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56 comments to “Kendall Jenner Fights Back Against Frances Bean Cobain!”

  1. TruthSpeaker says – reply to this


    Cobain's about to smack the sh*t outta kimmie's sis for talking outta line! obey bitches!

  2. 2

    Perhaps she prays her mommy will buy her a nice new car, but I highly doubt she prays for the less fortunate.

  3. 3

    Kendall ends by saying, 'who are you to judge me?' Well Kendall, you are a public figure who made a public statement. You have put yourself up to be judged by everyone. If you don't want this life, you could be like the Osbourne daughter who chose not to be involved in reality tv. And your sentiments about prayer and giving back do not sound the least bit convincing.

  4. Chapata says – reply to this


    Re: it-is-what-it-is – And, are you do it??

  5. Johnny Depp is God says – reply to this


    Really, REALLY you are going to side with this little entitled girl? I pray, wtf does that do for anyone… praying. First world problems indeed. More power to Frances bean Cobain for calling her out and the fact it took all this time to repsond, what she have to go through a committee to figure out what she needed to say.

  6. Gonzo says – reply to this


    Kendall sounds like a self -centered idiot.
    Now that Kim is getting older, Kris the pimp Jenner is gonna make money off this brat.

  7. 7

    I wish Frances Bean would stop, this is the boost that Mama Pimp Jenner needs for her self absorbed daughter' "career"

  8. karen says – reply to this


    I find it disturbing that so many of you feel comfortable verbally bashing a 17 yr old girl. She was younger than that when the whole Kardashian thing started. She probably didn't have a say & as a child maybe didn't even think there was something to have a say about. As for Frances Cobain, you'd think she'd be alot less aggressive to a young person in the spotlight after having to live down her parents' bad choices.

  9. Miss Winks says – reply to this


    Kendall exudes class through and through. Cobain is a righteous, nutty mess like her parents.

  10. Rose says – reply to this


    Sounds like cobain is jealous.

  11. 11

    Re: Rose – she's definitely not jealous.

  12. Eizza says – reply to this


    Kendall Jenner asking for life to be easier? BITCH PLEASE!

  13. Eizza says – reply to this


    Re: Rose

    Shes not jealous. She's aware.

  14. 14

    Frances Bean Cobain isn't "aware" she is just taking a stance she knows will be popular. It is trendy right now to hate any Kardashian, just like when I was in middle school it was trendy to hate Britney Spears, just like in kindergarten it was trendy to hate Barney. If you can't see that then I feel sorry for you. There are a lot of things to dislike about the kardashians, especially Kim, but trying to put Kendall in her place for simply having problems and being down in the dumps is stupid. period. Every single one of us has complained about our "first world problems". We ALL have them. And we don't even know what her problem was. It's just easy to side with Cobain because it's the more popular position right now. She knows it, that's why she spoke against her.

  15. Leah says – reply to this


    Francis cobain needs to learn to mind her own business, she's not perfect she shouldn't go around passing judgement.

  16. readingbitcheslikeyou says – reply to this


    Success and fame doesn't equal happiness. Nirvana was one of the biggest bands of its time, yet Kurt was still depressed enough to kill himelf, wasn't he? I hate the Kardashian/Jenners as much as the next bitch, but the kid can be sad if she wants to be. Damn.

  17. 17

    Re: Lady Amalthea – What you said. It's not cool to make assumptions, even in regards to a Kardashian!

  18. Whoop says – reply to this


    lol …. I would like to know what does she gives back actually. And everybody has the right to judge her since she's famous for her aunt's sextape.

  19. 19

    You pray for those people every night? you fucking lying sack of shit.

    I am so glad she felt the need to defend herself, because now she knows further more how people feel about her and her dirty ass family. STFU Kendal, Please just stfu you little attention whoring slut.

  20. amari says – reply to this


    people think just cause you are rich,u have the perfect life.that is not the case at all.money doesnt buy happiness and nobody's life is easy.

  21. mina says – reply to this


    what is wrong with some people bashing Kendall…. like are you really that bored with your life…she is not a bad person like there is no reason to just bash her like that…she is gorgeous and is a successful model

  22. 22

    kendal jenner just another kardashawhore in the making. I'll bet she has a sex tape with a black guy by the time she's 19.

