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Paris Jackson Felt "Betrayed" By Wade Robson's Molestation Charges Against Her Father

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Paris Jackson's suicide attempt scared a lot of people who love and admire the daughter of Michael Jackson.

Right now everyone's trying to figure out what was making her feel so distraught.

And at least some believe that the molestation charges against Paris' father by long time family friend Wade Robson was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Here's what a source said:

“Paris felt betrayed. Paris just couldn’t understand why Wade would make such outrageous allegations against her dad. She remembered him fondly and thought of Wade as an older brother when she was growing up. Michael had always warned Paris about opportunists that would try and make a quick payday of the Jackson name, but she was stunned that Wade was now looking for money from the estates — It really shook her up.”

Of course, allegations of that nature against anyone's father would make most folks feel pretty terrible.

Plus the allegations apparently spurred a whole new round of bullying at her school about her father.

Which, if true, just isn't fair and is downright mean.

Paris is not her father. No one was/is.

We think it's really important for Paris to rest, recover, spend time with her loved ones, and to focus on the positives in her life.

We're sure if she does - she'll realize the good absolutely outweighs the bad!

Remember Perezcious readers, if you're ever feeling emotional distress, you can always hit up the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-SUICIDE or 1-800-784-2433. Nobody in their right mind is going to think you're doing it just for attention!

Or visit their website here.

[Image via Instagram.]

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40 comments to “Paris Jackson Felt "Betrayed" By Wade Robson's Molestation Charges Against Her Father”

  1. 1

    aw, its wades fault.

  2. 2

    Although this is likely true what does it take to become "a source"? Very sad situation.

  3. bluecollarbetty says – reply to this


    shame on you for even posting anything about this little girl. she didnt ask to grow up in the lime light…she didnt ask for the life she was born into…whats wrong with letting kids be kids? why not let her heal in the company of her family IN PEACE? without airing her dirty laundry? im all about good warranted celebrity gossip….but this is just wrong. leave her alone.

  4. 4

    Yes, it must be hard to have such allegations against her father. But there is a very good chance that these allegations are true. That must be really hard. I feel sorry for these kids being born into this bizarre family.

  5. Dixie Dee says – reply to this


    The girl is 15 , and looks like she's 25
    Her mother sold her to Michael Jackson for CASH $$$$$$$
    She is being raised bt a senile old black woman, who cares more about $$$$$$ than about her
    Does she know who her real father is ?
    Kids at school tease her because Michael Jackson was a child molester, he had little boys sleep in his bed, he gave them alcohol, he showed them porn

    Wade Robson is just the messenger

  6. lol says – reply to this


    wade is right tho and she's pathetic

  7. 7

    Re: Dixie Dee – Her mother? Do you mean Debbie Rowe? Is she her biological mother, or was she just a surrogate implanted with an embryo?

  8. lulu212 says – reply to this


    I fully believe and support Wade. Folks, I used to try to defend MJ but COME ON.. It's just NOT even sane anymore! I've researched case extensively and it's OBVIOUS MJ was a CHILD MOLESTER! If you haven't actually read court documents, and are still defending this FREAKSHOW- Please stop!!! You're doing society a disservice! There is a reason MJ settled out of court in 1993- PROOF he was, INDEED, a child RAPIST/ pedophile and to go on excusing this is deplorable! Do research, then ask yourselves. Do INNOCENT men REPEATEDLY get accused of the SAME crimes? No. Wake up America!!!

  9. Lacie says – reply to this


    Yes, because we should just re-victimize sexual abuse victims by being bullying them into silence. Great idea! Wade did the right thing by speaking by, and he's getting so much hate for it. It makes me so sad.

  10. Lulu212 says – reply to this


    This is the exact attitude the WACKsons want you to have so you'll keep buying into their "MJ was just the victim of extortion plots", all for money. HELLO!!! How many "extortion schemes" can possibly happen to one innocent man? He's GUILTY!!! Stop worshipping him and his weird family! Please at least research the specific details of MJ cases. Wade is NOT lying!!! The WACKsons sure like to say EVERYone is lying… except them! It's BEYOND obvious, folks!!!

  11. bob says – reply to this


    Ok this quote annoyed me ”there will always be opportunists”…. How about considering the fact that MAYBE MJ did molest those kids. A man with 6 allegations, and books of naked boys conducted my child sex offenders, and a photograph of a naked boy is most likely guilty. If you dont believe he had those things, check the court documents. They are technically legal to own because they are art books, but why would he keep those books LOCKED AWAY

  12. Lulu212 says – reply to this


    Amen on all accounts!!! Nailed it!! :-)

  13. ericmtl says – reply to this


    So let me break this down. Her non-biological dad Michael sexually abused Wade Robson for years and yet Wade is to blame for her fake suicide attempt?

