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Have YOU Eaten Placenta? Know Anybody Who Has???

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Is it true???

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49 comments to “Have YOU Eaten Placenta? Know Anybody Who Has???”

  1. Maralyn says – reply to this


    Never knew anyone who ate their placenta but I've heard of people using it in their gardens or under a specific tree/plant for their child.

  2. morningstar says – reply to this


    I ate placenta after giving birth to my son in 1970. I ate a few bites raw and the rest steamed and stir-fried. Note: I am a vegan. Placenta is the only meat produced without killing anyone. he placenta has hormones that help the uterus contract and is great for immunity and re-energizing after the birth, where blood is lost, as well as sweat and tears… I am a midwife. Many women I work with eat the placenta. I know that after eating the placenta, shortly after giving birth, I was ready to go to a Grateful Dead Concert. It's amazing. Note: before AIDS placentas were sold to pharmaceutical companies to make Gamma Globulin which was used to boost immunity for those exposed to Hepatitis. Many people who are uncomfortable with the thought of eating placenta are happy to get that gamma globulin shot to boost immunity. It tastes like liver. It is a sacrament. It is amazing how it revitalizes a woman after giving birth.

  3. Kat says – reply to this


    I did perez 8 years ago after i delivered my boy, my midwife put it in capsules so you cant taste anything, it has a lot of nutrients good for you. Get some!

  4. Bodynsoil says – reply to this


    Yes, people do eat the placenta, this has been going on for a very long time. I recall back in the late 70's (dates me I know) when a particular group living near our home would request it from women doing home births.

    I wouldn't do it myself, but to each their own I guess.

  5. Tamalama says – reply to this


    Women do eat placenta but not like how it sounds. Eww. They don't chew it up right there in the delivery room. From what i understand its dehydrated and encapsulated. The benefits also range into helping the mother with post partem depression. Hate it when something it made to sound worse than it is. "Eating a placenta!" Sensationalize much?

  6. 6

    I have heard of women having an overwhelming urge to eat it. I know that women take it and plant it under a tree for their child. When I had my boys I didn't even get to see it. They just place it in a large tub check it for abnormalities and than take it away. But than again I just gave birth to my child so I wasn't really looking for the placenta.

  7. Manda says – reply to this


    I have heard of this and it is true. I saw this on a documentary about pregnancy from conception to delivery. A women kept the placenta and cooked it and it. There is suppose to be something in it that is good for the mom(I can't remember what). The theory is that in nature most mammals eat the placenta so we should too.

  8. female says – reply to this


    It would be great if people did research (especially men) on female topics like this … instead of just saying "ew, ew, ew." The placenta has many more benefits than just "staying young." I am sure she is taking it for it's ability to help fight post partum depression. If more women did research and we got back to having children the natural way, people would be healthier and women would have a more peaceful image of child birth.

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    Pregnant women route critical nutriets to the growing embryo. Their own bodies and bones are sapped for 40 weeks in favor of that baby in the womb. Exhaustion and tiredness along with mood changes need addressing, so I can absolutely see women jumping on anything they can to rectify physical shortfalls that could improve their strength and in turn make them function as a better mother in the early months.

  10. Barf Bag says – reply to this


    Oh yeah? If those that are so adventurous, eat a Durian….

    It will make you wary of trying new foods for the rest of your life. Be brave!

  11. 11

    Tamara Mowry of Tia and Tamara did, well she had someone mixed it in wine or something and drank it. Saw it in one of the episodes of their reality show.

  12. Lauren says – reply to this


    I LOVE all the positive comments about this. I am a doula and student midwife and I was ready to see ew ew ew gross who would do that. Placentophagy is extremely beneficial and helps a ton with post partum depression. Most women don't eat it raw, they have it dehydrated and encapsulated so it's just like taking a pill- not gross at all. Although some women do definitely eat it raw, cooked or in a smoothie. Whatever works for the mother.

  13. Ashley C. says – reply to this


    Yes, I had my placenta encapsulated (dehydrated, then put into capsules) and take one - two pills a day. generally how it's done today. placentophagy is an ancient practice that's been done for centuries. Animals eat their placentas, and its incredibly nutrient dense, as are most organ foods. I read the your other post about KK and her (ridiculous) assumption about eating it for her looks sake (smh).