  23. 23

    Frances Cobain has inherited millions from her father's estate, millions! She didn't earn the money, and yet she has it. Privilege.She did not graduate from college. What has she done? And why on earth does she feel so superior to another privileged girl, who isn't attacking anyone? When Frances Cobain saves the world with her millions, then she judge others!

  24. 24

    Re: rosebud99 – She's 17 Rosebud, a junior in High School!

  25. Ally says – reply to this


    What's the point in you reporting this when you're such a Kardashian fan. All of them are good for nothing, useless, talent-less and stuck up. You can't go anywhere without hearing about them. Kendall is a brat and wouldn't be a model if it wasn't for who is in her family. Frances did nothing wrong and I don't blame her, but of course you'd consider Kendall this sweet little, perfect, graceful, modelesque person, because you're a Kardashian fan. No one should ever read PerezHilton for any news regarding someone going against the Kardashians/Jenners, because the other person will always be made to look bad.

  26. Gtfo says – reply to this


    Perez, I honestly do not have anything against you but since you seem to just love kissing Kardashian ass I really feel obligated to say that this is full of shit.

    Rich people like Kendall piss me off and whining about her problems… seriously.

  27. NirvanaGirl says – reply to this


    First of all excuse my English. I really love Nirvana and anything related, thats why I got here. This girl Frances is nothing like her father. How arrogant it sounds her talking about her IQ. She even shows herself more stupid than that Kardashian person trying to show her as a stupid girl, like she is jealous or something. I find that mentioning "Cancer, contaminated water, etc etc" is as ridicolous as "I pray every night.."

  28. 28

    And how does she give back? What kind of volunteering or donating does she do? And praying is just saying something that really helps nothing, and costs nothing.
    An easy out for lazy, cheap people.

  29. Sandra DeRosia says – reply to this


    Good for her that she stood up for herself. It's ridiculous that Frances was trashing her for having a bad day. Last I checked even the rich have bad days and feel down sometimes. Just because you're loaded doesn't mean that you are required to be happy and grateful every second of the day and never get upset about anything…

  30. 30

    if she actually "gave back what she can" she wouldn't be walking around in thousand dollar clothes with thousand dollar purses, would she? the karTRASHians are the epitomy of repulsive rich people - you can't for a second claim to actually give a fuck about poor people and people suffering in this world, and at the same time live in a muti-million dollar mansion with things that cost as much as all of their uselss brand name crap costs, you just can't. so give it UP, Kendall. you were doomed from the beginning, girl. you're a rich kid and you have absolutely NO IDEA how the real world works/is/was/or ever will be.

  31. WillowWynde says – reply to this


    Well Re: rosebud99 – . . . people are allowed to have feelings, whether they’re a public figure or not. And as for being convinced - Kendall asked everyone to give her toys to donate to a children’s hospital for her last birthday. I’m not krazy for the Kardashians by any means. I just dislike seeing people assume the worst of someone based on who their family is, especially if it’s a kid.

  32. Jessie says – reply to this


    Re: Snow Glow – WORD!

  33. OT says – reply to this


    Honestly, she's a 17 year old girl with teenage problems, that most likely are not life threatening. But when I was a teenager, I thought everything was the end of the world, regardless if I had money or not! And if Francis Cobain had such a high IQ, why did she respond to a tweet that wasn't even directed towards her in such an aggressive way..?

  34. icecreamsn0w says – reply to this


    uggggggggggghhhhhhhh why are people so stupid. Kendall has been SEEN DONATING AND doing charity Frances has been seen to do NONE, Why didn't Kendall explain that in her reply. Frances is RICHER than her and DOES NOTHING. Walks around in $1000 clothes without working for it, DOES NOTHING FOR POORER PEOPLE WHATSOEVER. At least people like Kendall have to work to earn money even if it is modelling. People are so braindead.

  35. bubbles says – reply to this


    the sad thing is she doesn’t realise people like Ali Lohan and the Jenners aren’t born with a trustfund and might actually have to try and work to earn a living for themselves. She just wants to side with the masses hence targeting someone related to the Kartrashians. Knowing full well they are already hated. Yet I doubt she would dare target any of the older Kardashians, she just goes for the most vulnerable. BULLYING COWARD

  36. Lola2167 says – reply to this


    If you look at Kendall's and France's life, if any one deserves pitty it's frances. The girl has had it tough, but frances isn't referring to herself. She referring to the rest of the world that's had it even worse than her. I think she was wrong for telling Kendall "stop complaining there's real problems out in the world."

