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Kanye West Was Late To Kim Kardashian's Baby Shower And Did NOT Look Happy To Be There!

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kanye west

After some initial concerns about being the only guy at Kim Kardashian's baby shower, Kanye West decided to grace the party with his presence! But he wasn't exactly the proud papa Kim was hoping for!

According to sources, Yeezy was one of the last guests to show up and one of the first to leave, and as if showing up to your OWN CHILD'S baby shower isn't bad enough, he just didn't look interested at all in being there!

Sources say:

"Kanye arrived as many of the guests were leaving. You could tell Kim was wondering where he was. The singer didn’t look happy to be there [and] dodged cameras that were shooting for Kim’s reality show. Whereas Kim was extremely gracious to all of her guests, and made it a point to spend time talking to them, Kanye looked like he had been sucking on lemons. Several of Kim’s friends felt sorry for her because Kanye just couldn’t put a genuine smile on his face."

This sounds like vintage Kanye to us!

The rapper had recently said he didn't want to show up at all since the shower was being filmed for Keeping Up With The Kardashians but he could have at least put on a happy face and showed up ON TIME!!!

We know Kanye has a tendency to be a bit of a diva from time to time, but he could have put forward a little more effort considering this is HIS baby girl we're talking about!

Hopefully he seriously steps up his game once the baby is born!

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35 comments to “Kanye West Was Late To Kim Kardashian's Baby Shower And Did NOT Look Happy To Be There!”

  1. 1

    Why do you insist on calling Kanye a singer? He's never sang anything in his life. You are the scum that is ruining the World. This will effect your son don't get it twisted. Your son has to grow up in this World you are destroying by participating in payola.

  2. 2

    really not surprised. kimmy just needs to give that kid to Khloe and forget about it. neither she or kenye have the ability to raise a child.

  3. nunyabizk says – reply to this


    kim knew what she was getting into when she got involved with this troubled man. having a baby for ratings is blowing up in her face

  4. Liam says – reply to this


    Re: fabulousdivabuns – Do you enjoy going out of your way just to write comments that make you sound both heartless and crazy?

  5. 5

    Men do not belong at baby showers anyway.

  6. riisey says – reply to this


    How many men show up for a babyshower? none!! unless it is one of those family showers and that only happens when the expecting couple live far off or something. Showers are usually with women only. Kanye has expressed his wishes not to be on the show. How does this make him a bad father? plus you have pictures of everybody else but where are the pictures of him looking sour face? you don't have any do you? I have grown tired of the constant harrassment of other human beings. I guess you are mad because as the diva you are you didn't get an invite, so that you can run back and gossip about it!! Suck on that lemon!

  7. 7

    He can still show up and not be filmed. I'm not surprised.

  8. 8

    Again spreading fake stories.

    Kim had already announced he would come only at the end.

  9. 9

    Re: just my thoughts – Unless it is only baby daddies as parents.

  10. Bloons says – reply to this


    But of course they have to make Kanye look like the bad guy. Just like they did her last husband. Anyone with half a brain knows that this relationship is gonna be over before long, so she has to look like the victim for her next reality (and I use that term loosely) show…the one where she plays Kanye West's baby's mama and ex girlfriend, fighting to get him to pay her $500,000 a month in child support.

  11. Mendi Mayhem says – reply to this


    How can he be "one of the first to leave" if he didn't show up until other guests were leaving already? Come on Perez.

  12. Becky Hunter says – reply to this


    I don't like Kayne I never have & never will. He is an arrogant jack ass & he thinks the world revolves around him but it DOESN'T. That relationship between him & kim will NEVER work out. I feel bad for the baby.

  13. DaVinci says – reply to this


    I just got my Rosetta Stone. I learned how to say the word "tool" in Douche. It's pronounced "Kayne"

  14. Broksie says – reply to this


    I LOVE this little clip of Kanye LOL For some reason it's become the "in" thing to be an angry black man again. Kanye seems ridiculous with his sullen looks. Father's do come to the end of baby showers all the time. It's customary. He's only making himself look like a dweeb by hiding from the cameras. This relationship is D-O-O-M-E-D!

  15. cheech0803 says – reply to this


    this isnt true at all.