  14. Sylvia Robichaud says – reply to this


    We brought home our first grandchild's placenta and planted a beautiful weeping cherry tree in our front yard. She is now 11 and the tree is doing beautifully after being so enriched.

  15. Jen says – reply to this


    I dot think i could ever personally stomach it, but when cats are finished giving birth they immediately eat it to start lactating asap to feed their hungry liter. I'm assuming that's why some woman have "urges" because our ancestors have done it for thousands of years. I wasn't able to breast feed my daughter… i often wonder if i had would i have been able to?

  16. 16

    The Dr. asked her if she wanted a sano pic of the baby and she said no, instead she wanted the details on how to stay young….Yes she's cra-cra….

  17. 17

    welcome to the jungle. animals eat the placenta

  18. Kelsey says – reply to this


    A friend of mine and her husband dried hers out and put it in capsules for her to take as "vitamins" to help with post partum and help with lactation. I personally would not do it. I had my son 9 months ago, saw the placenta and wanted to barf. But to each their own I guess.

  19. Michelle lawler says – reply to this


    I was given the option. I gave birth at a very hippy birthing center. It does miracles for the baby if you breastfeed and it puts back a lot of the nutrients back in your body that pregnancy depleats. That beinng said, I could not get past the taste and would have liked to have had some tasty recipies to been able to get past that. Humans are not the only animals to to this. The chosen moment my midwifes showed my placenta to me and ask me this very question, I had just given birth 2 hours b4 (all Nautural) and it mad me want to puke on my midwife. I would consider it if there were tasty ways to serve it and eat it!

  20. Kelly says – reply to this


    I did this last year.It helped with recovery after birth also was great for nails and hair lol.Mine was in A capsule form didn't taste like anything really

  21. Future Midwife says – reply to this


    Yes, people eat their placenta. Sometimes they encapsulate and others eat like any other meat. I have heard it do wonders to even out hormones and help with baby blues and even post partum depression. Here is an article on it:

  22. Cat says – reply to this


    Apparently, January Jones did:

  23. Jessi says – reply to this


    Definitely! I had mine freeze dried by someone who specializes in placenta. She did it with an old chinese recipe. I then took capsules everyday until it was gone. I recovered from my natural labor within 2 weeks, whereas it took me 8 weeks with my first natural delivery when i did not eat placenta. Additionally, I did not feel emotionally out of balance, etc. My theory is: why not! We are the ONLY mammal who does not typically eat placenta after birth. The other mammals must know something.

  24. Jenna says – reply to this


    I am giving birth in a few weeks and plan to capsulate my placenta and take it like a vitamin after birth. My doula recommended the practice and after doing much research found that it can be very helpful in post partum as well as redirecting nutrients back to my body that were given to the baby over the course of the pregnancy. Our plan is to take the placenta home and freeze it. Then if I feel like I want to capsulate it, I have 6 months as long as it is kept frozen. At the end of the day, the placenta is an amazing organ that literally creates itself to keep your baby alive. America considers it a medical waste, while in other countries the placenta is cherished and often buried in ceremonies, eaten or at its most extreme kept attached until it falls from the baby naturally (a lotus birth). At the end of the day, whether it has its benefits or not, I did not think throwing it away makes much sense. This is the organ that kept my baby alive and I believe it should be treated with care and love.

  25. Mel says – reply to this


    I did it in 2011 and it was amazing. I did pill form and I found my energy levels were restored very quickly. I had tons of energy to take care of my newborn and my toddler. My hormones stayed in check. With my first child, I developed a mild form of baby blues and it was enough to make me look into what I could do differently the second time around. Placenta encapsulation was my solution and I am thrilled I did it.

    KK is likely thinking about doing it because it seems to be trending these days in Hollywood. I doubt she would do it. What's to stop her from saying she did in order to sound "trendy" and never do it at all??

  26. 26

    Yeah, I saw it on Tia and tamera too. People in the raw food or vegan world keep it attached to their babies with the cord and keep it seasoned with salt in a bowl or what not. They don't cut the cord it falls off natuarlly. Not too sure if they eat it afterwards. But this is not new and I'm most likely to eat mine.