  14. 14

    Is that a real tattoo on her back? If so, isn't she a little young to get one? Or is it different in CA?

  15. sayswho says – reply to this


    While this may have some truth to it (I cannot imagine it is comfortable hearing these allegations whether you know them to be true or not) but this smacks of yet another Jackson family attack on a man who is already carrying this load on his shoulders…trying to make him feel responsible for Paris's breakdown? What about Wade's breakdown where were they then?

  16. Ana says – reply to this


    I doubt she felt betrayed and instead felt ashamed about what her father did. There's only so many allegations about Michael molesting boys before eventually people realize that its too much of a coincidence to believe that all of these are "false." I don't why more people don't believe that he did it or even question it all because he was such a good singer and the "king". Jut because someone is a music legend doesn't mean that they can't be a pedophile. Either way, Perez and every other news source needs to stop posting about this girl. It's inappropriate and wrong to keep posting private details about her life and why she may have attempted suicide. It's just making it worse. If you really wish her well and want her to get better then leave her alone.

  17. 17

    Paris is the first generation of these frankenstein children that have been created by homosexuals. this is gonna be seen more and more as these kids grow up and want to know who they are. they are a sperm, an egg, a womb and a bought by rich homosexuals.

  18. ..... says – reply to this



  19. ann says – reply to this


    I'm sorry to hear that she was bullied at school. Whatever her father did was not HER fault. But maybe Wade is making these accusations because it is TRUE??

  20. 20

    This is my statement. Logically, Ok first of all, he used to state that he had repressed memory and now all of a sudden his memory returns. This is not amnesia, amnesia takes a decade to retrieve memories back while repressed memory cannot retrieve back all the memories even if, it would be blurry and mixed up. Oh and if you were really telling the truth, why do u have to share it with the media? why is it SO important for you to tell THE WHOLE WORLD? when you should be busy recovering yourself with a shrink. Let me remind you, MJ died 4 years ago, why would you share this with everyone now if this was true? And even if its the truth you're telling, where is he now? he's not here wade. his death was 4 years ago and you choose today to be the right time to tell everyone about it, isn't that a tad sad for a lie? u obviously want the money. let me repeat myself, if you don't, explain to me, why do u have the need to share this with the media? get the media involved when u should be focusing on ur recovery? this is illogical

  21. 21

    and by watching the video, look at your body language, the way u talk, and expression and your eyes, so unsure. liar? and the interviewer is right, why do u have to speak this out when he's deceased? stop lying wade. your body language says it all! you were 22 years old when u were asked to give your own testimony, you lied? u were an adult. ur not a child!

  22. 22

    Leave it alone-Leave the Children Alone-leave Michael Alone. You can Not Keep disparaging Michael `Wade' Why did Wade stay in Michaels company after all the court cases? If Wade saw the court cases come & go - then `Wade' You knew `if' you saw or were in a situation that was `uncomfortable' YOU SHOULDhave `what Wade?' said excuse me ??? ` I am uncomfortable'.. But NO I do NOT believe YOU I believe if anything YOU tried to create a situation for yourself Knowing that someone like Michael had been Attacked by Opportunists already & you should try & be another. SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME…. Shame on what you & others are doing to the children Shame on you all.

  23. lostyouskittles says – reply to this


    Re: lulu212 – actually they do. you hear countless stories of innocent men who were sentenced to tremendous years of jail time and communtiy service, with all evidence pointing to them being guilty. then next thing you know, one piece of evidence was overlooked and BAM, they're free because they were the fall guys. so next time just shut the fuck up. you obviously don't know anything is possible nowadays, and the people who claimed MJ molested them, came out and even admitted their parents made them say those things for money. you need a life.

  24. Dee says – reply to this


    This is one of the very few websites where the reporters have common sense. Thank you.

  25. Dee says – reply to this


    Re: Chooch – It is not a real tattoo :D

  26. 26

    Re: lulu212Re: shaygirl1309Re: lulu212 – Wow, you did research? You probably read the wrong court transcripts lol! If you really did read the right transcript, you will now know that MJ was innocent. You are so funny ;D

  27. BOBB says – reply to this


    Re: libertyrodriguez777 – Well according to court transcript/documents, MJ locked away books of naked boys, and kept a photograph of a naked boy he once slept with known by the name Jonathan Spence. So the question is, have been reading with an open mind?

  28. bobby says – reply to this


    Michael Jackson was a pedophile. The truth will come out eventually, and the sooner the better.. Most of America with thinking brains knows this is true. God only knows we have enough circumstantial evidence to prove it.. At times you could see it in Jackson's eyes. The guilt was obvious. The only difference between Jackson and JerrySandusky is that Jackson comes from a shame based family with many dark secrets, and they are trying to protect his legacy.. A great entertainer, yes. One of the best, however, Jackson's many character flaws are obvious to most.. He was a pedophile, and the truth of this will be proven and known by all at some point.

