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Jessica Simpson SUED For Allegedly Posing With Another Person's Baby!

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jessica simpson being sued for posing with another persons baby for tabloid

Last year when Jessica Simpson gave birth to her adorable little girl Maxwell, the lovely ladies were a hot item in the tabloids!

The two cuties even snapped a picture to grace the cover of OK magazine, but there's one MAJOR problem with the photo (allegedly): It isn't even Maxwell!

According to a strange lawsuit that recently surfaced, a man is SUING Jessica for allegedly posing with his baby to score some extra bucks from the tabloids!

Christopher Hurst claims that he took his teenaged daughter and baby boy to a department store in October 2011 to meet the actress and she just absolutely HAD to hold the little one!

Not thinking much of it, he apparently handed over his baby to Jessica, and faster than you can say "WTF," a photographer appeared out of nowhere and snapped pictures of the two!

Chris was then shocked to see the picture on the cover of OK magazine, featuring his baby posing as Maxwell, even though Jessica was apparently STILL preggers at the time!

He is now looking to get a little slice of the pie, and is suing for $75,000, claiming she used his baby boy to start a bidding war between the tabloids!

Even for Hollywood, this story is OUT THERE!

We're not sure if Jessica would go to such crazy lengths to earn a couple of extra bucks, but money (and babies) tend to make people do pretty strange things!

[Image via OK Magazine.]

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13 comments to “Jessica Simpson SUED For Allegedly Posing With Another Person's Baby!”

  1. 1

    One of the other story headlines "Ashton dumps Rihanna" ?? He's with Mila! Was he Ever with Rihanna? :-/

  2. 2

    Quite possibly the dumbest lawsuit I have seen. Why wouldn't he go after the tabloid, that actually published the photo. Didn't know it was illegal to take pictures with other people's babies.

  3. lol says – reply to this


    wow rihanna is such a whore

  4. @v@ says – reply to this


    It's a weird story. I'm not sure that I blame the baby's parents, the way it allegedly went down.

  5. anonymous says – reply to this


    Who the fuck names their baby girl Maxwell?

  6. 6

    I think it's pretty obvious on the cover that the picture is being used to demonstrate that Jessica likes kids and has as it says "Always dreamed of being a mom". However, he may have a case against the magazine for publishing a photo of his child without his permission.

  7. Twatty says – reply to this


    If I recall correctly, this tabloid had another front page like 2 weeks later that implied that Jessica Simpson had already had Maxwell, again. Basically the tabloid was trying to sell covers by getting the jump on the "She had the baby!" headlines, so they put out covers that look like they got the scoop, only they did it too early. And the articles inside were bullshit about what she hoped would happen, not what had actually happened. It was basically a summary of other magazines' articles about her expecting. So they should sue the tabloid, but not Jessica Simpson, it's not her fault the tabloid is/was dumb. (I work at a grocery store, and it gets boring sometimes, you can't help but notice the headlines on the front of the magazines).

  8. 8

    Re: Prince Charming – I couldn't agree with you more, what a scam, a shake-down. Hope they get laughed out of court, or let Jessica sue them for defamation, see how committed they are to that claim then lol!

  9. 9

    Re: @v@ – Why would you even believe this bogus report! That parent was foolish enough to go to a meet & greet, for a celebrity who's always photographed, and always on the cover of tabloids. And foolish enough to listen to a stranger, and place their child in Jessica's arms, knowing that photos would be taken. They they have no case. Jessica had no say in where those photos would wind up. That was up to the people at OK! Magazine, and tabloids rarely ever tell the truth. Meet & greets are public events, so if they involve their kid, they give up the right to complain later, when the kids pic winds up on a tabloid!

  10. 10

    Re: anonymous – When its your kid, name them what ever you choose. That was her choice, and she needs no one else's approval!

    Who the fuck would try to tell someone else what to name their kid, as if you get a vote!

  11. 11

    Re: sskiles – But he knew that photos would be taken at meet & greets. Especially if you put your child in the arms of someone who is often talked about in tabloids. If this parent didn't want the child exposed to that, don't put him in the arms of that celebrity. Then they wouldn't need a release form, for anything. And do they even offer release forms to people who come out to public events like that. Don't you volunteer to be seen, and possibly photographed just by going there? That's what I though. Plenty of people bring their kids, and take photos, and never a complaint before.

  12. 12

    Re: Twatty – Great post Twatty, you hit the nail right on the head. The only magazine that seemed to have the deal with Jessica was People. They had the first photos of Maxwell, at Jessica's house, with an interview, and real photos of the babies room. Like you said, everyone else was just trying to make it seem like they had the scoop first. They won't get a dime from her, but she could sue them! That would teach'em!

  13. Derrik says – reply to this


    it's obvious that it's a meet and greet photo, he should keep this magazine as a keepsake. his baby is ugly, no way Jessica would pawn it off as hers