  27. Tirzah says – reply to this


    I had mine dehydrated and put into capsules. I went through a lot of depression during my 2nd pregnancy and was terrified I would go through PPD (being depressed during pregnancy increases your chances of developing PPD). Not only did I not develop PPD, but it gave me a NOTICEABLE energy boost as well as keeping my (sorry if this is TMI for some people) postpartum bleeding from lasting as long as it did with my 1st (which saved me from losing more iron and other nutrients that come a long with that). Did it make me more beautiful? Probably not, but you will find in MANY high end face creams, make up, etc. that they do use placenta (usually horse) as a major ingredient.

  28. Brook says – reply to this


    I have never made a comment but I had to respond with my overwhelming support of this. I have done tons of research on the matter and I 100% plan on eating my placenta after I give birth. It has great benefits and really aids in the "mommy blues" that tend to show up a couple of weeks after pregnancy. My own mother struggled bad with postpartum depression and eating your placenta gives back what was taken by your baby during child birth. Anything that I can do to prevent any serious depression, count me in! I will not make a huge deal about what I will be doing because it is such a taboo thing to do so only my immediate family will know.

  29. Tirzah says – reply to this


    Re: Tamalama – some women do eat it raw. many women place a chunk between their cheek right after delivery to help the uterus clamp down more quickly, to decrease the chance of hemorrhage

  30. Nora says – reply to this


    Yep, my doula made capsules out of the placenta from my daughter 2 years ago. I feel it definitely evened out my hormones and helped with baby blues, increased energy, milk production… 3 months ago I had another baby, I am in a new area and no one local does placenta encapsulation, I noticed a big difference!

  31. Whit says – reply to this


    I had mine encapsulated and took it that way. I will say that in after 3 pregnancies and 4 children the only time I didn't suffer form PPD was when taking placenta pills. They were amazing.

  32. Jay says – reply to this


    It is true! People in china eat it all the time

    look at this article:

  33. 33

    If I have a baby, I will definitely eat the placenta. Raw, cooked, in capsules, all of it. I just have to find which way is most beneficial and that's what I'll go with. There are way too many benefits not to.

  34. 34

    i know someone that did, she is a weirdo le leche hippie. most people mix it into something then eat it. the place she gave birth even had it as an option before giving birth, like do you want to keep it. she also still breastfeeds her almost 5 Y/O child. anytime, anywhere, its gross & weird. the reason people think its good for you, is because animals do it. to recoup nutrients. but we dont need to because we know where our next meal is coming from, unlike wild animals.

  35. Jamie says – reply to this


    I had a college professor who made hers into a placenta burger and ate it.
    At 18 that was quite the traumatizing visual but now as a parent at 27, I would consider it in capsule form.

  36. Madi says – reply to this


    Re: female – You do know back when we did it the natural way child birth was the leading cause of female death? Im sorry but there is absolutely nothing peaceful about child birth. Is it the greatest miracle we as humans can perform?Yes.Does it hurt like hell?Yes.

  37. acat says – reply to this


    I did it when i hadmy baby almost a year ago. I didn't eat it but it Was encapsulated and put into a pill form. There were many benefits and keeping me younger wasnt one of them. It help with a quicker recovery and made me more hormonally balanced. I wouldnhighly recommend it and do it again in a heartbeat

  38. cgirl says – reply to this


    I'm currently expecting my first child. It is a very real possibility that I could suffer from post partum depression, due to my history with depression. I promised myself I NEVER wanted to go on antidepressants again, and when my doctors pointed out the possibility of getting the baby blues, I did my research for alternative treatment. Luckily my Doula also does encapsulation if the placenta… So I will receive my placenta in pull form within 48 hours of giving birth. The benefits sound so helpful! Helps shrink cervix back, helps with breast milk, helps prevent baby blues, high in nutrients… So many!
    Personally I'm not into chewing it, but pill form seems ok!

  39. Meagan, RN says – reply to this


    As a RN and trained Doula (birth assistant), I can tell you that this has been practice for MANY years in MANY cultures. It is known to have many vitamins, minerals, and hormones that will (in fact) help to initiate lactation, firm up the uterus to keep from causing hemorrhaging, and can help to give back nutrients lost through blood loss. There are many ways to cook placenta. Some choose to dry it, crush it up, and encapsulate it. Others will cook it into a stew. It's really up to the mother. There is absolutely nothing unnatural about it. Many mammals eat their placenta. Animals don't just do things without a reason. There is obvious reasons why eating one's own placenta is actually quite healthy and reasonable.