  16. a laughing white man says – reply to this


    Coonhey is wishing he shot his load in any of Kim's other orifices. Let's see if he teaches the white trash Kardashians how a "baby daddy' rolls in the ghetto. These two "celebrities" don't seem to be good parent material. For the sake of the poor baby girl, I hope I'm wrong. If I were him I would have gone to their televised baby shower and demanded a patertiny test. Hello, Jerry Springer?

  17. barbarjlly says – reply to this


    come on he hasnt been involved and never will typical porch monkey they f……..reproduce……….and think they r great………he is an overpaid overnoticed n………..why do people think he is something he aint crap………………n ….is an n………is an n………..typical………….

  18. Lisa says – reply to this



  19. Melanie says – reply to this


    He was always going to show up at the end. You guys cant stop making up BS for ONE DAY. It's pathetic. He actually got her a really sentimental gift & people there said was hugging her & rubbing her belly

  20. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: shaygirl1309 – They'll learn. Maybe Court could carry to term for Khloe and Lemar's fertilized eggie. She does pregnancy well, but Kim's a sweller.

  21. typographical says – reply to this


    Re: barbarjllyRe: barbarjlly – I would find it refreshing if for once the cowards that post racist comments online could at least construct intelligible sentences. But alas, intelligence "ain't" typical…

  22. @v@ says – reply to this


    Kanye went, though, didn't he. Dammed if he doesn't, and dammed if he does??? Pffft. 'Sources' say 'he didn't look happy to be there?' Maybe he WAS happy to be there, but shrinks at rooms full of women like most guys. It could just be guy thing discomfort.
    Good on him for supporting her.

  23. Mecca says – reply to this


    no…his attitude has nothing to do with his child. HE DOES NOT WANT TO BE ON HER REALITY TV SHOW. He has said this repeatedly to Kim but she is not listening so he is staying in Paris and away from her and the kardashian klan.

  24. 24

    Why would anybody in their right mind who has seen him behave the way he has in public even believes this relationship is going to work. He seriously has issues too big for Kim to handle and if she thought that Kris H. was trouble…this entire family is in for a rude awakening.

  25. staz says – reply to this


    i bet kim goes back to chris

  26. Johnny says – reply to this


    He does not look happy with her so sad …

  27. teeter totter says – reply to this


    I think most men are not comfortable at these type of events. My sister's husband sure was not happy. Why force them to attend? Men were never invited when I was growing up.

  28. Carmi says – reply to this


    Do you really believe that's Kanye's picture hiding his face? I don't think so. He wasn't there. Otherwise you'll see his picture matter how much he hides. Kardashian are good at that. Also Kanye was at Kourtney's baby shower and had his picture taken. So it's not true that he thinks baby showers are for women only.

  29. 29

    call me old fashion but men are men and woman are woman baby showers are secret womans business

  30. 30

    HE WAS NOT LATE! Stop spreading lies.

  31. 31

    Why does this guy always look so angry and cranky?

  32. 32

    NO _ he has INSISTED he does not agree with the Kardashian's necessity to stay on reality tv. WHY should he do something he doe snot want to do? Just because it is his baby's showr. I don't think so. He made it VERY clear he did not want to be a part of the show. Kim should have had a private shower, btu then again, she is unable to do anything private because then she is not making any $s!!!!! Of course she was gracious - she was on TV!!!!!

  33. 33

    Re: Liam – Agreed! fabulousdivabuns sounds nuts for sure! What the heck this dude has to do with Perez and his son? Nothing!
    I just want an answer to one question? Is this Kanye EVER happy? I never saw him happy. Not ever! His is an epitome of walking misery! So, I guess I agree with Perez when he wrote, "This sounds like vintage Kanye to us!". Too true, Perez! :D

  34. sheila lotsberg says – reply to this


    Both Kanye and Kim are happy about this new addition that will be here very soon. Kanye does not like to be filmed so I can see why he wasn't happy in front of the cameras. Why can't you people just leave these two alone? I'm sure they will parent this baby just as well as we did with our first baby. I'm very happy for them.

  35. Brianna says – reply to this


    It's funny how some of you people criticize them like you actually know them. Just shut the hell up. You don't know everything that goes on in people's lives.