wait till u see the (expletive) I do, I’ma be famous rapping"

    He's a wanna-be rapper and he's just reflecting the image that most mainstream rappers portray now a days. The "satanic images" included image from a metal band's poster. Cause you know, all metalheads are devil worshipers and anarchists.

    Massachusetts Law is pretty clear about what constitutes a "terroristic threat". The statement has to claim that there is a weapon or a bomb, and/or threaten a specific place or location with the intent of causing disruption. Cam comparing his rap aspirations with the amount of media coverage tragedy in Boston got doesn't even come close.

    The Methuen Chief of Police even stated: “I do want to make clear he did not make a specific threat against the school or any particular individuals…”

    Stop drinking the state of fear cool-aid the government and MSM is feeding us.

  29. briane says – reply to this


    You people are all stupid. Call him a POS……call him disrespectful….call him whatever you like because that is your 1st amendment right. It is also his first amendment right to express himself verbally. He did not threaten anyone in particular. This is a blatent violation of his Constitutional rights and the officers and judges who swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution are the only criminals that I see here.

  30. Apathetic12345 says – reply to this


    Really, happy someone is in jail for exercising the First Amendment. This coming from someone exercising their First Amendment right to profit from tabloid garbage. This was hyperbolic language, and not even close to demarcating it into the rubicon of "incitement." We are giving up our personal liberties under the subterfuge of terrorism.

    Maybe we should have put Biggie Smalls in jail too, he was rapped about "blowing up like the Trade Towers."

  31. Bullshit says – reply to this


    Sub par article at best. This was taken highly out of context, and feels Fox News. Look at the petition for his release and read the real lyrics. A little distasteful, but not "terrorist" worthy. Re-examine, everyone.

  32. JAMESDT says – reply to this


    There messing with our constitution YOu can get a wanted dead or alive poster from disney world with your face on it I GOT ONE wtf america He's a kid who's listen to eminem his 20 times worse most his songs are talking about killing ppl its only a kid who's dream of rapping has him locked up…. LIsten to the fn lyrics he didnt threaten anyone. I know o f atleast to proclaimed rappers who have made references to the world trade center in there lyrics there not locked up why cause its free speech…!!!!! get your heads our of your BEEEEEPPP and think you dumb BEEEEEPPPP ,,,,,….. Holy cow HE IS A KID

  33. verberat says – reply to this


    It looks like freedom of speech is dead in the USA.
    So many fools and authoritarians cheering its demise.

  34. seriously says – reply to this


    A guy posts lyrics and that makes him a criminal, a terrorist? Bad taste isn't a crime.

  35. constitution says – reply to this


    Re: teeter totter – I think you want the whole world to be slaves the way you say he should act differently. Humans can act anyway shape or form as long as it harms no body. U can say any words you want its called freedom of expression. by you saying he will have to vent properly shows that you bow down to society and conform to the “usual way of venting“ get a brain and some lack of conformity… keep living your slave life in a fear about the world.