  40. Nope says – reply to this


    Re: pafpdd – you are sadly misinformed. Humans are. Biologically designed to be breastfeed until 6 or 7 years old. There is nothing gross or disgusting in prolonged breastfeeding, just your ignorance of it. Eating the placenta has scientific evidence as well to support it. Something you didn't even bother to do the research on. This comment thread was surprisingly refreshing, until I got to your hateful and shaming comment.

  41. 41

    my sister ate a small peice but it didnt do anything shes since been in a mental hospital now out but still drugged to the eyeballs and i dont know what to do… NO IT DOESNT WORK … the cat however ate the placenta after the birth of the other cat it ate the other cats placenta…

  42. 42

    Re: Sylvia Robichaud – This is the only response I read without having my stomach churn!
    The rest of you are sick baboons!
    And yes! I gave birth to a beautiful boy, recovered from birth within days (no flabby post baby skin, no stretch marks, my physio couldn't believe how my uterus shrunk so beautifully and so quickly!) and I didn't have to munch on bloody placenta. Placenta was baby's kitchen and oxygen tank. I think this is the natural way. If I wanted to be a bloody dog I would have been born one!

  43. Lynnea says – reply to this


    Perez, hundreds of women have done this! I'd love to do an interview with you! Check out my interview on UK tv show This Morning yesterday.

  44. Ju says – reply to this


    Had mine encapsulated after being freeze dried. Helps replace hormones that otherwise would suddenly drop , less bleeding, less post partem depression etc. I swear by it!!

  45. Jamie says – reply to this


    My friend gave birth a year ago and rather than eating it raw she had it dried (kind of like how you would make beef jerky) and then crushed into pills, much easier to take and it still give the mother all the benefits.

  46. Kam says – reply to this


    I have! When I had my daughter 3 and a half years ago. I had it encapsulated (put into pill form). It definitely helped my energy levels post-partum, I had no "baby blues", and I had minimal cramping postpartum. I have heard it helps maintain milk supply. The placenta has all the natural enzymes a body needs to function and stuff you can't find anywhere else in nature.

  47. Jen says – reply to this


    I did last year. I had part of it in a smoothie, it was actually good. The smoothie had strawberries, peaches and bananas. It didn't taste anything strange, just fruit. I had the rest of it encapsulated. Did I derive any benefits from it? I can't say I did for an absolute fact, but I didn't have postpartum depression like I did after my first pregnancy. Avoiding postpartum depression and increasing milk production were the motivating factors for me. I had the smoothie because it was supposed to jump start the positive benefits and the capsules are for long term maintenance. I would do it again. It didn't hurt anything and potentially helped a lot. If something can potentially help you avoid potential problems without any bad side effects, why not?

  48. schubborniel says – reply to this


    I have never commented in any such a tending article as this but I need to because people are deluded and they stray from the fundamental truth that is based on the word of God.
    In the first instance, I want to advice who are planning to not to try it.
    God forbid eating of blood which is life. This placenta was the source of life for the baby while in the womb. When the baby is born, that means the placenta is now death it had finish is work. Now eating is tantamount to eating a dead being.
    Secondly, destiny may be tied to the placenta as it was the beginning of life for the baby. Now eating it is just like using your baby destiny and life to replenish your own life. No good mother who is equiped with adequate knowledge and sane minded would want to pay with her baby life. Good parents want their Children to be great in life.
    Apart from all the above, it is devilish and demonic act. Some did it without knowing the effect. No wonder, the Bible says because people when they see the work of God, they don't want to acknowledge Him. God have given them to reprobate mind.

  49. Alison says – reply to this


    Yes, I ate it, then made 13 other things out of the skin. I turned it into rawhide. Google “PREOCCUPIED with PLACENTAS” – 12 Experimental Adventures Making Beautiful Things from Placenta – PLACENTA ART & COOKERY - if you would like to see them. They are strangely cool and beautiful. lol x