  37. Lola2167 says – reply to this



  38. 38

    AND of course PEREZ is going to defend her they are OBV paying him too. DUUUUH!!!

  39. 39

    I think Frances is rearing her ugly jealous head. She comes from completely fucked up trashy parents. You may not like Chris Jenner, but seriously…look at Courtney fuckin' Love. She is a train wreck who lost custody of her own kid. And Kendall, well her father was an Olympian who did not kill himself with too much ego and drugs. It is pretty obvious, she is just trying to get her name out there. Because no one gives a rats ass who she is.

  40. 40

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  41. KJ Is right says – reply to this


    Kendall Jenner is completely right! Frances needs to back off! And mind her own damn business, instead of trying to pick a fight with a teenage girl. Frances is soon to be a married woman, why doesn't she focus on better things, like her husband? Famous people do have bad days too and things can get hard for them.. Frances bean cobain, you obviously DON"T have a high IQ.

  42. 42

    …miss bean was frank…..

  43. 43

    Click it!!!
    She is waiting for you to take her home. Come on, everybody!!!

  44. anna says – reply to this


    Oh come on, Kendall is only 17, on her big sweet sixteen party she asked to the people who attended to her party to not give her birthday present, she actually asked to them to give toys for charity, she was only sixteen when she did it. Why are people judging her for having money? Her parents have money, her sisters have money, and she does aswell. So people with money have problems too. I bet Frances never ever dedicated even a second for charity. Search on google: Kendall Jenner charity. She's a teenager, guys.

  45. Frank says – reply to this


    Re: OT – Because Frances was raised by a total nut case.

  46. xtigerlilyx says – reply to this


    Team Kendall!

  47. Jay-Victoria says – reply to this


    I wish she had used proper grammar in her tweets. I would therefore like her more.

  48. Kartrashians says – reply to this


    Re: Lady AmaltheaRe: Leah – Oh fuck you two, Francis Cobain has more class in her pinkey finger than the entire kartrashian clan, she never claimed to be perfect. She has seen what greed and being famous does to a person, she's very aware of what her mother is like! Let's put it this way Francis lives in the real world and kendall is living in a fantasy!

  49. NIRVANA RULES says – reply to this


    Re: Zagg35 – WOW, you sound soooooo fuckin stupid, your mom should have swallowed instead! Kurt Cobain never wanted to be famous! He was happy playing his music in shitty dive bars, you obviously know nothing of NIRVANA and I will thank you too not tarnish it's name by speaking of them from your cocksucker lips! NIRVANA will always be one of the greatest bands to ever be heard, bruce jenner was an olympian before you were probably fuckin born, no one give a shit about him anymore, you think michael phelps will still be the shit 30 years down the road? Oh and you notice kendall only gives to charity when there is publicity in it for her!

  50. DestinyHope says – reply to this


    She's another stupid Kardashian,so really who the hell cares!

  51. Sammy says – reply to this


    Ugh. Kendall and her first world problems. Cry us all a river will you? If she were less narcissistic (although with a family like hers, it's probably not her fault - it's a genetic thing lol) we might actually be convinced.

  52. NOASSLICKERSALLOWED says – reply to this


    One privileged rich bitch guilt-tripping another privileged rich bitch, lololololol

  53. JessieA says – reply to this


    This is hilarious.

    One is beautiful, classy, popular, and perfect…the other is irrelevant and skeezy, and obviously trigger-happy.

    People need to get a life.

  54. georgia says – reply to this


    you all really need to stfu, if you ever bothered to watch the show they you'd know that kendall is the sweatest girl in the kardashian/ jenner family, watch her sweer 16 episode and you'll see..if anything its Kylie thats self-centered

  55. Kef says – reply to this


    Just because you are rich, doesn't mean you can't have problems! She is right that an individual's feelings are relative to their environment. If you break your leg, you would probably complain about it, right? Oh, but you shouldn't, because some people are amputees , so you should just be grateful that you even have legs. Someone will always have it worse than you do, but that didn't mean your problems don't matter!

  56. kat says – reply to this


    Re: Miss Winks – you are an idiot. ZERO of those Kardashians have any class.