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Cleveland Kidnapping Case: Gruesome Details Emerge

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This is beyond awful.

Many expect charges to be filed today against Ariel Castro and his two brothers for kidnapping three Cleveland women, Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, who were rescued on Monday after a decade of imprisonment.

In the meanwhile though - many new and terrible details have emerged about what life was like for the imprisoned girls during their captivity in Castro's house - which was only several blocks away from where two of the girls were kidnapped originally.

Police have confirmed that chains and ropes were used to bind the women. Here's what the Cleveland police chief said:

“We have confirmed that. We have confirmation that they were bound, and there were chains and ropes in the home.”

The police have also ascertained that the girls were almost never allowed outside. The police said:

"They had no ability to leave the home or interact with anyone other than each other and the suspect."

One neighbor believes they witnessed one of those times, and even said they reported it to the police!

Here's more from a report:

“A third call (to police) came from neighborhood women who lived in an apartment building. Those women told Lugo they called police because they saw three young girls crawling on all fours naked with dog leashes around their necks. Three men were controlling them in the backyard. The women told Lugo they waited two hours but police never responded to the calls.”

However the mother and sister of the woman who reported this incident recently said they only told their mother about what they saw. The mother did not call police because she "didn't know what to do."

What may be the most disturbing aspect of this overall incredibly troubling case is the sexual abuse the suspects put the victims through.

According to sources - Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight were repeatedly raped and beaten. All of which resulted in five miscarriages between the three of them and one daughter for Ms. Berry, who was one of the victims rescued on Monday.

Berry confirmed that the daughter was hers and said:

"Yeah, she's my daughter, she was born on Christmas."

Castro's neighbors are furious at local police for letting all of this happen right under their noses. Especially about one incident in particular:

"[One neighbor's] sister saw a woman and baby standing in a window after hearing pounding. The window was partially covered with a plank. Lugo said he was suspicious and called police and again, nothing happened."

Another neighbor said:

“The Cleveland police should be ashamed of themselves. These girls were five minutes away. They were looking for years and years. They were right under their nose.”

Police say they are currently going over each and every detail in this scary series of unfortunate events, and hope to have the complete story at some point in time.

We hope it is sooner rather than later.

[Image via Cleveland Police Department.]

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16 comments to “Cleveland Kidnapping Case: Gruesome Details Emerge”

  1. Darlene Lyons says – reply to this


    Its obvious the police show a lack of compassion judging from the 911 call that was placed. smh

  2. Jenny says – reply to this


    I keep reading people stating how the police did nothing for years….they did….they did A LOT of NOT FINDING these women!!! I lived in the area when these girls went missing, i lived there for years. I lived RIGHT DOWN THE STREET from the Burger King Amanda Berry worked at. We saw the missing signs, we never saw police questioning any of our neighbors. Just so happy they are alive!

  3. Foka says – reply to this


    Quite frankly, I believe that the people who saw the women naked outside are lying about calling police. In one interview they said they did call police, on Piers Morgan last night they said they did NOT call the police. I find it hard to believe, regardless of the capabilities of any police department, that they would not respond to a call describing four women naked on leashes! The people either did not see it, or saw it and did not report it. Either way they are clearly looking for their 15 minutes of fame.

  4. Twilight says – reply to this


    Wait a minute people……Didn't you read above where one of the people saying they saw something and the police called–the mother just said the girl told her about it and SHE DID NOT CALL THE POLICE. I highly suspect that other people who are saying that they called the police now that they have a mic in front of their face may not actually have done it either. The police have admitted that they went to the house for twice and why.

  5. Jenny says – reply to this


    I agree….however, my original comment was in reference to when Amanda Berry disappeard. She was taken while walking home from work, meaning, she walked directly passed my street - not once did a Cleveland Police officer, FBI agent, or any other official come near my home, or any of my neighbors'. We DID, however, see her family members searching for her, even 3 years after she disappeared, on foot. They were dedicated, and truly believed she was still alive.

  6. 6

    It figures they would be Cubans.

  7. Alexandra says – reply to this


    Regardless if the neighbors actually called the PD on more than one occasion and nothing was done about it, they were locked in there for 10 freaking years. One of the GAVE BIRTH in there. I mean jeez I'm more stuck on that detail than any of the alleged PD bs… Those women will never be the same again.

  8. 8

    Re: Darlene Lyons – 911 operators are not police.

  9. 9

    I can't believe you people don't go to credible sources for your news instead of reading what this idiot homo steals from real sites and then adds his worthless, retarded commentary.
    Re: Jenny – Really, asshole? When there are limited clues and even those go cold, what would YOU do differently? Tell us, oh expert, all that you'd do to save all of the missing people, because it's clear you know all. The cops and the FBI aren't going to come near your home if clues and leads don't send them there, you dumb twat. Let's hope that if YOU ever need the cops, they don't bother to show up, because one less ignorant, critical person on this planet would be a blessing. Christ you're a stupid bitch.

  10. Gloria Redd says – reply to this


    Did the Castro Brother come over in the Mariel Flotilla

    I can see some MAJOR lawsuits in the works
    Just think if a man is imprisoned by the government for 10 years and than found to be innocent, he sues and gets like 10 million $$$,
    These women were imprisoned, raped, tortured , etc and if the government had done it's job, the one our tax $$$$ pay them to do, this would have been over a long time ago

  11. lalalalalalala says – reply to this


    Re: Pansy Hunter
    And I'm sure you're a detective? I mean really, there's no need to be an asshole. I agree with Jenny that that the police should have done a more thorough investigation. It is truly upsetting that these girls were stuck for so long and no one noticed. I mean that cannot have been Amanda Berrys only escape attempt. Now I'm just going to wait for you to call me names because you're a misogynistic bully who probably doesn't even know what that word means so look it up you twat and maybe someone will be kind enough to kidnap you so you stop polluting the world with your bs. Go fuck yourself. Cheers!

  12. Jenny says – reply to this


    Re: Pansy Hunter
    I never said i had all the answers, i simply stated the FACT that during their search, they didnt' bother to question neighboring people. And i never said a diparaging word against anyone. For a minute, the child in me wanted to respond to your name calling with some of the nastiest words i can think of, but i think i'll just report you instead. wait, i changed my mind, pole blowing candy assed midget loving tunnel dweller. That felt better :)

  13. Nik says – reply to this


    Those men are truly disgusting excuses for human beings! They should serve the rest of their pathetic lives in a maximum security prison cell and be raped and beaten! They deserve to be all be hung but that's the easy way out

  14. Unbelievable says – reply to this


    I pray that the victims will some how be able to live a normal life after this horror. I also pray that the men involved are beaten and placed underneath the jail with no food, water or human interactions.

  15. wuteva says – reply to this


    sickening story. The police over there suck at their job, and if anyone did notice the girls outside naked, they should have kept on calling the police and went up to the damn station!! those bastards deserve to be beaten to death, and their **** cut off!

  16. 16

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