  29. Leroy G says – reply to this


    [re=643Michael Jackson was a pedophile. The truth will come out eventually, and the sooner the better.. Most of America with thinking brains knows this is true. God only knows we have enough circumstantial evidence to prove it.. At times you could see it in Jackson's eyes. The guilt was obvious. The only difference between Jackson and JerrySandusky is that Jackson comes from a shame based family with many dark secrets, and they are trying to protect his legacy.. A great entertainer, yes. One of the best, however, Jackson's many character flaws are obvious to most.. He was a pedophile, and the truth of this will be proven and known by all at some point.

    7960]Re: BOBB[/re] Re: BOBB

  30. LovesMJ says – reply to this


    you ppl are fuking pathetic! No one knows anything of what its really like to grow up and be in the spotlight. seems to me your the ones who don't have a real life, you set here with all this time one your hands to judge others instead of worrying about yourself! Wade is just another fuking idiot looking for money… nothing more, nothing less… Michael's image was tarnished by people like wade who'll say anything to make $$$!!! get a life and get over it, Leave Michael, his children and family alone… they deserve some peace!!!

  31. MJLover4Life says – reply to this


    Re: Dixie Dee – So you were there when Michael supposeded did this? I see. Remember he was aqquited in a court of law when he was put on trial for those allegations. And don't start using the first allegations either cause all that was about money and they have proof on tape about that. The dad wanted money. Michael wouldn't give it to him so he made up these allegations. In fact after all was said and done and he passed the father of that child committed suicide and the boy had broken all ties with his father. Believe what you want but do some research before spouting out tabloid trash.

  32. MJLover4Life says – reply to this


    Re: ann – If it is true then why ask for money. Because he wants to captilize on Michael and his money. In court at 20 some years old he swore under oath that Michael never did anything inappropriate. Now if he was a kid I could see that maybe he could be intimidated into saying that nothing ever happened but he wasn't he was a grown man. And he also said that these was not 'repressed' memories that he remembered everything at all times. So why when he could have put him into jail for what he 'supposedly” happened to him he states that Michael had NEVER did anything wrong to him. But now since he is no longer here to defend himself he comes out and does this.

  33. IRP says – reply to this


    Re: Dixie Dee – O primeiro que caluniou o Michael, suicidou-se dando um tiro na própria cabeça, meses depois da partida do Michael. Logo em seguida, a criança, que agora é um adulto, procurou a imprensa para esclarecer que mentiu obrigado pelo pai, que inventou toda história. Ou seja, Michael nunca molestou ninguém e jamais o faria. O pai da mentira e caluniador é o diabo, que já foi derrotado, despojado e envergonhado por JESUS na cruz. Se você não foi testemunha ocular ou presencial de um fato, fique neutro para não caluniar como o diabo.

  34. IRP says – reply to this


    Michael Jackson is INNOCENT. God bless Paris, Prince and Blanket. JESUS LOVE YOU, Paris.

  35. Jan says – reply to this



  36. Jan says – reply to this



  37. LAGirl says – reply to this


    The nasty/viscious comments posted here tell the story of why poor Paris fell into such despair. Who has the strength to fend off all this vitriol, let alone a young girl who's still recovering from an extremely traumatic loss? The"evidence" clearly points to MJ's innocence if you care to do the research, and to the fact that HE was the victim of these "accusers for money" which is going on even years after his death. People just love to think the worst about other people, especially our brightest stars, which MJ was/is, without knowing the facts. And he wasn't just sued for these charges, but for practically anything and everything, all the time, constantly! He was a magnet for the leeches of the world because he was so wealthy. Imagine having to live that way. It's a wonder he lived as long as he did.

  38. Lidia says – reply to this


    If you want to judge a man,need to know the man personally and samples.you don't know any man and any samples.your opinion is distorted as well as news frim the tabliods.foe a fair and objective judgement must be brain.ang you don't have it.

  39. BeLIEver says – reply to this


    The FBI never had any file that claims that Michael Jackson had sexually abused 24 boys, because it never happened, "said Mesereau.
    "Remember, in 2009, the FBI released its files related to Michael Jackson and although some were expunged, there was absolutely no finding of guilt on behalf of my client. Leading up to the 2005 molestation trial, the District Attorney santa Barbara was working with the FBI and Interpol and found no evidence of sexual abuse.
    "Believe me, if they had that information would have been presented at trial." Tom Mesereau

  40. Ada says – reply to this


    Wade Robson will burn in hell for saying lies about Michael who can't defend himself anymore. AEG is paying him to tell those lies. How dirty can become some humans for money.