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Checking In With Perez & Perez Jr.!

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Poppa Perez vlogs about life as a new dad!

Check it out above!

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Perezcious Pics: January 8 - 14, 2017
Perezcious Pics: January 1 - 7, 2017
Perezcious Pics: December 25 - 31, 2016
Perezcious Pics: December 18 - 24, 2016
Perezcious Pics: December 11 - 17, 2016
Perezcious Pics: December 4 - 10, 2016!

25 comments to “Checking In With Perez & Perez Jr.!”

  1. 1

    No offense, but lets have this talk when your kids is OLDER. A baby IS easy. The hardest it might get is if it doesn't sleep. It's not always so simple, especially when they're older and can talk and think for themselves. That to me is when things can get…interesting.

  2. 2

    Enjoy him now! This blissful time will pass sooo quickly! He might not be so chill at 14 lol!
    Thanks for the update! :)

  3. adele says – reply to this


    I cannot imagine how this kid is going to grow up knowing his dad is the biggest cyber bully ever. I guess karma is a bitch.

  4. NicholeB says – reply to this


    I love you. I just love you. And your baby. I want to be like you.

  5. kate says – reply to this


    Perez can you please clean your look up. You look awful we like you as a clean shaved clean cut gay male and father please go back to the classy look not the nasty grungy god awful look .

  6. jennifer says – reply to this


    This was so cute! Loved seeing it. I really wish you would do a video giving some information to people on how you got your baby. I understand if you can't or don't want to say the mom's name but it would be great for other people to know a bit about the process you went through and your experience with it. I know it would help a lot of other people.

  7. 7

    I agree. Clean up. Do you really want your child to look back and see what a tragic, dirty mess you looked like when he was a baby? You look like you might smell 'Yo.

  8. Private says – reply to this


    You need some hair plugs, in the mean time cut your hair short, please dont do the donald trump side sweep. And babies are easy, but they do get harder as they become kids. You have no idea. Just enjoy this time and bond with your baby because that bonding will get you through the tough times ahead when your child grates on your patience.

  9. debi says – reply to this


    This is so sweet. As a mom of 5 and g-ma of 11, I think you are doing great. You're in love and it shows. I am so happy for you.

  10. 10

    Look how neglectful Perez is. Now he has a just unfrozen caveman watching over his spawn.

  11. Charlie C. says – reply to this


    I hope you now get how your "potato head" comments about someone else's baby felt to those parents. And I also hope you realize that when he gets old enough people will make fun of him simply because of who his father is, just like those children you made fun of. Prepare both him and yourself for the fallout.

  12. 12

    Some days Perez looks like Carrot Top and a baboon had a baby.

  13. jmyth says – reply to this


    Hee Haw, Hee Haw, he looks like Mr. ED. What happened to his face? It looks as though it grew vertically.

  14. Sandra says – reply to this


    You look radiant and this baby has taken years off your face! How's that for a facelift! Nothing like unconditional love to make you look beautiful. I"m so happy for you! God bless him and enjoy him. XOXOXOXOXOXO

  15. LookatYou says – reply to this


    If I was that baby I would keep quite also for fear that sasquatch would devour me like those cupcakes he bought.

  16. Brooke says – reply to this


    I don't understand why people are harping on his appearance. I'm sure his kid won't mind looking back and seeing his dad like this. Besides, his dad looks hot! Way to go, Perez, you look absolutely amazing, and you can tell how much you love your son who is absolutely adorable.
    As most others are saying, enjoy this time! Once they start walking and talking, it's a whole other ballgame!

  17. tony says – reply to this


    Wash your hair for Christ sake. Its disgusting.

  18. Peanut says – reply to this


    You may think you got it easy now, you've only been a parent for 3 months…….just wait……….just you wait…lol, that's all I can say ;P

  19. @v@ says – reply to this


    Learning to consciously rise above the stress and forcing yourself to stay calm when the old you would have been whirling-dervishing is the start of mature emotional mastery. The stress will basically only come when junior is deviating from the 'schedule' (that you've been counting on to do other things) for health (i.e. teething) or other reasons. When they stop napping between three and four, for instance, (because if you still make them nap then they start staying up too late) means you just have to get used to NO nap. By then they can amuse themselves for a time anyway. Anyway, I believe babies are good because the parents are; in most cases it means that the little one's basic needs are all being met, so why would they fuss? Well done.

  20. oppning says – reply to this


    You look fabulous you two! You're doing great! What i find amazing about kids is how they teach us sooo many things. Wish you both all the best :) *

  21. 21

    Your baby is soooooooooooooo cute you are very lucky, wash your hair!!!!!!!

  22. marythemerfairy says – reply to this


    Perez your teeth are to die for. Georgeous and white! Oh yea and babys cute too!
    I tell everyone with a new baby to spread your vaccinations way far apart cause they still put thermersol in some of the vaccines as a preservative (its mercury). Dont take the docs work for it they are clueless trust your judgement. YAY!

  23. 23

    Mario…you are looking more ill every month dude….seriously, spill the deets and end the speculations…

  24. 24

    Re: Perez the missing link – hahahahahaha!!!

  25. 25

    my god you look like a dirty caveman